Minor/Repaint: Prime Cliffjumper V2

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    - Black Gloss Acrylic
    - Gray (mix of black gloss and white gloss)
    - Red Gloss Acrylic
    - Silver Metallic Acrylic
    - Flat Sky Blue Enamel

    Number 3; now that we've move passed the weakest of the bunch time to show off what I'm truly made of. Just like the First Edition Bumblebee this figure once again suffers the downsizing and in addition no arm cannons which is instead given a melee weapon, a car engine on a pole. No big deal since the guns from DOTM Topspin make a nice substitute and a dual shotgun wielding Cliffjumper is just simply awesome. This figure ironically enough is my favorite of the deluxes so far; just so much fun packed into it and sometimes you have to remember at the end of the day these are still toys for kids none the less. I wish they weren't so expensive nowadays because even with the budget cuts and smaller scale (and lesser amounts of paint) the figures themselves are still decent to good and at least every figure (again Airachnid) possesses articulation that we expect from modern figures.

    Vehicle Mode:
    Prime Cliffjumper V2 01 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    Prime Cliffjumper V2 02 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    Prime Cliffjumper V2 03 by zigholtul88, on Flickr

    Robot Mode:
    Prime Cliffjumper V2 04 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    Prime Cliffjumper V2 05 by zigholtul88, on Flickr
    Prime Cliffjumper V2 06 by zigholtul88, on Flickr

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