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reissue god ginrai/powermaster made in japan not china?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by microclone, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. microclone

    microclone Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2007
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    i was looking (playing) with my japan version reissue god ginrai (ie powermaster prime) and i noticed the date stamps said made in japan and say 1987 on the prime parts) and 1988 on the god bomber parts, i though cool, must be the original moulds, then i realised it didnt say china, so i looked at the box and indeed it says made in japan.

    now i find that a bit odd because as far as im aware no other reissues were made in japan, only china. anybody got the hasbro reissue of PM prime and can look to see if the stamps are china or japan? im just curious.

    edit, seems that the original toy was made in thailand from the vintage stamp, indeed this stamp has japan written OVER the old thailand stamp.

    either way a nice toy and king of the ratchet joints, when you splay the legs to make the base mode youd think you were breaking something those clicks are so grinding!