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    Fellow TFW's I have an number of items for sale which I will list here please bare with me as I have not figured out a price or supplied an image for everything yet but I will start of with a list.

    If there's anything you'd like to ask after you might be best to send me a visitor message as my Inbox is quite often full.

    Items are usually in UK packaging and will all be located in the UK. payment by paypal is preferred but bacs or cheque is also possible..

    Postage and packing is extra.

    NISB Mega Beast Machines Dragon Megatron at least C-8 condition I'd like £14.99 for it.
    NOSC Beast Machines Vehicon Scavenger : £4.99 (I have two)
    NISB Beast Machines Primal Prime £59.99

    Manterror : slightly scruffy card but not to bad just a bit dusty and has some odd looking import labels on it. £11.99
    Silverbolt : £TBA
    Beast Wars Optimal Optimus NISB £59.99

    Roadbuster Wild : £TBA (green version with bonus orange axe weapon) (a Japanese green Ironhide essentially with silver accents instead of tan)
    Hotshot Fire : (repaint of Hotshot with a cutting saw weapon) accented in orange instead of yellow and painted a little differently. £TBA
    SD-17 (RED) Dinobot £TBA
    SD-18 Chromehorn leaf type (green) £TBA
    SC-12 Signal Flare (paler colour to the western one) : £8.00

    Bumblebee : £8.99
    Activators Bulkhead £5.99
    Activators Starscream £5.99
    Activators Bumblebee £5.99

    Towline £TBA
    Steamhammer £9.99
    Doomlock £7.99

    Double face (Sideswipe in slightly different colours) with 2 minicons. £18.99

    ROBOTMASTERS GIGANT BOMB £19.99 (But I might need to double check).

    SDCC : Skywarp [opened] (with box) might need some paint repair he's only got one knee painted - I'd be happy to do it for you though. £TBA

    LOOSE : Prototype Armada Terrorsaur (no minicon posts) slightly different colours I'd like £30.00 for that.
    NISB Universe 1.0 Battle in a Box (usa item) Smokescreen & Liftor Vs Ransack and Refute : £19.99
    NISB Armada Superbase Optimus Prime : £39.99 (original version colours)
    NOSC Armada Blurr + Minicon (silver version) £9.99
    NOSC Armada Optimus Prime + Overrun (deluxe) with hood Logo : £9.99
    NISB Armada Voyager Skywarp+ Minicon : £19.99

    Star Wars Transformers :
    Boba Fett : £13.99 NOSC (at least C-8.4) 1st version with mini-figure.
    Darth Vader : £13.99 NOSC (at least C-8.4) 1st version with mini-figure.
    Luke - X-Wing : £13.99 NOSC (at least C-8.4) 1st version with mini-figure.
    Imperial Shuttle : £13.99 NOSC (at least C-8.4) 1st version with mini-figure.

    Captain Scarlet : 12" Talking figure (slightly compressed box) £8.99
    Captain Scarlet cloudbase £TBA (new in okish box)

    Operation Blade (with Bath & shower gel) £7.00 NISB

    Dragon Walker (with He Man): £18.99 (slightly damaged box)
    HE-man (2002) NOSC £9.99
    Trapjaw (C-9 card) £7.99
    Zodak : (red card) £19.99
    Merman : £6.99
    Beastman (darkmagenta tone repaint) : £7.99
    Skeletor (normal) £7.99
    Spin-blade Skeletor (repaint) £7.99
    Stratos : £9.99

    [I have loads more so if there's one specific one you want please ask - no current classics ones though].

    LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT (not the latest movie stuff but comic derived premium figures)
    Panther Prowl Catwoman (caution cat accessory may suffer from GPS) £8.99
    Twister Strike Scarecrow : £8.99

    NINJA TURTLES (2000's stuff)
    Fugitoid : £6.99
    Baxter stockman £7.99
    Multi-armed Shredder : £7.99
    Claw Shredder : £7.99
    Fuedal Shredder : £7.99

    BRATZ :
    Princess Yasmin (1st UK box type version) : £11.99
    Bratz (Birthday) Party Pheobe
    Bratz Collectors Edition 2003 Sweetheart Meygan
    Lil' Bratz Life style Club : £10.00
    lil' Bratz Shopping mall £18.99

    MEGABLOX (3 pack) Human Torch / Spider-Man & The Thing Price £TBA

    STREETFIGHTER II : VEGA (Round 2) Yellow and purple version (by SOTA) £TBA

    More soon...