Raising money for Oakhaven Cancer Charity

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    Fellow TransFans ! I need your help !

    recently one of my good friends lost her best frind to Cancer. Around the same time this was happening I found out my dad also has cancer. Luckily for now my father is doing well but sadly my friend lost her best friend earlier this year. If anyone has been in the situation where you lost someone close then you know how tough that would have been.

    Not sure if people have heard of Oakhavens but it is a hospice where people care for cancer patients and from how they treated my friend they are absolute saints. The day she was diagnosed as terminal they booked and paid for a hotel for the weekend for her and her husband to get away and come to terms with it together without the rest of the worries of the world around them. This to me is truly a remarkable thing and deserves my attention and charity

    So in light of how well they looked after Hazel we have decided to raise some money for the charity. We have gone very standard fund raising affair by doing a sky dive but the jumps have been paid for outright so all money goes to the charity. This way we can bring awareness to the charity and it means %100 of the proceeds go to Oakhavens.

    If anyone wants to donate please do so at


    I honestly don't expect any donations but the best we can do is put it out there., any small change in your paypal account ( 10p, 20p, 30p, etc ) as small as it is all adds up and will help someone else in Hazel's situation.

    So far we have raised nearly £1000 from local donations and we have just set the justgiving page up. For anyone thats interested in fund raising this is definitely an excellent way of doing it , all the money goes direct from justgiving to the charity of your choice

    If you don't want to donate but would like more info on Oakhavens or justgiving and what they do then please PM me , im happy to answer any questions I can