Power Rangers to trade for Transformers

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    Since I am not a Power Rangers collector I am open to offers and please feel free to counter offer. I have looked at ebay for pricing but feel these boards are better for collectors and pricing and if I am off on price let me know. I want to sell or trade it all so no resonable offer will be refused. If you are interested in the whole lot please let me know also. I paid a good bit for these and I purchased from a collector so please no low ball offers. No holds.
    Boxes are in ok shape some are not great. Please ask for pics

    Mighty Morphin Ninjor- SOLD
    Mighty Morphin Falconzord $60 shipped
    Zeo Super Zeo Megazord $70 shipped
    Mighty Morphin Shogun Megazord $150 shipped
    Galaxy Galaxy Deluxe Megazord - Bad box $90 shipped
    Turbo Turbo Megazord $150 shipped
    Turbo Rescue Megazord $190 shipped
    Rescue Lightspeed Megazord- SOLD
    In Space Mega Winger - SOLD
    In Space Mega Voyager - SOLD
    Zeo Warrior Wheel $30 shipped
    Turbo Robo Racer $80 shipped
    Zeo Red Battlezord - SOLD
    Space Astro Megazord - SOLD
    Rescue Omega Megazord $150 shipped
    Rescue Supertrain Megazord $150 shipped
    Rescue Max Solorzord $100 shipped
    Zeo Pyramidas $120 shipped
    Turbo Artillatron $160 shipped

    TR Sentinel Prime MISB
    TR PM Prime MISB
    TR Blaster MISB
    TR Fortmax MISB
    G1 Encore Fortmax MISB
    G1 Headmasters ( I need most of them)
    G1 Thunderwing
    KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander MIB
    KM-02 Knight Morpher AnnihilatorMIB
    KM-01X Knight Morpher Commander Limited MIB
    KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - with Bonus Mini Sub MIB
    KM-05 Knight Morpher Screecher MIB
    First Edition Bulkhead MISB
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    Not sure if you saw, but KM-01X is on sale today at BBTS for $60