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How is your typical experience shopping for Transformers at B&M retail?

  1. Mostly negative.

  2. Mostly negative, with occasional positive.

  3. Neutral, some negative, some positive, mostly in-between.

  4. Mostly positive, with occasional negative.

  5. Mostly positive.

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  1. Lovecraft

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    Dec 1, 2013
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    It's widely accepted in this community that by-and-large shopping for Transformers at B&M retail can be a frustrating and often times demoralizing experience. Poor distribution, fucking scalpers, what have you, etc..

    But although these are not sentiments that I disagree with, I've always been the kind of person who tries to focus on and celebrate the positives in people and in situations, even when that might pose somewhat of a challenge.

    I can recall, vividly, a few standout exceptional experiences shopping for Transformers at mainstream retail since I began my adulthood collecting in late 2014, and I feel like they're worth sharing with the community here. After I've shared mine I'm hopeful that you all might be able to share some of your own standout positive retail experiences with Transformers, few and far between as they may be.

    My first one was in 2015 when I finally caved and decided that I'd start collecting Combiner Wars figures. Four completed combiners, numerous single figures, and counting later, what a great choice it's been for my inner-child and an awful choice it's been for my poor, poor checking account. I went into my local Target to "wet my feet" a bit and just pick up whatever they had. I found all of Deluxe Wave 1 sans Skydive, and upon asking for a price check from an associate we both discovered that their barcodes were not in Targets computers yet and they did not have a price proper. After telling him what they ought to sell for ($15) the sales rep said I seemed like a pretty cool guy and that since it was "his call" what he charged for them that he'd sell them to me for $1 each. So I actually walked out of Target with Combiner Wars Drag Strip, Firefly, and Alpha Bravo for $3.24 after tax. It was a pretty bitchin' way to kick off my psychologically concerning Combiner fetish.

    The next one is more recent, about a month ago. A new locally owned toy shop opened up at my local mall, Colonie Center in Colonie, NY, and I noticed it inadvertently after going in for some food on my way home from college. I walked in to check the place out, and right there beaming at me like a gift from God was Combiner Wars Sky Lynx in stock at retail within my reach for a price that makes actual sense. I actually squealed and my ex-girlfriend, who I'm on good terms with and was carpooling with that day, had a good laugh. I grabbed one of 6 the owner running the register had on the shelf and told him how much righteous ass he kicked and that he just made a new regular customer and went home a happy manchild. I debated buying more than one and selling the extra(s) for a marked up price, but decided that it'd be a shitty thing to do and that I should leave them to be some other lucky collectors' lucky find sometime soon.

    The last one was actually just yesterday. A couple weeks ago I went to my local ToysRUs and saw that they had stocked all of their "Clash of the Transformers" exclusives for this year, but only had enough money to pick up Paralon. I went back yesterday hoping to find the other two (Starscream and Power Surge Optimus Prime) but was saddened to see they were no longer populating the now barren pegs. A shame. But I did some other shopping while I was there so I wouldn't waste the trip. I grabbed two of the new NECA Ash VS Evil Dead Hero Ash figures. One for myself and one for my friend whom was with me and that I owed a birthday gift. Their prices weren't marked though so him and I went up to the customer service desk to figure it out ($22 by the way, which is worth it for the attention to detail and all the accessories) and I inquired about whether or not they were going to restock the RID exclusives that I had walked in for in the first place. The associate, a really fun-energied and pretty girl around my age, actually walkied the stock guy in the back and had him bring a whole unopened factory case of Paralons, Starscreams, and Power Surge Optimus Primes to the front counter and opened it in front of me and let me pick out what I wanted. So I grabbed the two I still needed and got the girls number (no really), and already felt like a huge winner. I was having a good, good day and this ToysRUs expenditure was the cherry on top. But then, the girl told me that ToysRUs was hiring seasonal sales reps but most seasonal people could stay after December if they were good at the job, and that I ought to apply. Since I work at a Wendy's and I hate it, I filled out the application and per the sales reps instructions I'm gonna call them tomorrow morning and follow up on it. Working at a ToysRUs would be so killer if only for the employee discount and access to all fresh shipments of Transformers.

    Alright, I've rambled enough.

    Anybody want to ramble back?
  2. EnergonWaffles

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  3. Starscream 91

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    Jun 22, 2015
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    Most of my experiences are negative, walking out empty and angry to the point I barely remember any of the positive experiences with Brick n Shit stores.

    Any of my positive experiences are of finding the entire wave I was looking for, or for that one figure I was searching everywhere for (RID Windblade)...
    - But I do remember hunting for the Wave 4 Combiner Wars deluxes at Target and finding a Prime Thundertron for five dollars cheaper then his original price.
    - And four years after the fact, finding Beast Hunters Rippersnapper at Five Below to complete Abominus.
    - Finding the Wreckers wave for Fall of Cybertron, I usually never see the final wave of a series at stores so finding them was amazing.
    - I did find a lone Goldfire one time after the hell that was the non-existence of his wave (did get Skids for Christmas and somehow was able to get Waspinator & Dreadwing)
    - Also finding AOE Hot Shot, Snarl, & Lockdown, most stores only had the first wave.
  4. Ragnar

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    Jul 7, 2015
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    I'm mostly positive with some negative on retail. If I'm persistent I rarely miss out on a regular retail release, and I have enough stores around me that I sometimes get lucky. Like just today I found TR Brainstorm at a local Walgreens. However, if I'm really busy, I sometimes skip retail and order online, especially if the pricing is similar. Once I have the figures I want, I not longer pay all that much attention to what's happening at the local stores until the next wave.
  5. Sylent

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    Jul 31, 2015
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    Quarantined in CA
    Since I collect mostly MP's, I order everything online so I don't have to deal with B&M's nonsense. Still, there are the exceptions like the TRU exclusives and the Walmart exclusives.

    Back when MP SkyWarp was a WM exclusive that collected dust on shelves, I went to Reno to visit some family and stopped by their store to see 7 SkyWarps all on clearance for around $20. I regret not buying more than one.

    I suppose another positive experience is ordering MP StarScream from TRU and not having them cancel my order again. The time before this, I ordered one from the Fremont, CA TRU and received the pick-up email. Shortly thereafter, someone from the store called me telling me NOT to come in because they "accidentally" sold mine! Even worse, they REFUSED to take down my name and hold one for me since it was their mistake. It's not like I wanted 8 or 9, I wanted the ONE they owed me, but they refused to hold one. Then, they had the nerve to tell me that I have to wait 4-5 business days to have my money refunded for their screw up. I called customer support to complain and they fed me the same line of "there's nothing we can do" nonsense! If I were a swap-out artist douchenozzle, I would go out of my way to return everything to that store.