Remember your local toy drive this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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    I’ve posted a similar message on the Ross/TJ Maxx thread before, but I thought it would be nice to share with a bigger audience this time. As you do your holiday shopping and find a great deal on a specific toy OR you find yourself a few dollars shy from hitting the free shipping threshold, consider making an additional purchase with your local toy drive in mind. Does it irk you to pay 6 bucks for S&H just to get that sweet $12.00 Ratchet from Walgreens? Pick up an extra doc bot or two and brighten up some kid’s day with a cantankerous robot medic. Find a great deal at Ollies or Ross on a toy you already bought? Pick one up for some kid you’ll never meet.

    As I’ve posted before, I go to holiday parties with toy collections and it is so apparent that people just stopped at the local convenience store/dollar store to pick up a low quality, easily breakable toy. I’m sure the kids appreciate whatever they get, but imagine the disappointment when the cheap KO cracks in half in February. But if you are reading this, you know your toys. You recognize value when you see it. So you might pay $12 bucks for a deluxe, but the kid gets a $19.00 toy. Pick up the bumblebee SS 2 packs: you spend $20 bucks, but a kid ends up with a gift that is worth $40 or $60 in stores. Want to go really big? Imagine how that kid feels opening up a Trypticon on Christmas Day. He or she doesn’t know it was a special at Ross.

    You don’t have to go crazy. We all have our own limits/costs/expenses to deal with and no matter how good the deal is, it is still money coming out of your pocket. BUT, if you are already inclined to donate toys, keep your eyes open for ways to make good deals into great ones - for you and for a kid in your community.
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