prime score is on youtoube

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    Apr 8, 2011
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    these are songs not video or music video that i found on youtube
    part 1 of transformers finle
    Transformers Prime Score- Finale (Part 1) - YouTube
    Transformers Prime finale part2
    Transformers Prime Score- Finale (Part 2) - YouTube

    agent fowler
    Transformers Prime Score- Agent Fowler - YouTube

    Transformers Prime Score- Autobot Stratagem
    Transformers Prime Score- Autobot Stratagem - YouTube

    prime lanch
    Transformers Prime Score- Prime Launch - YouTube

    Transformers Prime Score- Relentless Persui
    Transformers Prime Score- Relentless Persuit - YouTube

    Transformers Prime Score- Decepticons
    Transformers Prime Score- Decepticons - YouTube

    Transformers Prime Score theme song
    Transformers Prime Score- Transformers Prime (Theme) - YouTube
    look for more Transformers prime score on YouToube!! Sorry i cant cut it and paste it that is all i can find! there is a total of 10!!!
    so look for it and listen to it on Youtoube!
    the disk is not coming out! they cancel it cause of unkown reason! Hasbro some reason wanted to cancel it! but then again maybe we get to have a exclusive or something!
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    Jun 26, 2009
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    Or you can go to filestube, do a search and DL the whole score. The score is woefully incomplete however, since it mainly contains every theme in the Darkness Rising saga, but little else.

    I really want to have the theme of Starscream and MECH (MECH's theme is the one you hear in the car-battle when they first encounter MECH, until the point where Fowler says "Later Si!", while Starscream's theme is the one heard a lot in Sick Mind, where he plots with Breakdown and threatens Soundwave to talk).
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    Yes more.....

    Would be Grand... There was similar stuff for Animated - though not for the Beast shows.
    I rather like Beast Machine's Music too.
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