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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Swoop PK, Aug 26, 2010.

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    Hi there :) 

    With the new 2010 Primus coming out I'm thinking of getting rid of my Galaxy Force version and replacing it with the new one. I don't need or want two of them kicking around and I kinda like the new colours better anyway.

    It's still sealed in perfect condition and wondered what sort of price I should be asking for it. I don't want to look like a fool trying to rip people off but don't want to rob myself, either. Ebay's not much of a guide as the only one's I've seen are asking for crazy amounts.

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    Jul 30, 2010
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    somehow I mis-read primus for optimus prime in this subject header thread.

    back on topic:

    If you sell this item on ebay,only sell it to ebay members living in your country. international shipping fees for this item will be thru the roof due to the weight,sized & gigantic box of supreme sized TF toys.

    Usually when I ship out supreme sized TF toys thru the post office. shipping fees are about $14 to $15 dollars for regular 5 to 8 day shipping fees. I don't think the post office allows such huge packages like primus to be shipped on the faster 2-3 days shipping services. if they do be preparred to pay around $30 dollars.

    Dude,you don't want to under estimate shipping fees on ebay for a toy this huge+heavy when selling it on ebay. because anything over will come out of your pocket. ebay buyers don't like to get a email after the auction ended stating: "sorry dude shipping will be more,please pay $5+ more during or after check out."

    HOW MUCH DOES Cybertron Supreme sized Primus cost on the ebay secondary market??? well the cybertron primus toy sat on shelves for a while during the year 2005 & kept getting re-released every year as the big christmas toy for kids. If I remember correctly Supreme sized Primus got a re-release during the christmas buying season of the year 2007. because most TF 2007 movie toys were selling out like hot cakes,so hasbro needed older cybertron toys of all sizes to fill up store shelves everywhere in american major retail stores. walmart's in america during the year 2007 kept getting truck loads of older cybertron toys every day.

    HOW much does Supreme sized Primus cost part 2: I'd imagine the Cybertron Primus supreme sized toy with the added 4 classics minicons "bonus" freebie minicons is worth more than the regular cybertron primus with no freebie bonus minicons. I'D say the regular cybertron supreme sized Primus MIGHT get you $70 on ebay. while the other Primus with the freebie minicons MIGHT get you $80 on ebay.

    Sadly as many have noticed,ebay is not doing that great. due to the economy & people not having jobs,getting fired still & so forth. people don't want to spend much on luxury items like toys. ebay final value sales aren't as great as they were before the economy went down hill.

    out of all the supreme sized TF toys released. the one in the most demand & is worth the most in profits on the secondary market like ebay. is supreme sized Starscream from the cybertron toy line. this figure is just a fan favorite because it has a kings crown,it's a huge starscream. great & powerful 2 modes. has great persona from the cybertron cartoon & many fans consider it a G-1 inspired starscream alternate universe persona. the alt mode sort of looks like a cybertronian seeker alt mode.
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    Or maybe charge international shipping accordingly? If someone outside his own country wants that item, they should be prepared to pay for appropriate shipping.

    Cybertron Primus was released in June 2006, and he sat around on shelves for an eternity because Supreme-class toys generally shelfwarm, not because there's some incredible demand from retailers for them. Hasbro never 're-released' him, that was just the same stock.
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    SW Pennsylvania
    Tigermegatron, I think the OP was talking about the Japanese Galaxy Force Primus, not the Cybertron version.

    Also, like Omnius said, Cybertron Primus was released in 2006, not 2005. Cybertron Primus wasn't released until June 2006 (both versions - normal and Unicron head)...and the Primus with the bonus Mini-Cons was released in October 2006.

    I picked up a non-Unicron head Primus on clerance at WM right around the time the very first Movie figures started showing (probably in May 2007) for $12, almost a year after he was released, so he did really tend to be a shelfwarmer. :) 

    Back on topic, though...the GF version seems to command a much larger price (most likely due to the unique packaging) when compared to the Cybertron version, so those ebay prices, while high, might not be all that crazy...of course, they'll go down due to the new 2010 version, but for people that want the original, there will probably still be some demand.

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    I've always seen the GF Primus go for around $300. Even shortly after its release it was $300.

    Most I ever saw one sell for was $450.