Quandry 2015: Combiner Wars Edition

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Rattrap Primal, Feb 9, 2015.

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    well, BBTS, even though I have money, was unable to to process my payment for Motormaster, Huffer and Blackjack, so the point may be moot……….I may just have to either hunt like I did back before the internet or use Amazon (which is much cheaper in some aspects) and eBay (maybe TF Source), well, with Amazon, I'll have to wait until Amazon gets them in stock, hopefully the West Coast Shipping issue doesn't make this even more moot
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    Thank you all for the information above.

    I apologize for my next questions which are related to this thread and subject of Combiner Wars Toys, as I have been a bit out of sync with the latest.

    So I too pre-ordered the Unite Warriors Superion because this gives me a complete set (easier that way as retail distribution in India is spotty). So,

    1) Will there be more complete sets in the future of other combiners?
    2) Are the other voyager sized combiner wars figures an absolute must? Do I really need another voyager Optimus? Alpha Bravo and other I may still consider as stand alone figures.
    3) Where is this line headed in general?

    I guess some questions will be answered in time with future revelations, but please clear at least some of my doubts.