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    Many requested this after seeing my Custom Brawl, so here it is:



    I learned every technique used to paint my LDR Brawl here:

    Careful, he does a lot of nude vinyl girls, so not really safe for work. I use Tamiya Acrylics and Krylon Matte Finish spray to seal the weathering in without fear of it rubbing off. The acrylics are great because they wipe off with water, but if you want it to dry in about 30min between steps, thin it with rubbing alcohol.

    LDR Brawl is a great figure to start on because it's hard to mess up a tank. Use the deluxe version if you want some practice first. He took me a total of 5hrs work time with a night to really dry. Here's how I did it, but read Cody's Coop for further details.

    1- 1/2in wide cheap brush
    2- Nylon brushes # 1 & #5/0 for general and fine detail
    1- roll paper towels
    3- glass shotglasses
    1- bottle of rubbing alcohol 70% or higher
    1- Krylon Matte spraycan
    The following acryilic colors (I use Tamiya from little hobby shops, but hear Tester's Model Master in decent):
    Flat Black, Khaki Drab, a muddy brown, Chrome Silver, Dark Copper and Gun Metal


    1) Put in tank mode.

    2) Paint 3 main gun barrel tips, rocket launchers, sight on barrel, smoke launchers on rear of turret and tread wheels with Khaki Drab. Only the shoulder tread wheels need painted on both sides. Make sure to paint the raised bars connecting the wheels. Don't worry about going outside the lines too much, the paint wipes right off, even dried paint it you use alcohol on a paper towel. I use a small brush damp with alcohol to remove the paint accurately.

    3) Take a cheap, 1/3in wide brush, dip in flat black paint and then place in a shotglass filled with 1/2in of alcohol. This should look like dirty paint thinner.

    4) Literally cover (wash) the top and bottom of model (tracks not needed) with the solution, making sure it settles in the crevices to create dark lines. I suggest holding him by the treads for this and do not touch the washed area until it is dry. This should darken him significantly and you want to make sure all parts are close to the same color. Let dry for 30 - 45min or until he doesn't feel damp. Feel free to touch him after there are no puddles left. Try to not leave puddles, except in the detail areas like the vents. Keep a paper towel handy to soak up excess.

    5) Put in bot mode and wash all green/grey parts. Let dry overnight.

    6) Paint details in tank mode like vents and gun sight circles in a consistent manner. I painted slotted vents with Gun Metal and screened vents with with Dark Copper. Don't get too carried away, he is a tank after all. I only painted the 4 on the turret, the ones over the engine and the 2 triangles on the side of the tank. Let dry 30-45min.

    7) Take Chrome Silver paint, dip 1/2in cheap brush and then dab it on a paper towel until almost nothing comes off the brush. Now lightly "dust" the edges of Brawl until you notice they look like metal with paint worn off. Start with the machine gun or rocket launchers so you can get a feel for it. If to much paint is on the brush, just wipe it off the model with a dry paper towel and then dab more paint off the brush. Pay special attention to the grey parts to create more of a metal look. It's better to under do the effect, than to over do it. Do all edges and raised details like rivots and hatches. Let dry for 30-45min.

    8) Transform into bot and repeat. I usually ruff up the "robot" parts more than the vehicle parts. Let dry.

    9) Get muddy brown color and apply like the silver to the treads, wheels, bottom of feet and cow catchers. Let more brown remain on the brush than previously with the silver and keep going over the parts to build layers. I also dusted the rest of the tank in lighter coats, heavier in places like the lower legs. This gives an balances out the mud and really makes it realistic.

    10) Inspect and make sure everything is how you want it. I ended up dusting the wheels with silver again because the mud covered all of it.

    11) Spray tank with Matte Finish in a light coat, wait 5min, spray, wait, spray. 3 light coats should do the trick and really protect your work. This stuff dries really fast, so make sure it dries between coats. It should feel almost like sand paper. If you put the coats on too heavy or too fast, it will get sticky and may never really dry. Do not shake spraycan, just circulated it quickly so the ball rolls around the bottom edge. Alway test spray before each coat. Always paint in strips, starting before the model and stopping after the model. Never start spraying over the model.

    12) Wait 30-45min and it you feel any sticky parts, leave it overnight. If he is dry, transform and repeat. Let dry overnight when finished and he'll have a rock solid coat.

    13) Pick you jaw off the floor in the morning when you pick him up and begin playing. You will be dumbfounded on how easy this is with the right tools and products.

    Hope this helps everyone requesting this. Please post your first projects using this in this thread so I can see them.

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