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    ***Current W.I.P, more to come later.****

    The Maximal Warcry chases after a suspect wanted by the Cybertron Elite Guard. He chases the suspect into a dead end behind buildings and he points his weapons at the suspect, while his new partner Flameblast comes up behind him. Warcry responds “Finally caught up I see.” Flameblast replied “Sorry, I got delayed by Cheetor’s hologram data entries.” Warcry looks at the trap suspect and said “Kid, you got a lot to learn.” He walks closer to the suspect, who turns around upon hearing the two.

    The suspect shouted “Our great one demands victory!!!” as he charges and attacks the Maximals. Warcry and Flameblast opens fire as the suspect, but the laser hits only reflected off the suspect’s body. Flameblast shouted “What does it take to stop this bucket of bolts!?!?!” Warcry responds “Shut up and keep on firing!!” The two were suddenly grabbed by the neck and thrown across the street, nearly miss being hit by low based hover cars.

    The two rolled out of the way as the suspect jumped a crossed the street and slamming his right fist into the ground. Unfortunately, the two were blown back and windows knocked out around them from the impact’s shockwave. The suspect walks closer to the knocked out Maximals and shouted “In remembrance of our glorious master!!!!” He prepares to jerk his right arm back and slam his fist into their bodies, when he heard a noise.

    He looks up to a Maximal he fought before jumping off a building’s roof. The figure transforms in mid air from his cybertronian truck mode to his robot mode and tackles the suspect away from the others. Warcry comes online and sees one of his old friends and said “Omega Primax, good timing as usual.” Omega Primax looks at the down suspect getting up and said “Well, still doing one of your avenging idiot missions again Lugnut?” Lugnut responds angrily “I’m a servant to the true lord of Cybertron. ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS ONE!!!!”

    Omega Primax charges at Lugnut as he speaks and replied as he swung his right arm back “All hail to my fist!!” Lugnut is sent flying back into parked hover car and flips over it. He stumbles up to see Omega Primax approaching with his gun pointing at him. Lugnut hunches over and launches missiles out of his back and sends smoke all around him. As Omega Primax stumbles in the smoke to find him, Lugnut transforms and escapes.

    At the Perceptor star port, the Cybertron Elite Guard commander Cheetor waits for a shuttle to land. He sees it hovering down and waits for the doors to open from it. He gets his top forces lining up the sides and saluting as the door opens up. He stands in the middle between the lines of Elite Guard members as a tall figure steps off the shuttle and meets with him. Cheetor said “It’s an honor to finally meet you, Grimlock. Tell me, what brings you back to Cybertron?” Grimlock responds “Got the message that the conflict is over and Cybertron was freed.” Cheetor confused responds “But those were sent out ten years ago.” Grimlock responds “I’ve been busy and didn’t check my ship’s messages until earlier this month. Spent the time trying to advance my programming, I didn’t always have this speech and word pattern.”

    Cheetor notices something in his left hand and asks “What is in that box?” Grimlock responds “One of Cybertron’s most sacred objects, the Matrix of leadership.” Cheetor is frozen for a moment as the information goes through his mind. He snaps out of and responds “I thought that was lost when that idiot took over.”

    Grimlock replied “No, taken by me off of this world. He had taken over and Rodimus and I were some of the last Autobots on the planet. We were helping to get others off of this world when the Vehicon forces attacked us. First it was the jets and then the bikes, and then finally the tanks came. We held the line and allowed for most of the shuttles to leave. I was busy fighting off Vehicons when I heard this loud noise behind me. I slammed my right fist into a tank drone and tossed into others around me and looked behind me. I saw Rodimus with a hole in his body and fell to the ground. I saw him going offline and jet drones were trying to take the Matrix. I fought them and secured it and took off in the last shuttle. The way he went out, even Optimus Prime wouldn’t dismissed his courage.”

    Cheetor shocked said “So that’s what happened to the last Prime. Wait, so we are going to have a new Prime to help Cybertron come back from the liberation?” Grimlock responds “One will be chosen, but that bot will have to earn it. I’m not just going to hand it over; the next Prime will have to show me the courage that the last Prime had.”

    Lugnut flies into a cave and goes deep underground and transforms and is greeted by others. He said “Cult of Megatron, I have the finally piece that is needed for our mission.” He opens up his chest and yanks out a scared young bot. Two others takes the frighten bot and uses holographic cuffs to bind her to a table. They formed a circle around the table and Lugnut, who is reading from a pre Decepticon data stream. As he reads, “HAIL MEGATRON!!” echoes through the underground tunnels and caves. He takes out a blade of dark energon and shouts “And with the slaying of an innocent, darkness shall rise from the shadows and he will be given life once more!!”

    He stabs the young bot in her spark and kills her and a dark red mist comes from the shadows and engulfs the body. The dark energon melts and forms a new spark as the body is reformatted. As this is happening, Lugnut and the others bow down over and over chanting “HE SHALL RISE, HE SHALL RISE, HE SHALL RISE!!!” They are blown back by an energy wave and Lugnut looks up to see two glowing purplish red optics glowing at him.

    Cheetor is addressing Cybertron’s news media on the return of Grimlock. Omega Primax, Warcry, and Flameblast finally show up. Warcry notices Flameblast’s optics is looking over towards a fembot. He is struck by seeing this fembot with this big riffle on her back. Warcry said “Rookie, you got no chance with her.” Flameblast shutters for a moment before saying “Why not?” Warcry replied “Well one, Valkarie is all business and her idea of a relationship is the shooter and the target. Two, Uncle Rattrap over there would do a wheelie on your head.”

    Cheetor begins to speak and everybody hushes to listen. “Today one of Cybertron’s greatest heroes returns home, Grimlock is back. A lot has changed on this planet, but Cybertron is still Cybertron. Let us forever remember what he had the late Swoop, Sludge, Snarl, and Slag did for both Earth and Cybertron in the Great War.” He hears a noise and sees a flier coming and transforming near him.

    Omega Primax and the others aimed their weapons at him. Lugnut shouts “FOR THE GLORIOUS ONE!!!! He starts to attack and the Cybertron Elite Guard opens fire on him as Cheetor ducks out of the way. Cheetor grabs his swords and prepares to attack with Grimlock, when he notices a haunting sight. He said “Savage?” He is first confused when he sees what he believes is Savage transforming in front of him. His confusion is turned into shock and disbelief as he sees a face that he thought he would never see again.

    Grimlock charges as the figure, who counters his attack and spins him around and sends him flying into a wall. He turns his focus on Cheetor and marches towards him. Cheetor is too frighten to move and soon is face to face with a haunting figure of his past.

    Valkarie is ready to attack the figure with her riffle, when she notices her Uncle Rattrap frozen in fear and pointing with a dumbstruck expression on his face. She runs towards him saying “Uncle Rattrap, what’s wrong?” He wouldn’t respond, he couldn’t from his disbelief state.

    Omega Primax sees what’s happening with Cheetor and charges at Lugnut, grabs him by his neck and pushes him to the side. Then he leaps on to the stage as members of the media watches. The figure hunches down and looks at Cheetor face to face as Omega Primax aims his gun at him.

    As he looks at Cheetor he speaks to him. “We meet again pussy cat, yessss.” He rises up and looks at Omega Primax with little concern and addresses the crowd. “Optimus Primal’s leap has all been for nothing. I, Megatron have returned, yessss!!!!” Upon hearing this, the crowd let out a gasp in disbelief.

    Megatron turns back to Cheetor and said “My vengeance shall be severe and starting with those that fought against me. Prepare to join Primal!!” He prepares to open fire on Cheetor, but is confronted by Omega Primax. He said “My late cousin, Optimus Primal took you out and I shall do the same.” Megatron responds “Well then, I shall send you to him, Maximal scum!!”

    Omega Primax leaps over a fire blast from Megatron and prepares to slam his left fist into Megatron’s face. But he prevented from that when Megatron right hand clamps down on to Omega’s left arm and slams him off the stage. He said “I know all of Optimus Primal’s tricks and now I’m more powerful than ever. You have no chance to defeat me.”

    Megatron turns back to Cheetor, but is sent falling down when Omega Primax grabs his right leg and jerks the leg towards him. Megatron shakes him off and turns back to him saying “Such heroic nonsense and all for nothing at the end.” He prepares to open fire on him, when he hears an old voice from above. He sees the Predacon Waspinator.

    Megatron shouts to him “Waspinator attack the Maximals, I command you!!!” Waspinator responds “Wazzzpinator no longer workz for dragonbot, Predaconz attack!!!” As Megatron and Lugnut are blasted with laser fire from all around them, Omega Primax takes the moment and slams his right fist under Megatron’s chin and knocks him out of the way. He rushes on the stage and carries Cheetor from the area.

    Megatron opens fire towards him as he runs with Cheetor, but then notices Rattrap and aims for him. Valkarie pushes her uncle out of the way from the blast and takes out her riffle and returns fire. Megatron charges through the laser fire towards Rattrap and is engaged by Valkarie, who he simply slams to his right side. Rattrap still in a state shock can’t even begin to move as Megatron comes near him. Valkarie jumps up and prepares to tackle Megatron to the ground, when she suddenly stops. Megatron hears a noise above him coming closer and he looks to his right and sees a jet coming for him. The jet transforms and tackles him towards the ground and the two rolls on the ground for a short moment.

    Megatron gets up and said “Such bravery, I’m almost touch by that. But those moments have always never lasted long with me.” He opens fire at the figure, which deflects the blast from Rattrap with his trident. Valkarie joins in and the two engages Megatron.

    Warcry and Flameblast battles Lugnut, who has knocked out several Elite Guard members. They take cover behind the ruined stage, when Omega Primax came back to the battle charging at Lugnut and firing towards him with his gun. Warcry and Flameblast take the moment and tackles Lugnut from behind, who tries to shake them off. Omega Primax is about to punch Lugnut, but is stopped when Flameblast and Warcry are sent flying towards him as Lugnut got them off of his back.

    Grimlock comes online to see the battle taking place around him and he notices Omega Primax rising back up and finally punching Lugnut in the face and sending him flying into Megatron. And he quite impressed by this bot he sees never giving up against stronger foes.

    Valkarie and this other bot battles Megatron, when Valkarie sees Lugnut coming from behind Megatron. She pushes the other bot to the ground as Megatron quickly turns around is sent flying back as Lugnut crashes into him. Megatron annoyingly shouts “GET OFF OF ME YOU FOOL!!!!” Valkarie walks over and helps the other bot up and asks “You would be who?” The other bot responds “The name is Terradive, thought you could use some help.”

    Megatron sees he’s in trouble and orders a retreat. Lugnut transforms into his jet mode and takes off and Megatron turns into his cybertronian dragon beast mode. Omega Primax jumps up and grabs his tail and drags Megatron back down, he turns his back and his mouth sends fire on him and Omega Primax is sent crashing to the ground with parts of his body still glowing red from the fire.

    Grimlock walks towards him and notices from a distances that despite the pain he’s in, he’s still trying to fire upon Megatron with his gun as he gets further away. He is now standing over him, and notices that the box he has on him has a bright blue light coming from within it. Grimlock opens the box and sees the Matrix glowing as he moves the box over Omega Primax. He then realizes that the Matrix has selected the Maximal.

    Having seen the courage that this Maximal showed, Grimlock frees the Matrix from its box. He watches as it hovers over the Maximal’s body and sees the chest panel opening up on its own. Warcry and Flameblast run towards Omega Primax and sees what is happening to him. They watch as the Matrix absorbs itself into Omega Primax’s body.

    Omega Primax starts to glow blue all over his body for a moment and then it fades and he rises up. Flameblast asks “So would this make him Omegaus Prime?” Grimlock responds “As to the legacy of the Matrix, it would.” Omega Primax fires back “The last Prime died with Rodimus, I’m still Omega Primax even with the Matrix.” Grimlock shocked asks “You are not going to take on the title of Prime?” Omega Primax responds “Titles don’t describe one’s legacy, actions do.”

    Day light appears on New Primal City and a new day means new inspections on the prisoners of Warpath Corrections Center. A Maximal security guard began walking up to the cells and checking on the inmates. Suddenly, the alarms went off and explosions rocked the building. The guard began running towards the location of the most infamous inmates, as he gets there, the wall outside their cell are knocked down. He searches for his gun in the dust, only to see a huge green fist coming at him and grabbing him and throwing him to the side.

    Lugnut walks out of the dust and engages the other guards. As this happens, the two inmates come forwards to investigate what was happening, when they ran back upon seeing a figure walk in front of their cells. The cell’s red energy bars were destroyed when the figure fire upon the power grid next to the cells. Confused, the two walks out and are shocked by whom they see, Megatron. He said “General Obsidian and General Strika, I have a task for you, yessss.”

    Omega Primax is in his training room, watching over Optimus Primal’s Beast Wars journal hologram entries. Valkarie enters the room, wanting to talk with him. He asks “Can I help you with something?” Valkarie responds “I want to join the Cybertron Elite Guard.” Omega Primax replied “Do you want Rattrap to pound me in the ground? He’s made it clear before, that he didn’t want you in a spot that could lead to war.” Valkarie fires back “The greatest threat in Cybertron’s history is back and plans on attacking those that fought him in the liberation. This is personal to me, Rattrap is family.”

    Omega Primax responds “I understand, but I just can’t allow it.” Valkarie asks “Why not? Is it because I’m a fembot? My great, great Aunt Arcee fought with other fembots when Shockwave had control of Cybertron. I have trained with Silverbolt for years, I’m ready for this. Besides, you had a family member that fought him and died removing him from power.” Omega Primax fires back “I can’t allow you to join because I’m not allowed to make choices like that. Cheetor is the top commander of the Elite Guard, not I.” Valkarie responds “You out rank him now, you have the Matrix. Last I checked my history, on Cybertron Primes out ranks all.”

    Omega Primax replied “I’m not counting myself as a Prime though. I don’t want the statues that my ancestor got. I’m a soldier, not Primus. I like to joke around; I like to be who I am.” Valkarie responds “Wait, you are related to Optimus Prime?” Omega Primax lets out a sigh and responds “Yes, I’ve known ever since my cousin Optimus Primal found out when he was in close touch with the old Maximal Elders. He thought it was great; he even changed his name to embrace that fact.

    Myself, I didn’t want the pressure like that. I wanted to be Omega Primax, not Optimus Prime the third. Now I have the Matrix and I know there will be bots out there that are going to expect me to be him. I’m not him; I don’t want to be him.” Valkarie fires back “Then don’t be him, be who you are instead. Take myself, my great, great Aunt Arcee became a model after the Great War. Myself, I wouldn’t be caught offline as some malebot’s optic candy, because he can’t land a date. I like being this spunky and adventures fembot; I loathed the colors pink and white. Really, Optimus Prime is dead, are you going to allow his ghost to haunt you because you have the Matrix? Cybertron needs you, not Optimus Prime.” Omega Primax watches her walk out and toss a can of oil in the scrap can.

    In his office, Warcry storms in with urgent news. He said “Obsidian and Strika are freed.” Cheetor nearly kicks over his desk as he gets up. He said “Freed? How is that even possible? That place has the most guards out of any prison on Cybertron.” Warcry responds “It did, only one survived, I think his name was K9.” Cheetor dumbstruck replied “ONE!!!! There was like 130 guards there and only one is still online?”

    Warcry is about to speak, when he sees something outside coming towards them. He shouts “GET DOWN!!!!” As the two went down, laser fire poured into the room. Cheetor and Warcry crawl out as laser fire hits all around them and then they went outside to join the other Elite Guard members.

    Cheetor looks up and sees Obsidian flying over head with several Megatron Cult jet transformers followers. He shouts “ATTACK THEM, ATTACK THEM ALL!!! ATTACK THOSE THAT POISONED CYBERTRON!!!!!!” Omega Primax runs out upon hearing the explosions and sees Valkarie ready to take aim with her riffle. Cheetor gives the command to open fire as Obsidian circles around and attacks.

    The Maximals and Predacons open fire, but are shocked as fire is coming from behind their location. Cheetor turns his head and sees that the air attack has been broken up in two waves and attack them from all sides. He orders the Elite Guard to form a circle and open fire.

    Obsidian transforms and sees Valkarie and goes for her. He knocks her riffle out of her hand as she was firing at him. He said “Lord Megatron requests your spark.” Valkarie spits oil in his face as she said “Sorry, I’m not into megalomaniacs.” Obsidian fires back “You don’t have a choice in this.” Omega Primax steps behind him and aims his gun at him and responds “But I do.”

    Obsidian turns around and said “By what right do you have to command me?” Omega Primax fires back “I have the Matrix, stand down now!! You took an oath to protect Cybertron during the Great War.” Obsidian fires back “I did, but I did that with the real Cybertron. The Maximals and Predacons have corrupted this planet.” Omega Primax raises his voice “I’M GIVING YOU ONE FINAL CHANCE!!!” Obsidian responds “Primes don’t make threats, that’s Megatronish.” Omega Primax fires back “The problem with Primes, is the simple fact they have a strong code of conduct. I don’t, I believe in doing the right thing by the needed actions. Besides General, I was only stalling for time.”

    Obsidian confused asks “What?” Suddenly Omega Primax charges at him and yanks Valkarie out of his hands. He turns around to go after them, but it tackled to the ground by Grimlock. He shouts “You allied yourself with Megatron? I’ve fought side by side with you against Galvatron!!! YOU BETRAYED THE CODE OF THE AUTOBOTS!!!! YOU BETRAYED CYBERTRON!!!!!”

    Obsidian pushes him off and shouted “BETRAYED? THIS ISN’T CYBERTRON!!! THIS IS A GARDEN PLANETOID!!!!!!” Grimlock grabs Obsidian’s neck with his right hand “The people is Cybertron and as millions had their sparks yanked out and you knowing about when you free….Optimus and Rodimus would be sick by what you done. WE WERE FRIENDS!!! WE WERE COMRADS!!!!!!” Obsidian fires back “Cybertron wasn’t meant to be organic!!” Grimlock shouts in his face “AND THE PEOPLE OF CYBERTRON DIDN’T DESERVED TO HAVE THEIR SPARKS YANKED OUT FROM THEIR BODIES!!!!”

    Obsidian tries to transform and flee, but Grimlock transforms and bites into Obsidian’s alt mode’s tail section and crushes it with the jaws of his tyrannosaurus beast mode. Obsidian crashes into the ground during mid transformation as Grimlock transforms and prepares to finish him off. Omega Primax steps in and stops him. “Grimlock, stand down!” Grimlock turns to him and fire back “He betrayed Cybertron!!!” Omega Primax responds “I know that, but we need the information from him.” As Grimlock walks off, Omega Primax looks up and sees the other attackers are flying off.

    In the city of New Iacon on Cybertron’s northern pole, Megatron launches his attack next attack. Strika and Lugnut led the assault on the joint Maximal and Predacon research site, killing most of them. Megatron transforms into his robot mode and looks at his prize. “Awwww yessssssssssss, this shall help with my master plan. Soon Cybertron will be cured from this poisoned that Primal’s legacy left behind. Quickly, victory will soon be hours.”

    The sun sets as Obsidian is dragged into a room for integration with Omega Primax. He asks “Where is Megatron?” Obsidian responds “I’m a soldier, I only can give my rank and name.” Omega Primax fires back “Well soldier, unless you want Cheetor to reinstate the treason charges on you, which would sentence you to death by exposure of raw energon, I would suggest you to talk now.” Obsidian responds “Oh let me see, he’s throwing darts at a holographic image of that idiotic ape.”

    Omega Primax kicks the desk over that was separating the two and slams Obsidian to the wall and places his gun on the location of his spark. Omega Primax asks “Tell me where he is or I swear to Primus I will blow your spark out of your body and I will have your memory chips inspected by the Elite Guard.” Obsidian fires back “Wow, a Prime making a threat? I’m almost shaken, but I know Prime’s never would do that.” Omega Primax removes the gun and aims next to Obsidian’s head and open fire on the wall and then places it back on Obsidian’s spark. He said “Unlike the others, I keep my word. Now, where is Megatron?”

    As Obsidian is about to speak, the room gets brighter and the ground shakes. Omega Primax looks out the window and sees an orangish laser beam coming down from the sky. Obsidian replied “There he is, but you won’t be able to stop him now.” Omega Primax picks him up and slams his head into the wall, then inform the guards to take him.

    Silverbolt and Nightscream are on patrol when this beam hits the ground and they are shocked by what they see. The tecnhnorganic parts of the planet was being burned and the old technological surface of Cybertron was being exposed. Silverbolt contacts Cheetor “We got big issues around New Iacon; the surface is reverting to how it once was before the liberation.”

    Omega Primax walks into Cheetor’s office and reports to him. “Megatron is behind this attack.” Cheetor responds “Oh Primus, he’s taken over the Solus research orbital station. He had to had his forces attack the land teleporters to it. We got to stop him, he’ll burn this planet to revert Cybertron to how it once was.”
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    Awesome start so far! :thumb