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Pro-Cybertron's Trading Post! Updated often!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Pro-Cybertron, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Pro-Cybertron

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    Jan 4, 2006
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    Updated on 8/1/2008!

    This is a TRADE ONLY list. Please do not PM me asking for prices!
    Anyone doing so will not get a response.

    I will now only hold items for no more than 48 hours unless there are special circumstances.

    Pictures available upon request.

    G1 Transformers Figures
    No reissues, KOs, or fakes!

    Galvatron - missing orange barrel. Electronics work! Some sticker wear.
    Grapple - no accessories.
    Grotusque - has gun, no wings. Spark mechanism works fine.
    Ironhide - Missing the two smaller cab treads. Sticker wear.
    Kickback - complete, some chrome wear and sticker wear.
    Long Haul - figure only. (two available)
    Mixmaster - figure only.
    Razorclaw - no accessories. Plastic version.
    Slag - figure only.
    Scattershot - figure only.
    Strafe - figure only.
    Topspin - complete, with booklet.
    Twin Twist - complete, with booklet and box. (box has robot points cut out, cellophane window partially loose)
    Weirdwolf - no accessories, some sticker wear. One sticker on top of leg missing.

    G1 Transformers Accessories and parts

    Bluestreak - left launcher
    Bluestreak - right launcher
    Dirge - bomb
    Hound - missile (light chrome wear)
    Inferno - wing
    Inferno - left fist
    Laserbeak - right side weapon (severe chrome wear)
    Omega Supreme - "F" Track
    Outback - vehicle gun
    Ratchet - missile (moderate chrome wear)
    Rodimus Prime - large gun
    Seeker Jets - landing gear
    Skywarp - left vertical tailfin (large peg)
    Skywarp - right vertical tailfin (large peg)
    Smokescreen - left launcher
    Smokescreen - right launcher
    Smokescreen/Bluestreak/Prowl - missile (five in stock)
    Starscream - launcher
    Superion - chestplate (some discoloration)
    Thrust - rear right tailwing

    G1 Transformers Paperwork

    Instruction Booklet - Battletrap (nice condition)
    Instruction Booklet - Bomb-Burst (nice condition, minor wear)
    Instruction Booklet - Downshift (some wear, written name on front)
    Instruction Booklet - Flywheels (very nice condition)
    Instruction Booklet - Hound (some wear)
    Instruction Booklet - Sky Lynx (nice condition)
    Instruction Booklet - Scattershot (Correction Sheet, some wear)
    Instruction Booklet - Trailbreaker (nice condition)
    Tech Spec - Gears
    Tech Spec - Sideswipe (flake tear on one corner)
    Tech Spec - Slag
    Tech Spec - Warpath
    Tech Spec - Seaspray (severe creases in middle)
    Omnibots/Powerdashers/STARS order form
    "Reinforcements from Cybertron" insert (13 available)
    Robot Points Order Form (3 available)
    Reflector/STARS order form (3 available)
    Tech Spec decoder (red plastic strips) (30 available)

    G2 Transformers Paperwork

    Devastator - instructions

    Beast Wars Figures

    Depthcharge - complete with box.
    K-9 - complete with tech and instructions.
    Powerpinch - complete
    Snarl - complete

    Beast Wars Accessories

    Armordillo - foot/gun
    Armordillo - foot/mace (two available)
    Bantor - Hind legs/tail sword
    Cheetor (TM2) - tail
    Iguanus - tail/gun
    Injector - launcher
    Jawbreaker - tail
    K-9 - back/shield
    K-9 - tail/gun (two available)
    Magnaboss - tusk
    Magnaboss - 1/2 of sword handle
    Megatron (Alligator) - tail with gun
    Megatron (Transmetals) - tail
    Polar Claw - bat/foot (two available)
    Powerpinch - Pincers (two available)
    Powerpinch - Pincer holder
    Razorbeast - gun
    Scourge - missile
    Terrorgator - shell
    Terrorgator - tail/gun
    Wolfang - tail/gun

    Other Transformers Toys n' Stuff

    SDCC Titanium Menasor - MISB

    Classics Optimus Prime / Megatron 2-pack - complete, Prime's "swivel chest" is a bit loose.

    Cybertron Override - has shield, no key.

    Cybertron Unicron - figure only, no missiles or key.

    Energon Offshoot - figure only.

    Energon Steamhammer - complete with instructions.

    Japanese Sixturbo Reverse Evolution - Discharge - comes with right foot.

    Titan Books - All Fall Down (Hardcover) - SIGNED by Simon Furman. Has two minor indentations on top of book. ON HOLD!

    Star Wars/Transformers - Millenium Falcon (Han Solo and Chewie) - missing missiles and top cannon.

    Playskool Gobots - Aerobot (loose)
    Playskool Gobots - Speedbot (loose)

    McDonalds TF Animated Prime (will trade for either Starscream or Ratchet)
    McDonalds TF Animated Megatron (will trade for either Starscream or Ratchet)

    Transformers Trading Cards
    I have way too many cards to list, so I am just listing the chase cards.
    If there's a certain card you need, send me a PM.

    Transformers: Armada
    #1 of 9 AD embossed foil - Cyclonus
    #2 of 9 AD embossed foil - Demolisher
    #8 of 9 AD embossed foil - Optimus Prime (two available)
    #9 of 9 AD embossed foil - Smokescreen
    #3 of 12 ACA Comic Art - Issue #3 (two available)
    #4 of 12 ACA Comic Art - Issue #4 (two available)
    #12 of 12 ACA Comic Art - Issue #12 (two available)
    #7 of 10 AP Poster Foil - Earth in Peril

    Transformers: The Movie[/b]
    #8 of 10 Embossed Foil - Optimus Prime
    #3 of 5 Flix-Pix Card - Bumblebee
    Burger King Lenticular Card - Megatron (two available)

    Transformers Videos and Games

    DVD: Transformers Energon - Omega Supreme (4 episodes)
    DVD: Transformers Energon - Shockblast Unleashed (4 episodes)
    DVD: Transformers Energon - The Return of Megatron (4 episodes)
    VHS: Beast Wars - Beasties Escape! (Canadian Home Video)
    VHS: Beast Wars - Optimus Lives! (Canadian Home Video)

    Non-Transformers Related Toys n' Stuff

    GI Joe Figures

    Cobra Commander (1987) - has backpack

    GI Joe Accessories

    Alpine (1985) - backpack
    Alpine (1985) - pickaxe
    Alpine (1985) - small submachine gun
    Barbecue (1985) - axe
    Barbecue (1985) - nozzle gun
    Blowtorch (1984) - flamethrower
    Breaker (1982) - backpack
    Charbroil (1989) - rifle
    Cobra F.A.N.G. (1983) - missile
    Dusty (1985) - submachine gun with bipod
    Eels (1985) - harpoon gun
    Eels (1985) - scuba flipper
    Eels (1985) - jetpack blaster attachment
    Frostbite (1988 Tiger Force) - rifle with scope
    Lamprey (1990 Sonic Fighters) - sniper rifle
    Mirage (1993) - big gun
    Ripcord (1984) - backpack
    Snow Serpent (1985) - missile
    Wet-Suit (1992) - yellow rifle

    GI Joe Filecards

    Armadillo (1988)
    Blizzard (1988)
    Croc Master (1987)
    Deep Six (1989)
    Dr. Mindbender (1986)
    Gyro-Viper (1987)
    Hawk (1986)
    Jinx (1987)
    Lifeline (1986)
    Lightfoot (1988)
    Raptor (1987)
    Serpentor (1986)
    Storm Shadow (1988)
    Tunnel Rat (1987)


    Thundercats - Lion-O - no accessories.
    Thundercats - Rataro - no accessories.
    Thundercats - Slythe - no accessories.
    Thundercats - Mutant Fistpounder - no elevated cockpit, dashboard, seatbelts.

    Star Wars

    Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Ghost" - Frito Lays mailaway - in baggie, no box.
    B'omarr Monk - mailaway - sealed in baggie with box.
    Figran D'an - mailaway - sealed in baggie with box.
    Star Wars Accessory (original) - Millenium Falcon hologram table
    Star Wars Accessory (original) - Millenium Falcon smuggler's floor panel
    Star Wars Accessory (original) - Dengar/Snowtrooper rifle
    Star Wars Accessory (original) - Emperor's cane
    Star Wars Accessory (original) - AT-AT Driver's gun

    Battlestar Galactica - Mattel Viper Launch Station - only the foundation with lid. Only good for parts.
    Battlestar Galactica - Mattel Cylon ship - no canopy lid or missiles.
    GoBots Accessory - Crain Brain crane (has chrome hook)
    He-Man - Kobra Khan - figure only.
    He-Man - Stonedar - figure only.
    He-Man Accessory - He-Man's grey sword
    He-Man Accessory - He-Man's grey axe
    He-Man Accessory - Skeletor's Ram Staff (purple)
    MASK Accessory - Meteor missile (2 available)
    Robotech Robolinks (Revell/Takara) Force 20 set with box and styro. Missing small guns
    Robotech Robolinks (Revell/Takara) Force 22 set with box and styro. Missing small guns
    Street Sharks - Turbo Jab - figure only.
    TMNT - Footski Vehicle - has box, only missing one missile.
    TMNT - 1st series Playmates Donatello (with some weapons and belt)
    TMNT - 1st series Playmates Leonardo (with some weapons and belt)
    TMNT - 1st series Playmates Michelangelo (with some weapons and belt)
    TMNT - 1st series Playmates Raphael (with some weapons and belt)


    G1 Transformers Figures Wanted:

    Powermaster Prime - can just be the cab, since I'm looking to replace mine.
    Defensor bots (Streetwise)
    Menasor bots (Breakdown and Wildrider)
    Abominus bots (Hun-Grrr, Blot, Cutthroat, Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin)
    All cars (Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Jazz, Hoist, etc)
    Soundwave - working cassette door preferred, or at least uncracked.

    .....Or shoot me a list of what you have. I need almost everything!

    G1 Accessories wanted:
    Galvatron - orange barrel
    Grotusque - both wings
    Trypticon - radar dish #1 and #2, Full Tilt gun, purple ramp
    Computron - head, large gun, all vehicle weapons
    All Abominus gestalt parts and weapons
    Ramjet - vertical tailfin, large bomb
    Thundercracker - both main wings, both fists, left tail wing, right vertical fin, launcher, all missiles
    Skywarp - both main wings, both tail wings, both fists, 2x launchers, all missiles
    Menasor - chestplate, sword, left footplate
    Metroplex - tank, small tower, Six-Gun arms, Scamper car roof, Scamper gun, kneecap
    Predaking both fists, both feet, head, large gun
    Powermaster Prime - grey guns x2
    Perceptor - intact scope (or just an intact holder), three missiles
    Ultra Magnus - both small fists, both launchers, missile, intact stacks
    All Whirl accessories
    ...or show me your accessories lists.

    G1 Junkers wanted:
    Astrotrain - wing pin
    Megatron - all junkers
    Powermaster Prime - cab tires, intact hitch
    Ultra Magnus - intact smokestacks
    Whirl hand/claw
    ....or show me your junkers list.

    Other Transformers items wanted:
    TFTM Optimus Prime Promo Poster - this was given out at movie premieres, has
    coupons on bottom of poster. I arrived a bit too late and only got the Megatron poster. :( 

    TFTM Movie Posters - looking for theatrical, promo, lobby, product advertising, and video store posters.

    1980s Toys Wanted:
    Send me a list of what you have.
    GI Joe (I do NOT want anything from 1995-2008.)
    Rock Lords

    DVDs Wanted:
    Star Trek: The Next Generation 1 through 7 ("Asian" editions accepted)
    Star Trek: Enterprise Seasons 1 through 4
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4 and Season 6 ("Asian" editions accepted)
    Quantum Leap Seasons 1 through 4
    Sliders Seasons 1 through 3
    Robot Chicken Season 2

    I can also look at your lists if you don't have anything on my wants list!

    Listening to all reasonable offers!
    Completed Deals:
    optimistprime (Allspark)
    fortress_prime77 (Allspark)
    Self-destruct (Allspark)
    Hoolagrin (TFW2005) (two deals completed)
    Database (Allspark)
    Uncrazimatic (TFW2005)
    tamo536 (TFW2005) (two deals completed)
    markiemarky (Figure Realm)
    BrokenSVT (TFW2005)
    Synthetic Breed (TFW2005)
    Swampflight (TFW2005)
    Studmuffin (Figure Realm)
    nic28 (TFW2005)
    windblock2002 (Figure Realm)
    MacabreMouse (TFW2005) (two deals completed)
    Blaster_Prime (TFW2005)
    Ecmagee1984 (TFW2005)
    Deceptigtar (TFW2005)
    Soundblaster1 (TFW2005)
    Hypocrite (TFans)
    Hallucination (TFW2005)
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    Pro-Cybertron Robot Cowboy

    Jan 4, 2006
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    Jan 4, 2006
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    *bumpity bump and updated!*
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    Pro-Cybertron Robot Cowboy

    Jan 4, 2006
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    eBay Auctions - Defensor, Megatron, Starscream, and Full Tilt ending in 24 hours!
  5. Pro-Cybertron

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    Jan 4, 2006
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    Updated with more goodies!
  6. Pro-Cybertron

    Pro-Cybertron Robot Cowboy

    Jan 4, 2006
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    more goodies added!