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    Hello folks. I had a brain-rush, and came up with what I think at this time, having not seen Transformers: The Last Knight, could be a pivotal twist in the plot for the movie. This could be a spoiler if it's real, but if it's not it would be great featured in a fanfic later on. I might do it myself. Also a lot of people have been angry about Sam Witwicky's unexplained departure from the franchaise, and this would explain it on top of letting Optimus Prime stay in character.

    You see, I realized that the main reason the Optimus Prime from G1 chose to be on the side of humans in the first place was his compassion for Spike and Sparkplug. If they had not entered the picture, the humans themselves might never have allied themselves with the Autobots in the first place, and Optimus Prime's compassion for them (us, I should say) would be misplaced and not very wize. The Autobots could have procured their Energon supplies from another source than Earth, but it would have been costly because they were stranded there. Of course, the Sunbow cartoon paints an unrealistically rozy image of humans as perfectly rational and orderly with only a few scattered exceptions. But I digress.

    So, I asked myself, what would have become of Sam Witwicky after the battle of Chicago? It will probably be John Turturro's character who will answer that question for Optimus Prime when he asks him. And I am pretty sure that Sam would have been tried and convicted for treason for assisting the Autobots, and murder for killing his boss. He would have likely been executed by that point.

    The fact that Sam Witwicky is no more, though, is not yet reason for Optimus Prime to turn on humanity, because he still has a few Human friends. But I can see why he would want to do some serious spark-searching here, which is why he would wish to confer with his maker about it.

    Optimus Prime still has his compassion. But two facts will stand out in this case. One, Optimus Prime has been defying the edicts of his mentor Sentinel Prime, who rightly saw in the human race an enemy for the long term, and saw in the Earth a source of Energon that could restore a Cybertron ravaged by a war that Optimus Prime could have prevented. And two, and this is crucial... Optimus Prime can't afford to make allies out of individual humans, for the same reason why we can't rescue a raccoon pup, raise it to adulthood, and release it back into the wild and expect it to survive. The other Humans will turn on him or her, just like they did Sam. For compassion's sake, Optimus Prime had to scare away all his human allies.

    Does Optimus Prime turn into a Decepticon? That depends. Clearly the issue with cherishing freedom for the Autobots is still an issue. But if Megatron can make the point that he saw what was going to happen to Sam before Optimus did, and did his best to scare him away from getting involved... and his attempt to murder Sam during Revenge Of The Fallen was actually an unfortunate misunderstanding... Then, perhaps it could actually happen.
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    good plot