Regeneration One #94 Discussion

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    This issue was awesome. :rock  I loved it, from cover to cover.

    The Galvatron/Magnus fight is so much fun. And the artwork of the Autobot jets, rising up to attack the War World, is just stunning. I'm loving Guidi's art, although I was loving Wildman's art, also.

    I've just been looking through the Wildman issues of Regen One, to judge any differences in style. I'd say there's very little difference, with Guidi aping the previous style very closely. It's still 99% close-up shots of the characters in dynamic poses. And for the Wildman panels with characters just standing around, I'm really not sure how he could have drawn that differently, as the characters are scripted to be standing around talking. He could have drawn them gesticulating to the point of absurdity, I suppose. :lol 

    Anyway, this was a great issue, great pacing, great art. :thumb