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    I have a whole bunch of MOSC/MISB items that I have previously not listed for sale. These are for sale only. I accept Paypal and U.S. dollar money orders. Check the feedback forum for my positives. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Pictures available upon request.

    Items from Beast Wars - Armada

    Beast Wars: All in North American packaging unless listed otherwise
    -original Optimus Primal MISB $62
    -original Megatron MISB $62
    -buy both Optimus Primal and Megatron for $120
    -Inferno MISB $21 (Takara version)
    -Transmetal Optimus Primal MISB $25
    -Transmetal Megatron MISB $25
    -buy both Transmetal Optimus and Transmetal Megatron for $42
    -Transmetal Depthcharge MISB $42
    -Transmetal Rampage MISB $42
    -buy both Depthcharge and Rampage for $80
    -Optimal Optimus MISB $71
    -BW2 Cyberbeasts (Takara) (Dirgegun, Thrustor, Max-B, and Hellscream) all MISB $85
    -BW2 Megastorm (Takara) $25
    -BW2 Flash Lio Convoy (Takara) MISB $62
    -BW Neo Longrack (Takara) $29

    Beast Machines:
    -Sonic Attack Jet (Jetstorm repaint) MOSC $30
    -T-Wrecks MISB $22
    -Striker MISB $14

    Robots in Diguise (RiD):
    -Megatron MISB $26
    -Bruticus (three-headed hound figure) MOSC $24
    -Towline VS Skyfire MOSC $28

    -Hotshot MOSC $21
    -Cyclonus MOSC 20

    Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!