Fan Art: Regarding A Series I developed inspired by "Transformers"

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Which of these plot concepts sounds better?

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  1. The two factions are created on Earth by robotics.

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  2. The second concept summarized in the thread

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  3. Omnicon has fled from a race of aliens who arrive on Earth.

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    During the late Summer of 2007 after the first Michael Bay Transformers film, while I didn't see the movie until it came out on DVD, during the summer, I was inspired by the commercials for the film to create a concept similar to Transformers, akin to Challenge Of The Gobots in tone, as in the similarities to Transformers would've made it be considered a rip-off. What I originally started out with was as follows:"A being known as "Omnicon" creates a planet of beings called "Ballibots"(Typing that brings back a whirlpool of embarrassing memories) as they lived in peace, before Omnicon comes down with a virus, before expelling it. The virus then formed a body to house itself from metallic scraps from the planet Omnicon created, becoming "Destructus," (Subtle, I know...) as he forms his own faction to destroy Omnicon, who has fled to safety, as he split himself into five pieces and merging with five children. This leads the Ballibots and Destructons to Earth, as the Balibots seek to destroy Destructus who wishes to rule the universe.

    The problem:"Well someone who's familiar with the Transformers will equate Omnicon to Optimus Prime and Destructus to Megatron, and educated Transformers fan would equate Omnicon to Primus, and Destructus to Unicron. As for the children that Omnicon merges despite being organic would be equated to Head Masters because of how they can merge with the Balli-bots and increase their strength by entering the torso of the Ballibot or Destruction and manipulate them from the inside much like the cockpits of the Gundams in G Gundam. These children can also form into Omnicon to defend themselves or take on human sized armored forms to defend themselves."

    With this, I decided to change Omnicon's origin to where he was created to serve an alien race as a protector, before a rivaling race sought to steal him. Omnicon is sent away from his home world which was annihilated(Or so he perceived) after he's struck with something. After creating a new world, Omnicon discovers the reprogramming virus he was infected with and
    expels it before it becomes Destructus. This then leads into the later part of the previous concept of Omnicon fleeing to Earth.

    The overall problem is making this to where it won't cause issues with Transformers fans...