Remember Star Trek when watching Transformers ROTF

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Prowl, Jun 15, 2009.

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    No, this isn't a pitch for Star Trek, but without spoiling anything on either new movies, I thought I'd mention something that has some people concerned about the new Transformers movie.

    People might walk out of the new movie upset because their favorite character didn't get as much screen time, but keep in mind that even though we had episodes upon episodes of time to show off different characters in the toon, the movie only has so much time, and if you consider the new Trek movie, one could pretty much say that the new movie was based on Kirk and Spock with Bones being a third and the rest of the crew having a few lines and moments in the movie to show their presence. Even the old animated movie focused on our new crew of Transformers, while Sunstreaker and Hound showed up for a whopping 4 seconds.

    So while I'm not sure who gets great screentime in the new movie or who does not, I can judge by the new trailers that this movie will have a lot of Prime, a lot of Bumblebee and quite some Megatron and Starscream. Everyone else is there to show a war going on and that there are a lot of players. I guess because we see their toys, we might expect that every character will be talking and walking through the entire movie, but Greedo has a figure and his scene encompassed .5% of the entire Star Wars trilogy, and bounty hunters who showed up in the background are talked about for years to come by fans, despite their brief screen time. Just some thoughts.
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    Great point! I remember as a kid being mad cuz they killed off Ironhide in the beginning AND giving jazz like one ot two lines! Shit was still one of the greatest movies I had ever seen!!! Plus they made up for it by giving Grimlock lotta screen time! But yeah you do have a point and with that in mind, I can enjoy the movie as an entity with many well done robots even if some are clones and others appear but only once! Shit we only see WHeeljacks CADAVER in the animated movie lol!
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    effin a dude i wholeheartedly agree

    if there were less bots people would say "more robots"
    because tehre are more robots people say "more screentime!"
    if they all had more screentime everyone would say "not enough characterisartion!" (spelt totally wrong i think ha)

    nobody will ever be satisfied, thats the problem with ensemble movies, im happy for anything tbh