Possible Actual Threat (Needed to scan afterwards)

Discussion in 'TFW2005 Tech Support' started by PaladinVance, Oct 26, 2012.

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    I know there's dozens of threads about the warning from Google, however, I may have just had to scan out some malware, which most likely somehow snuck in from here, as it was the only site I had active. (along with Steam)

    To copy paste from a Steam chat I had going at the time
    Sadly, I didn't pay enough attention to get the actual file name, but the program wanting permission was Java SE something, but it wasn't registered by Java, and didn't have the little coffee cup icon. Luckily, I kept denying it (it would pop up every minute or so, even after being cancelled, and with Firefox closed) while the scan ran, and everything's fine now.

    Hopefully, this might help figure out what's been going on with the Google warnings of late.