Introductory: Poor Man's Flight Stand

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    Poor Man's Flight Stand

    Xcaliber037 posted this over at, and I thought you guys here would get a kick out of it!

    From Xcaliber037:

    "Hey guys. Just a quick, easy tip for displaying figures. All you need is a metal wire hanger:


    a set a pliers (preferably with wire cutters):


    a little elbow grease, and some paint if you'd like.

    Here's how:

    1. Take the hanger and cut off the curved head.
    2. Bend the first holding prong to make the first half of the letter "C" that will hold your figure.
    3. Bend the first boom arm.
    4. Bend the elbow making a < sign.
    5. Bend the base. You'll want to make a triangle out of the base for stability. Keep in mind that you want the figure to hang just forward of the center of the triangle for balance.
    6. After your done with the base work your way back up twisting the metal around slightly to keep it together. You can actually bend it in such a way that the boom arm can create slight pressure on the figure later on.
    7. Bend the last holding prong to finish the letter "C" that will hold your figure.
    8. You can paint the Poor Man's Flight Stand to match your display background. You can also paint the holding prongs the figure's color. If your worried about scratching, a little sanding will round off the sharp edges from cutting of the hangers hook. You can also try heat shrink or those colored radio antenna heads.

    Have fun and don't hurt your self!"






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