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    Prime Masters

    The Prime Master size is the successor to Titans Returns Titanmaster. Both sizes use identical figures, down to footpeg holes, ankle spur, articulation, size and transformation. Gone is the Head on their back, replaced by one of the symbols of the twelve Primes, which leads us to believe there will be twelve Prime Masters. The Prime Masters bear the names of the Prime whose symbol is on their backs. The Prime Masters have replaced the chest screw with a pin which makes customising them much harder: several were intending to replace the Prime symbols with the faces of the Pretender robots that their Decoy Suit represented.

    The Transforming accessory is now replaced by a Decoy Suit, about 5cm high x 3.5cm wide x 1.5cm deep, based on the shell of a 1988/1989 Pretenders Character. This opens up, via a hinge on the feet, to accommodate a Prime Master inside. Since Prime Masters & Titan Masters are the same size your old Titan Masters can also fit inside the Pretender Shell. The shell has holes in it's feet the same size as the Titanmaster footpeg holes, but the spacing varies from toy to toy. The shell's arms are articulated at the shoulders allowing them to raise. The hands are a 3mm peg hole which it can use to hold it's weapon. The weapon can also be attached to the Pretender's back via studs on the side of the weapon which fit dimples either side of a gap on the back. The gap size varies between the different shells so a shell can only store it's own weapon like this. The Pretender shell itself can transform into a weapon: the weapon on the back folds up so it's pointing out from the head and a 5mm handle folds out between the shell's feet enabling it to be held with the plainer back of the Pretender shell facing up. The transformed Prime Master can attach to the top of the weapon via two footpegs, forming a cube that powers the weapon, or the Prime Master can sit in it and act as a gunner. The weapons are perhaps a little large for a deluxe, suiting the Voyager and Leaders toys better.

    The shell & Prime Master are seemingly constructed with just two frames of plastic: One contains the back of the shell, the weapons mode handle and the chest & lower legs of the Prime Master. The other contains the weapon, the arms of the shell and the arms, upper legs, head & backpack of the Prime Master.

    There is something of a discontinuity having a different character inside the shell instead of who the shell originally belongs to!

    Alpha Trion with Landmine

    Landmine was missed out from the retail range in Japan, with Metalhawk taking his place in the Wave 1 Pretenders. So it's kind of funny that Alpha Trion with Landmine is a repaint of Vector Prime with Metalhawk. Blue becomes off white, Dark Grey becomes yellow and the chest of the Pretender is a new piece moulded in grey plastic, then painted yellow, resembling Landmine's original shell. The gun is unpainted here and does a better job than on Metalhawk, resembling Landmine's original gun

    The inner robot is a little way off for Landmine: they've got the grey arms & head, with it's yellow painted face, right but everything else is all over the place. As for being Alpha Trion, well yellow & grey are not Alpha Trion's colours!

    Landmine's release, opposite Skullgrin, completes the ground based Pretenders from the 1988 Wave 1.

    Photos: Apologies, using a new, borrowed, camera so they're even worse than usual!

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    Nice review. Can't wait to get wave 2.
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    I reject Hasbro's reality and substitute.... 1980s Hasbro's reality.

    The Pretender gimmick is the same as it was in the 80s. That isn't Alpha Trion inside a decoy armor, it's Landmine's inner robot form but now with the power of Alpha Trion when he transforms.

    I like these little guys. Okay, so they're not that poseable or have a great variation but they're recognisable guys to us. I'd rather have a Pretender shell that transforms into a weapon with a little guy inside than a little generic car or boat for the little guys to sit in that transforms into something. Although I did like the Titan Master beast drones.
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    Can't wait to get this dude.
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    Nabbed him today. Lovely colors. IMG_20180609_171054.jpg