Quantum of Solace - review and discussion

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    I recently picked up the Quantum of Solace game a few weeks ago. Didn't see a discussion thread so I made one. I'll give it a little review for the 360 version:

    Solo mission:

    These are a mix of places from Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace. Not a bad thing mind you, but kinda odd that QoS is half CR places.

    The gameplay is a bit like Gears of War with the third person view and cover system. You can dash from cover to cover and blind fire. Or you can quickly go to first person view for more precise aiming.

    You rely on a lot of stealth. Thing like waiting for a camera to pan away from you so you can run up and turn it off. You will want a silencer for most missions. There is also a take down maneuver where you press the right analog stick and then press the correct X,Y,B or A button it asks for.

    Game is fairly quick. You could get it done in a day or two easily. It isn't hard to get the single player achievements either. Most you will get with no trouble. I love the names for the achievements. They are all either bond lines or movie titles.

    Multiplayer -

    Multiplayer is a mixed bag. It is fun and there are several game types.

    Golden Gun - One person has the Golden Gun and it is a free for all. Person holding it at the end of the time limit wins!

    Bond Evasion - One person is Bond and everyone else must stop him from defusing 2 out of 3 bombs. Bond get's two lives and everyone else gets one. It goes in rounds

    Bond Escape - Players are split between MI-6 and The Organization. MI-6 must lead one of the players (Bond) to an escape point or kill all baddies. Organization must kill Bond.

    There are also deathmatches and territory games.

    Instead of earning points and leveling up and being given new weapons, you ear credits. This comes from killing enemies, winning Golden Gun, being close to the territory and defending it, etc. You then save up the credits and buy your weapons, grenades, attachments, and perks. Kinda nice. Instead of waiting to level 30 to get that sniper rifle you save up and buy it. Once you've bough a gun, you can buy the Golden version of it.

    But there is a problem with the multiplayer.. It has serious connection issues out the wazoo. I have nothing being downloaded on my PC or anything and I will loose connection. I NEVER had this much problem with any other multiplayer game. I had it happen every once in a while on COD4, but this seems to happen every 4-5 games. Sometimes it will quickly correct itself, other times you will skip around a lot, other times it boots you and restarts you in the same match.

    Overall it is at least worth a rental. If you can get it for cheap ($20) then yeah it is fun enough to play through a few times. I give it about a 7/10