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    Some things we know about Transformers Prime include its title deriving from its focus on being a Prime; it's part of the same continuity family as WFC/Exodus; it incorporates events similar to Bay's films; and that Hasbro will reveal the identities of all 13 Primes over the next few years.

    So here are my theories about Transformers Prime.

    1) The AllSpark will be or is destroyed, as with the films, wrapping up the ending of Exodus where its signature was detected in our galaxy. It depends on whether Optimus's team arrives on Earth in the first episode or are already on Earth in a Nest-style alliance with this General Fowler mentioned a while ago.

    2) Megatron's Ringwraith face is the result of Dark Energon deprivation.

    3) Prowl, Jazz, Ironhide, Jetfire and Sideswipe are on Velocitron or Gigantion or elsewhere in the universe, explaining their absence from the initial line-up, they can't have died in the intervening years.

    4) Unicron will only appear in flashback as Dark Energon is what remains of his body in this universe. Liege Maximo will be the cosmic big bad instead trying to claim Earth, Cybertron or the Matrix etc. when the show ends. Could even be Quintessons, it's about time someone made them imposing by putting them in that unholy alliance, also allowing them to mention again the time they enslaved the Transformers.

    5) Vector Prime will appear, Exodus hints the Autobot sigil is his face and Alpha Trion is with Vector Sigma in this reality and they're the most brotherly of the 13. Nexus could appear after realizing the Matrix is part of Prima's sword and briefly ask Optimus to interface with it for him to recover all his memories.

    6) The Primes's prehistoric battle with The Fallen (or should I say Megatronus) for humanity's fate will be referenced. He might show up again or be dead, again depends on the timeframe, and make fun of Megatron for taking his name.

    7) Optimus's inevitable death results in Megatron and Starscream battling for the Matrix. Seriously, they both want to be Prime badly. Such a dramatic event would not be relegated to the Movie-style backstory.

    8) Shockwave will betray Megatron, he has forseen it. He might also have captured and strung up Alpha Trion or defeated Ultra Magnus's forces.

    9) Pretenders will be Technorganic Minicons or monsters like Thunderwing and Bludgeon, they weren't mentioned in Exodus so it could go either or both ways.

    10) Female Autobots will be explained as the result of the female member of the 13 mentioned in a Q&A. Budding may come into it, but as with G2 it will be explained the AllSpark was created by Primus to replace that method of reproduction.