Ragin Nation Host and Transfan, Alex Yu to appear at Savcon

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    Jun 30, 2011
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    Alex Yu
    Guest speaker and executive producer of Ragin Ronin Productions.
    Being an aspiring film director, video producer, avid youtube vlogger and Transformers fan, Alex has taken all the things he is passionate about and brought them all to one place and that is The Ragin Nation. From movie reviews to regular updates for the production of all 3 Live Action Transformers Films, as well as toy reviews and discussions, Alex has united Transformers fans across the globe. Alex will be hosting his own fan panel explaining what Transformers meant to him in the past, present and future. And with his experience as a youtube vlogger, he will provide his knowledge with hopes to inspire others in achieving their goals. Being a movie buff and Transformers fan, Alex will share with you his vision of how he plans to bring both his loves into one vision for the world to see.
    Alex will also be hosting a Transformers Trivia Contest and be a guest judge at the Savcon Costume Contest as well as filming/Interviewing the attendees of Savcon.
    Welcome Aboard Alex!!!