punch counter punch up for sale at tfcc

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Our Sale items and Punch/Counterpunch are now available to order at TransformersClub.com/shop. Please read the below BEFORE you order. Just search for Punch.

    08-06-10 2010 Club Exclusive Punch/Counterpunch (1 pc) PLEASE READ RESTRICTIONS BEFORE ORDERING!!!!!! This figure is LIMITED to 1 per person/per membership (you cannot create a second membership and order this product) and is available ONLY to those who have not ordered one in the past. If you order more than 1 per person/per membership or if you have previously ordered this figure, note that your order will be cancelled completely, and then charged a 25% administration fee!

    The online system will process any order you place but the humans will be checking every order and will cancel the one's (and charge a 25% administration fee) that violate the rules. We want as many members as possible to get this figure at the offered price.

    01-27-10READRESTRICTIONS (READ RESTRICTIONS)2010 Club Exclusive Cyclonus (1 pc)

    08-06-10READRESTRICTIONS (READ RESTRICTIONS)2010 Club Exclusive Punch/Counterpunch (1 pc)