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    This has sort of been my dream project for a while.Pretty much it's an interpretation of the Transformers universe that combines several ideas from various series. I drew heavily upon the new Alligned continuity but I also decided to make Prowl a ninja again similar to TFA. I also decided to take a jab at the Bayverse. I do have an idea for another jab when I eventually take the story to Earth but let me know if it seems too forced. I do plan on having human characters but for now I'm sticking to Cybertron. Now that it's finally off the ground I'd like to test the waters so to say and see what everyone thinks. My dream is for this to hopefully turn into the next Transformers series but for now enjoy.

    In the farthest reaches of our galaxy there exists a planet. A planet made of metal. On this planet, there exists life, but not as we know it. For this planet, Cybertron is home to a race of machines known as…

    Alpha Trion: Cybertron, home to our kind, was once a peaceful planet. Now we are at odds with ourselves. Brother fighting brother. It pains me to see all this chaos unfold. It all started when Cybertron was separated into castes. Those who held positions with high regard such as Data Clerks lived in the upper part of our world, known as Iacon. While those who slaved away in the energon mines were forced to live in the lower levels of Kaon. When they weren’t harvesting energon, the lower castes took it upon themselves to fight in Gladiatorial combat. It was here were an unnamed Decepticon miner took upon him the name of one of the first ones. Megatronus was ruthless in battle and yet preached for days were all of us could coexist as one. His cries did not fall upon death ears as a lone data clerk, Orion Pax, who was investigating some of these Gladiator matches at the time, heard these so called ‘radical ideas’. He soon met up with Megatronus, whose name was eventually shortened to Megatron, and together the two rallied for the abolishment of the castes and a return to the golden age of Cybertron. However it was not meant to be as when the two were granted audience with the high council, the council took favor with Orion’s more peaceful stance as opposed to Megatrons violent tendencies. It was then that the war began. Brothers who had once rallied for a better tomorrow were now fighting each other. The High Council declared that Orion Pax shall lead the Autobots if he could find the Matrix of Leadership. Megatron had other plans however as he and his legion of Decepticons discovered Dark Energon. Using it, the Decepticons corrupted Cybertron itself. Orion Pax led a dangerous mission into Cybertrons very depths in order to hopefully purge the Dark Energon. When he reached the core, Primus, our creator and the very essence of Cybertron itself, spoke to Orion and bestowed upon him the Matrix. From that moment on Orion Pax was now known as Optimus Prime. As I write this now, Cybertrons energon reserves are almost gone. If and when we run out of Energon we may be forced to leave our home. However, I must stay behind as keeper of the Covenant of Primus. It is my duty to safeguard and preserve our history in this very book. I know others will stay behind as well but in the end, I don’t see an end to this war anytime soon…

    (Setting: Maccadams Old Oil House)

    Skids: Come on man, I really need some energon.
    Maccadam: I know but so does everyone else on Cybertron. If I had enough, I would most certainly start selling it again, but for now all we have is oil and other synthetic fuels.
    (Starscream and his fellow Seekers enter.)
    Starscream: Attention Autobots, this establishment now belongs to the Decepticons. Please relinquish all your energon.
    Maccadam: Blow it out your afterburner Starscream. You know that this is Neutral territory.
    Starscream: Yeah about that (Shoots Skids and kills him) Now may I suggest you hurry up with that energon, lest my finger slips.
    (Prowl bursts and slices off one of Starscreams Null Rays)
    Prowl: Starscream. Leave this place now.
    Starscream: Scrap. It’s that accursed Ninja.
    Prowl: Final Warning.
    Starscream: Well don’t just stand around there, Blast Him!
    (A fight scene ensues as Prowl fends Starscream and his lackeys off, defending the patrons of the oil bar while at it. Prowl has the upper hand as Starscream in typical fashion orders his troops to retreat)
    Starscream: You haven’t heard the last of us Autobot. We’ll be back.
    Prowl: Is everyone OK?
    Maccadam: Yeah. Thanks for coming along when you did. Blasted Decepticons.
    Prowl: (looks at Skids corpse) It seems I didn’t come soon enough.
    Maccadam: Poor kid. All he wanted was some energon, but you know about the energy crisis.
    Prowl: Believe me I do.
    Maccadam: You know I’ve been hearing rumors that the leader of the Autobots and a team of scientists are working on a shuttle. An ark so to say that’ll hopefully take us to a new world. You wouldn’t happen to know about that would you (As he turns to look back at Prowl, he has already vanished. Maccadam sighs) Ninjas.