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    Hello everybody,

    After taking a long hiatus from the fandom, I'm now back to restore my severely depleted collection of G1 figures. I'm currently looking for ALL G1 figures, and they do not have to be complete. I'm also looking for all G1 junkers and parts. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.


    All items in RED are on hold.

    G1 Figures

    Military Patrol - still on card, with insert. Bubble has slit underneath, but still attached to card. Has all but one micromaster missing, Tracer.

    Thrust - missing both launchers and one small bomb

    G2 Figures

    Hubcap (red chrome)
    Jolt - no sword
    Sizzle - no sword
    Road Pig - complete
    Volt - no sword

    G1 Accessories

    Apeface - left red wing
    Blot - backpack
    Bluestreak/Smokescreen/Prowl - missile (have two) (cw)
    Bluestreak/Smokescreen/Prowl - gun (cw)
    Breakdown - small gun
    Bruticus - chest plate
    Camshaft - neutron blaster
    Cannon Transport - cannon
    Cannon Transport - purple ramp (have 2)
    Computron - head
    Computron - foot plate (have 2)
    Computron - chest plate
    Cutthroat - gun
    Defensor - right fist
    Defensor (Hot Spot) - hose (have two)
    Defensor (Groove) - left vehicle gun
    Defensor (Groove) - right vehicle gun
    Defensor (Groove) - handgun
    Defensor (Streetwise) - car cannon (has peg)
    Defensor (Streetwise) - handgun
    Defensor (Blades) - left vehicle cannon (have 2)
    Defensor (Blades) - right vehicle cannon (have 2)
    Defensor (Blades) - handgun (have 2)

    Dirge - right wing (no decepticon sticker)
    Divebomb - rifle
    Doubledealer - Knok powermaster
    Drag Strip - car cannon (has peg)
    Frenzy/Rumble - left gun
    Galvatron - black rifle
    Hoist - left fist (hollow palm)
    Hoist - right fist (hollow palm)
    Inferno - wing
    Inferno/Grapple - left fist
    Ironworks - crane
    Ironworks - deck
    Kickback - rifle
    Metroplex - Six-Gun white chest piece
    Perceptor - gun
    Perceptor - launcher
    Prowl - left launcher
    Prowl - right launcher
    Ramjet - bomb
    Rampage - rifle
    Rippersnapper - fin gun
    Roadgrabber - left vehicle gun
    Roadgrabber - right vehicle gun
    Rodimus Prime - gun
    Rodimus Prime - blast shield
    Seeker Jet - landing gear
    Seeker Jet - left black fist (single tabbed)
    Seeker Jet - right black fist (single tabbed)
    Sinnertwin - small gun
    Sinnertwin - large gun
    Skids - launcher (cw)
    Skystalker - large gun (have 2)
    Skystalker - double barreled laser
    Skywarp - right main wing
    Skywarp - right vertical fin (have 2) (sw)
    Skywarp - left vertical fin (have 2) (sw)
    Slag - missile launcher
    Smokescreen - left launcher
    Smokescreen - right launcher
    Snarl - launcher (have 2)
    Snarl - gun
    Soundwave - launcher
    Soundwave (actionmaster) Wingthing with very loose wings (free with any trade)
    Sprocket - gold missile
    Starscream - long missile
    Sunstreaker - right fist
    Superion - chest plate
    Superion - head
    Superion - gun
    Thrust - rear right wing
    Thundercracker - left main wing
    Thundercracker - left vertical fin
    Tracks - right missile launcher
    Tracks - gun
    Tracks - backpack
    Trailbreaker - double missile
    Trailbreaker - single missile
    Ultra Magnus - missile
    Wildrider - car cannon (has peg)

    Other Transformers Misc

    Botcon LOC Ramjet (no bag)

    Beast Wars Silverbolt (still sealed on card)

    Transformers Club Membership Exclusive Mailaway: Skyfall - still bagged in mailaway box, with card.

    Marvel Legends

    Ghost Rider (Series VII)
    Omega Red
    Wolverine (Series VI)

    Fantastic Four Movie Series

    Power Blast Invisible Woman

    Spider-Man Classics

    Spider-Man (Series I, Marvel Legends clamshell card)

    Spider-Man Toybiz Series

    Captain America - Electro-Spark Series
    Doctor Octopus
    Electro - Electro-Spark Series
    Smythe (Spider-Slayer)
    Spider-Man (Web Glider)
    Venom II

    X-Men Movie Series

    Storm (low-cut uniform variant)

    X-Men Toybiz Series

    Ahab - X-Men Series
    Apocalypse - Missile Flyers Series
    Archangel I - X-men Series (minor bubble peel on one corner)
    Avalanche - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Beast - X-Men Series
    Bishop - X-Men Series
    Black Tom - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Blob - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Brood - X-Men Series
    Cable 2nd Edition - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Cable 3rd Edition - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Cable (cyborg) - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Caliban - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Cameron Hodge - Mutant Genesis Series
    Cannonball - X-Men/X-Force Series (purple uniform)
    Commando - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Deadpool I - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Deadpool II - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Deathbird - Ninja Force Series
    Domino - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Elektra - Light Up Action Series
    Gambit - X-Men Series
    Genesis - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Gideon - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Gladiator - Phoenix Saga Series
    Grizzly - X-Men/X-Force Series
    G.W. Bridge - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Ice-Man (clear version) - X-Men Series
    Jean Grey - X-Men Classics Series
    Kane (projectile hand) - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Kane (bladed hand) - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Killspree - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Krule - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Lady Deathstrike - Battle Brigade Series
    Longshot - X-Men Series
    Magneto (spark action) - X-Men Series
    Master Mold - Secret Weapon Force Series
    Mojo - X-Men/X-Force Series (profile position)
    Morph - X-Men Series
    Mr Sinister - X-Men Series
    Nimrod - X-Men/X-Force II Series
    Penance - Generation X Series
    Phoenix - Phoenix Saga Series
    Polaris - Flashback Series
    Professor X - X-Men Series
    Psylocke - Light Up Action Series (crease on card)
    Rogue - X-Men Series
    Rogue - X-Men Series (heavy makeup)
    Rogue - Secret Weapon Force Series
    Rogue - X-Men Classics Series
    Sabretooth I - X-Men Series
    Sabretooth - X-Men Classics Series
    Sauron - X-Men Series
    Senyaka - Mutant Genesis Series
    Storm - X-Men Series (black uniform)
    Storm - Robot Fighters Series - long curls variant
    Strong Guy - X-Men Series
    Sunfire - Mutant Genesis Series
    Sunspot - X-Men/X-Force Series
    Trevor Fitzroy - X-Men Series
    Tusk - X-Men Series
    Warstar - Phoenix Saga Series (card has crease on one side)
    White Queen (grey uniform) - Generation X Series
    Wolverine - Monster Armor Series
    Wolverine 1st Edition - X-Men Series (Removable Mask
    Wolverine 2nd Edition - X-Men Series (Yellow/blue tiger stripe uniform)
    Wolverine 3rd Edition - X-Men Series (Yellow/blue uniform, unmasked)
    Wolverine 4th Edition - X-Men Series (Weapon X)
    Wolverine 5th Edition - X-Men Series (Spy Wolverine)
    Wolverine Battle Blasters - X-Men Classics Series

    Other Marvel Toybiz Figures

    Deathlok - Marvel Superheroes
    Shanna The She-Devil - Marvel Hall of Fame She-Force Series (crease on card)
    Silver Fox - Marvel Hall of Fame She-Force Series
    Silver Surfer - Marvel Superheroes (large crease on card)
    Viper - Marvel Hall of Fame She-Force Series

    The Dark Phoenix Saga boxset from FAO Schwarz - has Dark Phoenix, Corsair, Ch'od, and Space Wolverine. Still sealed, but box has some wear.

    Other Marvel Stuff

    Ultimate Wolverine Mini-Mate
    Ultimate Cyclops Mini-Mate
    Ultimate Storm Mini-Mate
    Battle Damaged Daredevil Mini-Mate
    Civilian Wolverine Mini-Mate

    Superhero Showdown - Black Spiderman

    DC Stuff

    1974 Aurora model of Superman (assembled and painted quite nicely)
    1974 Aurora model of Batman (assembled and painted quite nicely. Batarang missing from his hand)

    Misc Action Figures

    Star Trek: Nemesis - Data (Art Asylum)
    Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - Holographic Aayla Secura

    -My Wants-

    ALL G1 figures, complete or incomplete.

    G1 Junkers - I would prefer G1 car junkers, and Megatron junkers. Shoot me a list of what you have.

    ALL Marvel Legends - MUST be MOC, on AMERICAN card.

    I do look at lists, so link me to them!

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    welcome to the boards i know i have bodies for onslaught, grapple, a couple seacons, and a few others let me know
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    PM sent
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    How much for the Botcon Ramjet?
  5. Pro-Cybertron

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    I'm only trading at the moment, to "upgrade" my own G1 collection. I will add prices after a couple of weeks.

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    ahhh, cool beans. Good luck to you! :) 
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