Quick help getting back into this series (reading order)

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by Lord Of Tetris, Nov 3, 2012.

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    I was a big fan of the IDW TF comics, but I stopped reading in mid-2011. At the time, it was written by Mike Costa, I was too disappointed that Furman's story got snubbed, and I already had a bad taste in my mouth from All Hail Megatron. Costa's ongoing wasn't exactly terrible, but it wasn't all that much better than AHM, and I gave up the series.

    Well, over a year has passed since then, and it looks to me that enthusiasm is quite high for the TF series again. It looks to me that there are 3 series right now. Twelve issues of Autocracy, and 10 (so far) issues of RiD and MTMTE.

    I'm wondering what the correct reading order is. It looks like I should read Autocracy first, since it takes place a bit after Megatron Origins, but what about the 2 ongoings? Is this supposed to be 2 independent series, or is it a Buffy/Angel type of deal where you kind of have to watch Buffy and then follow with that week's episode of Angel?
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    They're mostly independent. The only real requirements in terms of crossover so far are that you read MTMTE#1 before RID#1, 'cause the latter talks about the events of the former, and that you read the MTMTE Annual (fits between #7 and #8) before the RID Annual (fits between #9 and #10), 'cause a character appears in one and then the other in sequence.

    In addition to Autocracy and the ongoings, there's also The Death of Optimus Prime, which is a one-shot that sets up both MTMTE and RID, and thus should be read before starting either.
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    Autocracy is not really necessary, but provides some history. Also, the instalments are short, so in total, it's not that long as a TPB.

    I would tend to interweave the reading of the two new series, because there are world-building elements that do resonate between them. They START interconnected, and with the recent events of the Annuals, there is some important crossover, but everything in between is pretty separate. Still, together they present an interesting panoramic view of what's going on.

    Besides "Death of Optimus Prime", which kicks it all off, you absolutely need to read the "Chaos Theory" 2-parter, issues #22 and #23 of the previous ongoing series (if you haven't already) which was James Roberts preamble to what he's doing now with MTMTE. It's ESSENTIAL READING.

    There are numerous references back to earlier stuff. Barber is not so much ignoring old continuity, as re-integrating it in ways that make sense. If you don't own these issues, the TFwiki can probably fill in most blanks (things like Spotlight Wheelie become important, for example).