Ravage 3 bodies evoultion,a fanfic I wrote 13+ years ago

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    Ravage 3 Bodies Evolution
    By TigerMegatron
    As originally posted to alt.toys.transformers about 13+ years ago
    I was nominated & won a trannie award 13+years ago for this fanfic.

    In Light of the new ravage wal-mart toy & remarks by hasbro in the tech
    specs that shadow panter on there hasbro.com is ravage in disguise here
    is a COOL fanfic of mine merging all three persona's & body types.

    here is a brief introduction paragrap:
    at the end of beastwars season 3 episode 2 , tarrantulas robo done
    insects kick ravage body & head parts into the ocean,now the story will
    pick up from there.

    AS the VOK returns back to earth in the third season of beastwars
    episode number # 50 called " other victories".

    VOK : " O no our plan of making a transformer return to prehistoric
    earth has failed.
    tarrantulas : "ahh" ,boom.
    just then tararntulars explodes.
    TM2 cheetor : "C'mon I have to get you out of here (tigerhawk).
    VOK : h'mm who is this carrying tigerhawks body".
    VOK : l"ets scan his body (cheetor ) & try to re-duplicate it".
    VOK: "scanning is complete, we managed to download all of his previos
    body blue rints as well".
    VOK :"perhaps the captured spark of ravage can be of use to us after
    Just then cheetor runs out of the cavern with tigerhawk on his back.

    TIME passes & the VOK develpoes several startegies of there own using
    the time traveling factor as there main weapon coupled with the ravage
    experiment. the beastwars eventually end & the remaing bots head off
    into space to enter the time portal that will bring them back into there
    own time line & a direct path to planet cybertron.

    RAVAGE" why am I here floating in space like this"
    VOK: " you are not in space you are on our home world that is invisible
    to scanners & the well trained eye".
    RAVAGE: " how many more years will you keep my spark from joining the
    VOK: "you will be given a new mission & it will be to destroy the
    cybertronian threat".
    RAVAGE: I have no need of another mission,let me fade out in peace".
    JHIAXUS: "you should be honed to nbe given a purpose in life".
    RAVAGE: "JHIAXUS, how is it possible that you live,I thought you died in
    the TF generation 2 comics #11.
    JHIAXUS: " My body died but my spark merged with the VOK species & gave
    them a new purpose.
    VOK : "we are the result of spark mergers the clone-ing spark process."
    VOK: " since Jhiaxus was responsible for us being created ,we decided to
    let his park join us & lead our species into a new era & purpose.
    RAVAGE: " What plan, why am I here, let my spark go join the matrix".
    VOK : where as you have given up on yourself ,we will provide you with a
    new mission & give you a new body & powers to match.
    JHIAXUS: " he is a traitor & lacks the intelligence to carry out our
    VOK: " we have no choice but to trust him but will implant a self
    destuct device should he rebell".
    RAVAGE: "If I decide to take the plan,then whats in it for me",
    VOK: "a chance to change TF history & become the leader of the
    cybertronian race".
    Ravage : " I will need a new cloaking ship ".
    JHIAXUS: " just make sure you get the job done".
    just then the complete vok inteligence takes the downloaded scans from
    the CHEETOR body & see that there are 3 forms of cheetor that they
    downloaded ( regular cheetor,tm1 cheetor & tm2 cheetor)

    VOK : " SCANNING is complete let the spark of ravage now join the body
    of regular cheetor's newly designed body".
    just then the ravage spark enters the new body.
    JHIAXUS: " why were the original yellow cheetor colors not used,why
    VOK: "the color black was chosen,so it could hide better in the
    RAVAGE:" H'MM this new body is stronger,from now on my code name shall
    be "shadow".
    VOK: "get the time portal ready Jhiaxus".
    Jhiaxus:" what course shall I set it at",
    Shadow: "prehistoric earth".
    VOK: " no ,we are done with that time line, we are sending you back in
    time to 2005".
    Jhiaxus:" WHY 2005 ,?
    VOK: so ravage can destroy the TF transformers while there confused in
    Jhiaxus: " but what if unicron found out,he would destroy us
    immediately, unicron is in-destructable & has never been destroyed ,
    surely were no match for him,there is nothing that can destroy him".
    VOK : "DONT question my orders, just press the time portal button".
    JUST then shadow gets into his cloaked ship & heads fopr the 2005 time
    Shadow arrives in the 2005 time frame cloaked in his ship invisible.

    MEGATRON: " reach there defenses constructicons,merge into devestator".
    constructicons merge into devestator & start attacking autobot city.
    DEVESTATOR : "prepare to die"
    MEGATRON : " I better get out of here "
    Optimus prime: " dinobots ,destroy devestator".
    Grimlock: " why you not come with us prime to atobot city".
    Optimus prime : " I have to find megatron & talk some sense into him".
    just then the dinobots & prime leave the shuttle i& head for earth in
    different directions.
    OPTIMUS PRIME: " megatron slow down,we need to talk".
    megatron: " decepticons attack prime".
    just then some of the decepticons attack prime.
    PRIME: "your not getting away that easy".
    just then prime fights his way through to megatron & corners him on top
    of a high mountain".
    MEGATRON: " state your business prime".
    just then the 2 leader talk things out
    VOK: "Lets check up on shadow through our spy cameras & listening
    VOK :" come in shadow,do you read me".
    SHADOW:" who is this ".
    VOK : "its the vok , talking to you through a device we implanted on
    your body,which allows us to tele-communicate to you from any time
    period or placve:
    VOK : " whats the situation now".
    SHADOW: " NOT much megatron & prime are talking out there differences &
    soon prime will convince megatron to become good again & the deepticons
    will follow megatron's lead & the 2 fighting factions will unite into a
    new faction called cybertronians".
    Shadow: " there's no reason for me to witness this historic moment, You
    placed me in the wrong time era.
    VOK : " you fool, you will change history & make the cybertronain
    alliance void".
    JHIAXIUS : " whats going on here VOK, I thought the mission was to be
    mild,this is too extreme, surly unicron will awaken.
    VOK: " THATS impossible unicron doesnt awake until 2021"/
    Jhiaxus : " I am against this order your givving ravage",
    VOK : "ravage ,destroy the peace negoations between megatron & prime by
    killing both leaders".
    Ravage : " say what".
    VOK : "you have your orders".
    RAVAGE: " I WONT obey these orders,megatron is my mentor".
    VOK: " its them or you ravage, you are a mere puppet to us,a slave".
    just then the VOK sends electronic pulses throught ravages body & spark.
    Shadow: " I beg of you stop ,I will carry out your orders".
    VOK: " CONSIDER ,that a warning,next time you dis-obey us we will
    activate the self destruct button & kill you.
    Jhiaxus: " why are you doing this ,its wrong".
    VOK : "how dare you question our orders decepticon".
    Jhiaxus:" I am the leader here".
    VOK " correction,you were the leader".
    JHAIXUS:"I wont let you get away with this".
    just then a massive war takes place on the invisible VOK planet & the
    entire VOK attack Jhiaxus & Jhiaxius loses the battle & is damaged
    beyoind repair, just then Jhiaxus sees a ship & sets a course for a
    unknown time line . Jhiaxus wanted to go to 2005 but because he was
    getting fired on he rushed the process. before the ship got destroyed,
    thus Jhiaxus goes went into a unknown time line.
    VOK : "should we send a ship to pursue him".
    other VOK members: " NO ,Jhiaxus is damaged so badly he wont last
    through the time portal traveling procedure.
    VOK : " Jhiaxus ,only has a minute or 2 worth of life before his spark
    VOK : " LETS attend to matters at hand, shadow cloaks the ship & fire
    torpedos at the 2 leaders".
    SHADOW : " as you wish".
    just then as prime is talking to megatron, a cloaked shot fires & hits
    Megatron: "I thought we were discussing peace prime, how dare you send
    one of your autobots to attack me from behind".
    PRIME: "what are you talking about".
    just then megatron turns around & shows prime the battle wound on his
    Megatron: " megatron transform gun mode".
    MEGATRON: " what why cant I transform, you studied my weakness & made a
    autobot hit me in the right spot".
    PRIME:" I dont know what your talking about".
    Megatron :" how dare you take me for a fool & here I was trying to reach
    a peace betwwen us". just then megatron & prime attack each other.
    Shadow : "What have I done, was my personal life so precious to me that
    I would risk the lives of others, I dont care if the VOK kills me , I
    must set things right before Its too late.
    KUP: "stay out of the fight hotrod,thats primes fight".
    Hotrod : " yes Kup".
    just then kup gets a call from autobot city & rushes away from the
    hotrod watches the battle from a far.
    Ravage : " I must de-cloak & show myslef to hotrod",
    just then shadow de-cloakes & lets hotrod see him".
    HOTROD : " Whoa ,were did you come from".
    Shadow: " hotrod I am from the future, you must help me stop this fight
    between megatron & prime".
    HOTROD : " are you crazy those two will ripp us apart in seconds".
    the VOK LISTENS in on the conversation
    VOK : "how you dis-obey us shadow".
    SHADOW : " I am not your puppet anymore".
    SHADOW : "hotrod carry on the mission without me ,your the TF races last
    hope, the matrix is a power souce,dont let it fall into the hands of
    HOTROD : " what are you talking about".
    RAVAGE : I studied ancient cybertrian law & unicron is the brother of
    primus & the only way for unicron to die is by using the matrix.
    HOTROD: "WHO'S unicron ".
    VOK : " prepare to die ravage".
    just then the remote controlled self destruct button gets pressed.
    Ravage explodes & ravages last words to cheetor are .
    RAVAGE : "carry on the mission without me".
    HOTROD : " yes sir".
    just then hotrod rushes into the battle but with the 2 power house
    transformer leaders fighting he is no match & gets in the way.
    megatron & prime die thus the voks mission was a success.
    UNICRON:" Who disturbs my sleep".
    unicron feels the matrix within prime & unicron got awakened in 2005
    instead of his original wake up of 2021 because he sensed the pain of
    the matrix getting damaged when prime died thus that pain & noise awoke
    him earlier.
    TIME passes throughout the TF movie & the altered events make unicron
    rebuild megatron into galvatron ,while prime gives the matrix to ultra
    magnus. unicron sends galvatron to attack the autobots & unicron wants
    the matrix destroyed.the 2 autobot ships get blasted by galvatron & the
    sweeps, galvatron eventually destroy ultra maguns & gets the matrix.
    Hotrod: " I SENSE something is wrong"
    Hotrod " head for planet junkion".
    hotrod gets there & finds out the matrix was ripped from ultra magnus
    hot rod then remebers the words shadow told him & heads for galvatron to
    get the matrix back.
    Meanwhile on VOK planet:
    VOK : "the ravage spark has returened to us thanks to the remote control
    device implanted in it.
    VOK : " LETS use ravage at our disposable again & send him to the
    beastwars season 2 agenda part 1 to 3 epsodes time line"
    VOK :" PERHAPS he can change events on the beastwars time era & make
    beastwars megatron not get killed at the end of beatwars season 2".
    OTHER VOK members : " how can we trust him again".
    VOK : " he will be a mere brain washed slave & rememer noting, all he
    will remember is what we let him remember.".
    just then the VOK gets the downloaded body of cheetor's TM1 form &
    colors it black again so it can blend in the shadows better & the vok
    calls him ravage again. just then ravages re-awakeness in his new TM1
    Ravage : " WHO am I ".
    VOK : " You are ravage our slave,you will do our bidding".
    Ravage " yes master"
    VOK : you are to go to the beast planet & destroy the maximals & the
    RAVAGE : "Yes master".
    JUST then the vok send ravage through the time portal & he accidentally
    gets caught in the space time anonally & gets sent to the triprdacus
    base by accident.
    TRIPREDACUS TRIO: " Something is heading towards our secret base, can it
    be tarrantualas.
    TRIPREADACUS TRO : "NO his energy sgnature is not detected.
    just then ravages smashes into the tripreadacus secret base.
    Ravage: " I am ravage,is this the beastars time era & is this earth".
    Tripradacus trIo: " Who are you & who sent you"
    just then the Ravage gets stunned & the tripreadacus trio examine him on
    a table".
    TRI TRIO: " he appers to have advanced technolgy built within him & is
    brain washed,there is a mind control device too.
    just then theTripredacacus trio opperate on ravage & take out the vok
    implants & un-brain wash him.
    however ravage lost some of his memory & gets it back little by little
    through out my fanfic, until he finally remembers everything.
    Ravage: " HOW did I get here, last I remember blaster shot me in the TF
    2005 movie & I died.
    Tripreadacus trio: " we found you & repaired you are no longer a
    decepticon but a predacon now.
    RAVAGE : " HOW can I re-pay you for saving my life".
    Tripreadacus trio : " we ask you to merly go back & check up on
    tarrantulas & help him complete his mission, after you complete this
    mission , we are even".
    Ravage: " sounds fair".
    THUS the beastwars season 2 death of megatron gets altered & megatron
    lives all the way to the end of beastmachines season 2 & dies in the
    last episode of BM season.
    the events that took place in beastwars season 2 agenda part 1 to 3 was
    because of the vok that send ravage back in time & the Tripradadaus trio
    that altered his mission in the agenda mission instead thus changing
    history once again.

    VOK : we lost all contact with ravage ,his implants are gone.
    VOK : "he DIDNT complete his mission again,his spak will return to us &
    his new tm2 body is built for him for his next mission.
    OTHER VOK: destroy the tm2 body because ravage will fail again. TOO bad
    the VOK hasent discovered that once ravage got the implants out by the
    tripreadadus trio his spark was released from there control,thus ravages
    spark is at last going to join the matrix on cybertron & ravages spark
    is traveling through space from earth to cybertron.
    VOK : " ravage hasent returned, I am growing tired of trusting our plans
    to another species other than us, just then the VOK ripps out the sparks
    of airrazor & tigerhawk & combine both empty bodies & the 75% of the vok
    race enter the tigerhawk body & head for earth in season 3 beastwars
    episode #50, " other victories".
    a small number of VOKS stay behind on the vok planet,.just then jhiaxus
    comes back from the future beastmachine era & retuns back to the VOK
    Jhaixus destroys the remaining VOK with his ship & grabs the tm2 new
    ravage body & heads back towards the beastmachine era.
    AS Jhiaxus is in space traveling through time to the very begginning of
    Jhiaxus intecepts ravages spark before it reaches cybertron, Jhiaxus is
    still heavilly damaged but presses on.
    JHIAXUS: " ravage you cant join the matrix yet cybertron needs you".
    RAVAGE: " aren't you part of the VOK".
    Jhaixus:: " I was wrong & have killed the remaing VOK species,the VOK
    species is 100% gone".
    Ravage : " wow, I never thought that could happen,".
    ravage:" what's wrong Jhiaxus you are bleeding badly".,
    Jhiaxus:" Megatron is running wild on cybertron in the very begginning
    of beastmachines before the maximals arrive on beastmacines season 1
    episode 1".
    Ravage : how can I hep , I am just a spark & my body is gone".
    Jhiaxus: " I got your new tm2 black colored body from the VOK before I
    destroyed them".
    Jhiaxus : " please take this body & help the cybertronians on cybetron
    fight Beast Megatron, help me correct my evil ways, through you ravage
    I will help save that which i helped the vok destroy.
    RAVAGE: " I will do my best to complete your wish".
    just then ravages spark enters his new tm2 body.
    Jhiaxus : " its time , I died & my spark joined the matrix, I will see
    your spark in the matrix on day.
    Ravage: "its time I saved cybertron from megatron.
    SADLY ravage is too late & megatron has the whole planet under his
    control , ravages teams up with a bunch of maximals & heads for vector
    sigma. once there ravage summons vector sigma.
    Vector Sigma : " who dares awaken me"
    Ravage :" I am one of your creation, can you re-configure these
    cybertronians & make them immune to the virus megatron has set loose on
    Vector sigma: "your wish is my command".
    just then vector sigma re-configures the cybertronians into 4 dinobots &
    4 mutants.
    Vector sigma : " I am also know as the oracle".
    ravage: " a group of maximals is returning to cybertron to try to free
    the planet, in case I am un-sucessful please give optimus primal the 411
    on the situaton & guide him throuhout the beastmachine season 1 & 2 ".
    Ravage:" also please reformat the returning maximals ( primals crew) &
    make them inmmune to the virus like you did for the dinobots & mutants.
    Vector sigma : " if you are un-successful in your mission, I will give
    primal visons & also reformaton him & his maximals.
    Ravage:" thank you".
    just then ravage notices a bunch of beat up equipment & re-builds them
    into beast riders & deployers.
    the battle is now under way & megatron for the first time ever builds a
    small army of vechicons that are mirage & scavenger, they are without
    spark & are a entire drone army. just then Magmatron returns home to
    cybertron & sees the fighting situation. sadly ravage gets cornered by
    100 vechicon drones & is near dead,megatron watches on as the leader of
    the rebellion slowly dies.
    magmatron approaces to ravage.
    Magmatron: " whats going on here ".
    ravage: " megatron has gone mad & has killed all of our people, I formed
    a rebellion against him but am now dying".
    Magmatron: " how dare one robot decide the fate of our own planet & kill
    a entire race of transformers".
    Ravage : " please continue my mission & take over as the leader of the
    Magmatron:" I will do my best to save our planet".
    justthen ravage dies & at long last his spark joins the matrix with
    Magmatron : " we MUST fight megatron hard, EVERYONE attack the
    drones,while I go after megatron.
    a battle like never before seen happens & megatron & magmatron have a
    face off battle.
    Magmatron :I will show you no mercy & will kill you for what you did".
    Megatron: " you talk big,lets fight".
    ALL of a sudden megatron & magmatron have a vicious battle , magmatron
    manages to scar megatrons eye & both get beaten badly by each other,
    magmatron is stronger & almost kills megatron BUT
    Magmatron : " its time you died by my hand".
    MEGATRON : " HARDLY, drones attack,".
    the drone attack a badly beaten Jhiaxus.
    Megatron : " my drones have completly destroyed the 4 dinobots ,4
    mutants,beast riders & mutants".
    MAGMATRON: " I wont let you win".
    MEGATRON : " Good bye magmatron, you failed & so did the rebellion."
    just then megatron delivers the final blow that completly destroys
    magmatron & magmatrons spark joins the matrix.
    MEGATRON : " I won at last, but primals crew should be returning to
    cybertron in exactly 100 years, I wont make the same mistakes I made
    with ravage & the rebellion."
    MEGATRON: " I will build a exosuit & control cybertron by remote control
    & design even stronger vechicons.
    Megatron: " now all I have to do is wait for primal & his crew so I can
    catch them off guard & destroy them quickly.
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    The best, the Pacific Northwest!
    Dude, you know its considered one of the classic BAD fics...right? Right?

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    yeah it's so bad it good.
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    For a moment I thought this was another "story" written by Spiderus again...
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    Somewhere on Namek at this point
    i still like it!