Protoman sells Japanese SCF PVCs (Post TFcon)

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    Selling some Transformers G1 Super Figure Collection SCF PVC Collection sets. This is all that is left from the bunch I sold at TFcon.

    None of these are the lower quality light piped bodies that were sold under the "Heroes of Cybertron" brand, these are the original Japanese releases.

    I will not break up the sets.


    Act 3 - The Headmasters
    Full set of 6 figures with bonuses figures and box
    - Bumblebee with Spike
    - Soundwave
    - Chromedome
    - Sixshot
    - Raiden
    - Ironhide
    - Reformat Megatron
    - Clear Chromedome
    ALL FOR $70


    Act 5 - Super God Masterforce
    Full set of 6 figures
    - Ginrai / Optimus Prime
    - Metalhawk (Pretender form) with Minerva (Human form)
    - Go Shooter / Sirens
    - Devastator
    - Omega Supreme
    - Overlord
    ALL FOR $60


    Act 8 - Overseers of Justice / Zone Battlestars
    Full set of 6 figures plus bonus figure and box
    - Jazz / Meister
    - Fortress / Cerebros
    - Cyclonus
    - Star Convoy / Optimus Prime
    - Dai Atlus
    - Alpha Trion
    - Pewter Jazz / Meister
    ALL FOR $50

    I do local pick up if your in the island of Montreal area. Any questions just pm

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