Quintessons: Leviathan

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    Designing Transformers (Hasbro/Marvel/Hollywood) worlds requires a fair amount of focus on the complexity of sophisticated well-imagined robots with outrageous personalities and why such complexity gives rise to ideas about the intricacies of both psychology and evolution. After all, these fantastic Autobot and Decepticon robot wars signify our deep fascination with the aesthetics and ergonomics of mob psychology, power struggles, friendship/betrayal, and the developmental qualities of constructed life. We think of various intriguing Transformers robots (Autobots or Decepticons) such as Warpath, Starscream, Springer, Blitzwing, Snarl, and Bombshell and why they remind us of the 'magical shape' of the evolution of intelligence and paranoia!

    Take for example the eerie robot species known as the
    Quintessons robots who are strange tentacled floating robotic joined rotating faces (or 'heads') who function and think together like a collective of scheming mechanical 'blobs' and have interceded in various Autobot-Decepticon matters going way back into the early history of the robot-genesis terror tyrant known as Unicron. The Quintessons symbolize a fascination with political scheming and manipulation and why colonies or groups of Autobots and Decepticons might find their activities 'spiced' by the influence of corrupting conspiracy! The Quintessons therefore represent a focus on the diaspora of political machinations in the universe of Transformers robots vying for dominion and authority over the forces of darkness and light!

    The term 'leviathan' is an old metaphysical concept referring to a mystical giant 'sea beast' of chaos representing pure uncertainty. The great political philosopher Thomas Hobbes used the term 'leviathan' for his seminal 17th Century treatise on the contours between governance and disarray. The 20th Century American sci-fi horror film Leviathan presents us with the evolution threat story of undersea miners encountering a toxin-spawned genetic 'creature' that merges with the flesh of its victims to evolve and grow in power, representing the chaos of survival itself.

    This Quintessons themed fan-fiction is about multiple Autobots and Decepticons confronting the scheming floating tentacled multi-faced robotic 'blob-heads' when they invade the robot-planet Cybertron and use internal envy among Transformers to generate an experimental form of 'leviathan' catering to pure sociopolitical competition. This story was inspired by the sci-fi horror film The Thing (John Carpenter).



    As Rodimus landed on Cybertron with his Autobot friends Arcee and Springer, he thought about the possibility that the terrorist Decepticons sought to create panic on this day since on Earth, humans were celebrating St. Patrick's Day, an Irish holiday honoring the joys of cultural pride! Rodimus theorized the Decepticons would no doubt use this Earth holiday as an excuse to generate a skirmish on Cybertron so Autobots would feel ill at ease about interactions with humans on Earth. After all, the diabolical Galvatron and his horde of Decepticon warriors such as Scourge and Soundwave sought to constantly make dialogue about democracy work with humans on Earth corrupted by unnatural fears regarding hellfire, bribery, conspiracy, terrorism, and even bloodlust! Rodimus had no idea that the Decepticons were the least of his worries on this day, since the equally vile robots known as the Quintessons, floating tentacled multi-faced 'blob-heads' who schemed in unison to pervert political developments just to forward their personal mad governance experiments, had also landed on the robot-planet Cybertron to create some undesirable St. Patrick's Day madness!

    Rodimus was greeted by the Autobot engineer Kup who led Rodimus, Arcee, and Springer to the new Autobot greenhouse where methods for eco-conservation were being developed as educational tools for human beings on Earth hoping to learn from the democratic Autobots the joys of natural environmental sustainability. As Rodimus and his friends admired the progress Kup had made on Cybertron, the Quintessons crashed through the skylight in their spacecraft and used magnetic beams to haul in and kidnap the Autobots in Kup's new greenhouse! When Rodimus, Arcee, and Springer awoke from deep sleep, they learned they'd become prisoners of the Quintessons and were caged in cells adjacent to cells caging recently kidnapped Decepticons Galvatron, Shockwave, Starscream, and Astrotrain! The Quintessons went on microphone and told these hostage Autobots and Decepticons they were held prisoner until they'd be forced to choose between playing chess against one another or engaging in hand-to-hand combat!

    The Quintessons wanted to see how the Autobots and Decepticons would decide between chess and fighting while humans celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Earth, to answer the question if social idealism couldn't deter a natural yearning for smart rivalry! Since Starscream the Decepticon had always been jealous of Galvatron's authority and leadership, he insisted he be granted the opportunity to play Springer the Autobot in chess, but Galvatron wanted to encourage some basic hand-to-hand fighting to remind the democratic Autobots that St. Patrick's Day festivities on Earth among humans couldn't deter the Transformers' interests in competitive fury! Starscream was enraged, since he practiced chess strategies recently and hoped to outwit Springer rather than wrestling with him on this symbolic St. Patrick's Day when humans ritually celebrated group exchanges and customary greetings! As Starscream and Galvatron argued, the Quintessons decided to mark all this 'robot rage' by synthesizing a symbolic cybernetic 'pot of parasitic spores' to remind these conflicted robots that the lingering 'leviathan' of interpersonal ambition spawned threatening forms of advanced deformity. Would the Quintessons prove their argument that leviathan was simply multi-faced?