Predictions for the reception of the 2015 generations toys

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    We've seen how the reveals have been recieved, so how do you think the reviews will fare when the actual products are released?

    based on previous experience:

    Voyager optimus prime:
    Toy of the year

    After seeing the other post about how the optimus might be a combiner, I think that the 2015 voyager optimus prime figure will be very popular
    Possible perks:
    Praise for the high articulation
    "The chest looks better in person"
    Praise for combiner gimmick (if there is one)
    Cool looking vehicle mode
    Cool guns

    Possible detractions:
    Sparce paint applications
    Gun combining gimmick doesn't work

    Voyager brainstorm:
    I don't really know

    Possible pros:
    Simple but effective transformation
    Headmaster gimmick implemented

    Possible cons:
    Transformation is too simple
    Poorly balanced (has trouble standing)
    Poorly articulated
    Headmaster gimmick is intrusive
    Guns look stupid
    Nosecone is one long piece

    This guy might be poorly received :/
    Also, expect comparisons with this toy and the two third part versions released in its same likeness before it

    Deluxe arcee
    Probably good for the niche who wants it but overall an okay figure

    Possible pros:
    G1 accurate robot mode
    Good accessories
    Good headsculpt
    Great articulation
    Rolls well
    Good paint

    Possible cons
    Too much kibble on the back
    Too "shellformer-y" (basically the same thing)
    Chest looks too square (I dunno :/)

    Deluxe chromia
    Again I'm not really sure. Chromia is a remold, but she's a good remold of a toy that was already popular. The way the bike looks might turn a few people off, but aware of the effectiveness that the mold already carries and due to the fact that she's a main player in the wing blade comic book series probably gives her a lot of cred that this figure will be fairly popular, and if the windscreen comes off to form a shield like it does with her comic book design, even better!

    Leader class jetfire
    The hype is already draining for this guy... I don't think it will be a successful launch :( 

    Possible pros:
    Chrome weapons
    Fine articulation
    Helmet or face swap to swap

    Possible cons:
    Chrome weapons
    Limited articulation
    Fake window chest
    Helmet looks wierd
    Generic jet former transformation


    Leader class g1 megatron
    I don't know how this will go over, but I've got high hopes for this guy

    Possible pros:
    Rubber treads
    Well articulated
    Very good likeness to megatron

    Possible cons:
    Full treads are an intrusive gimmick
    Legs are too thin (but probably not)
    Transformation is too simple (maybe)
    Cannon looks bad

    Possible design problems:
    There might be some problems with how the chest might peg in, his based on experience with other toys of a similar mature
    Turret doesn't rotate/ turret comes apart when rotating
    Turret is on a ratchet joint (ties in to above)
    Treads don't roll well

    Again, these are only speculation. I hope this toy does well and it probably will, but just to be safe...


    Leader class armada megatron

    Possible pros:
    Armada version
    Great headsculpt

    Possible cons:
    Not an H-tank
    shoulder treads not as prominent (unless they transform or somehow but I doubt it)
    Legs too thin for armada megatron

    And finally...

    Wishful thinking for transformers generations:

    If voyager class optimus combined with leader class jetfire that would be glorious

    If brainstorm was repainted into mtmte cuclonus and paired with cyberverse tailgate in a box set that would be glorious

    Actually, I have a whole list of people I want brainstorm repainted into,

    Top candidates include Metalhawk, alpha trion, pharma (and how), devcon, and star seeker rotf jetfire :) 3)

    Idw fortress maximus would also make a good repaint of leader class armada megatron. The chest might look better with a remold, but the headsculpt wouldn't even need to change

    Also, leader megs repaint into the fallen
    And, despite redundancy, I don't think leader megs into idw overlord would look that bad!

    So yeah,

    So, how do you think these new toys will be recieved when the get reviewed?

    Edit: I hope this wasn't TL;DR!
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    Sarf Lunnun Tarn
    Botcon Reveals: "fantastic!! Hasbro sticks the sword to the 3Ps!!"

    Stock Hasbro Photography: " these heaps of cheap junk are all mis transformed and the wrong colours!"

    First Reviews: " Beautiful, must have!/Hasblo Suckz!!!"

    In hands: " Hasbro puts 3Ps to the sword!/these things are cheap and not exactly how I remember them!!/ ima rage-quitting the fandom. again!"

    Worst toy prediction: Voyager Softimus Prime.

    Next year: "can't wait for Toyfair....."

    You heard it here first.
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    Yeah, that is pretty much how it usually goes :) 
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    I just want to see more Beast Wars and maybe Menasor since we've got Superion.