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    ok so this has been something on my mind for a while now...with all the rage over que's (facial) presence in DOTM, and all the rage over Ratchets medical skills, i thought of a little scene that i think should have been added to the film:p 

    whether or not you guys will care here it is:

    [in the autobot hangar]
    (the existing scene between Ironhide and Que)

    Que: Ironhide, these be my newest weapons

    Ironhide: hmmm...Thanks, Que

    (Ratchet walks over)

    Ratchet: Que I need to see you for a second.

    Que: Alright, Ironhide i'll be back wi'cha in just a bit now.

    Ironhide: Sure thing.

    (Ratchet and que walk into a curtained area)

    Ratchet: So Que how are things holding up for you?

    Que: ohhh very good, just finish me work on a couple o...ohh you mean

    Ratchet: Yahh how's your head doing? (while scanning his head) your circuitry seems to be in order...your optics are fine.. hows it feeling?

    Que: ohh yahh its one pain tha diode..i tell ya.

    Ratchet: yahh that Starscream really messed it up good, but you'll have your chance.

    Que: ahh i don't know..i mean..im not a fighter..but hows the new one comin along, now?

    Ratchet: ohh yes, well since the interior doesn't seem to have taken much damage, i think the new one will be ready for use within the week

    (as he says so he pulls out a mask that resembles a movie verse wheeljack head)

    Que: ohh thankya Ratchet, it means a great deal ta me..your a great friend..

    *autobots please report to the main hangar* (heard over the radio)

    Que: Ahh they're here already

    [Ratchet and Que leave the room and enter the main hangar]

    [government officers confront Optimus about fuel cartridge found in Russia]