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    Galarian story part 6 : Onward to the sea and a wet and wild Gym

    As they went along Arthur trained his team adding the Toexel he adopted and named Shock Rocker to it , for a bit they went south of the day care to train and Arthur caught a DRifloon he named Foon and a Dotler he named Spotter. After a while they settled down to camp for the night and while Arthur got the tent set up Ralphi set about making some curry for supper. After getting the tent up and setting in their sleeping bags and packs Arthur l;et his team out to play with Ralphi's pokemon.

    Arthur: Tent is ready, that curry smells great.

    Ralphi: [thanks]

    As Arthur was about to pitch in to help stir the curry some fell out of a tree and landed on his head , bounced off and he caught it and saw it was an exceptionally wrinkly female Applin so he named it Granny Smith and added it to his team.

    A few minutes later he helped Ralphi dish up food for them both and their teams and all enjoyed the curry immensely.

    Not long after Arthur and Ralphi called it a night and went into the tent and while ralphi fell asleep quickly Arthur ;lay awake for a while thinking of the odd incident on the bridge and the fact he had this feeling he had missed some important detail but soon fatigue over came him and he slipped off to sleep.


    Gadgetz: Good good, this is the last shipment for the month. Do a complete inventory and make sure we got all the pokemon requested. I'll be in my workshop trying to perfect the special Dynacore, it is key to harnessing the power source that odd woman Luana is working on.

    Grunt: yes sir! * likes Gadgetz more than the other admins-*

    Gadgetz: -gets back to work tweaking the apparatus he was instructed to design and build by Faraday. A man he had come to admire as unlike the leaders of so many other teams he had kept Team Stellar together in the wake of Deathtoll destruction. Most of the rest of the teams disbanded in confusion and despair or fell apart from shoddy leadership. Faraday had his complete loyalty.

    the night slipped by peacefully and while arthur packed the tent Ralphi made a quick breakfast of bacon sandwiches, not long after midmorning they hopped on their new bikes and headed out. It was about noon the reached Hulbury.

    Ralphi: [The Ocean! ]

    Arthur: yup thats it , first time i ever have seen it. shall we take a closer look?

    Ralphi agreed and they went down the wharf where something shot of the water and smacked Arthur in the face as an aquatic blue bird chased it then dove back into the water . with a bit of help from Ralphi Arthur got it sorted and saw it was an arrokuda which he caught and named Torpedo. Not long after they headed towards the gym.

    Arthur: well this one's water type. Shock rocker and Granny smith should help me through it ok, you ready Ralphi?

    To be continued.
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    Galarian Howl: Part 7.

    Ralphi and Arthur head over to the Water Gym and make their preparations. Acorn (now a nuzleaf) and Puppers will be invaluable in this venture, bringing along Softy, Ax and Sips as backup, and lastly Sharps so he can get some experience. They get to the counter and pull their numbers for entry, and Ralphi gets called up first.

    *Ralphi adjusts her mask before entering the challenge area*

    Nikki: -and with those commercials out of the way, we welcome back a challenger that had a rough start her first challenge but managed to pull through. Please welcome back Ralphi from Wedgehurst!
    *Ralphi comes out and does another timid wave to the camera*
    Gym guide: Challenger Ralphi. The mission of the Water-type gym challenge shall test your smarts. You must solve the puzzling flows of te water pipes! There will be Gym Trainers to try and deter you. Best of luck! *the guide goes back to his post*
    *Ralphi instantly notices the red, yellow and blue pipes and sees where the buttons are, proceeds to go and solve the puzzle*

    Nikki: For those watching across the borders, the water flows are directly circulated with the ocean outside the gym, so there is no need to worry about resources being wasted. *away from camera* Although the occasional arrokuda seem to slip between the safeguards some... *back to camera* -anywho, let's get back to the action.

    Ralphi proceeds to clear the gym in near-record times. She help Shira do tons of puzzle in the newspapers she got so it was easy for her to figure out the patterns and the paths to go. It wasn't before long before she was that the corridor to face the gym leader.

    *Ralphi makes her way and hears the crowd cheering for her. As she does, she recognizes the gym leader. She's quite famous for modeling and even owns the brand that makes her favorite dress. This does make her nervous a bit*
    Nessa: Hello Challenger Ralphi. My name is Nessa. I've heard from Milo about your battle. I have to say, not many peaks his interest often and you're one of the 6 that did this time.
    *Ralphi is too nervous to use her signpen, but nods as thanks*
    Nessa: *Fully understands* Well then, "Lil' Ms. Wooloo". I want to see the hype that Milo experienced.

    They both get into position and they proceed to battle. Softy went first and dealt with Nessa's Goldeen, then Acorn took down arrokuda with a few well-times razor leaf attacks.

    *Ralphi calls back Acorn for Puppers against Drednaw*
    Nessa: Alright, I understand now, but let's see how you handle this!!! *Dynamaxes* Use Max Geyser!
    *Puppers tries to run from the attack, but it hits*
    *Ralphi is shocked by how much water came from the attack and worries about puppers*
    *Puppers rolls out of a large puddle, standing strong. This is followed by it barking loudly, then evolving into Boltund, making a howl of courage as it lands nuzzle*
    *Ralphi's eyes sparkle through her mask in sheer excitement from that*
    Nessa: (Wow! Did it evolve through determination?! Either way, I got this!) Drednaw! Max Strike!
    *Drednaw can't move due to paralysis*
    Nessa: O.O oh no.
    *Ralphi Dynamaxes Puppers and uses Max Lightning, scoring a critical hit and claiming victory!*
    Nessa: Agh! What are the chances!?! *Exhales* Well, I took the L here. Congrats on the win. Here's your badge. *Ralphi takes the badge graciously* I'm looking to see how far you go, Lil' Ms. Wooloo.
    *Ralphi nods*

    Afterwards, Ralphi watched as Arthur took on his challenge while grooming and feeding her pokemon with treats. As the two of them leave, they are greated by the Chairman's assistant.

    Oleana: Arthur and Ralphi. The chairman requests to meet you two at the The Captain's Table Diner near the pokecenter. Please don't keep him waiting.
    Arthur: Um.. okay? *Oleana walks off* ...Do you have any idea what this is about?
    *Ralphi shakes her head in confusion*

    The two of them head over at once and are surprised to see Chairman Rose (in very casual wear) at the back table with Sonia and Leon. Oleana waves them over.

    Rose: *Hands documents over* -these will give you the clearance you need to check the vault in Hammerlocke. I sincerely hope you find the info you need.
    Sonia: I really appreciate it, Rose. Thank you for taking some time to help.
    Rose: Nonsense. The pleasure is all mine! Especially considering we're at my favorite restaurant in Galar! Right, Oleana?
    Oleana: That is indeed correct, sir. On another note, the remaining guests have arrived.
    *Arthur and Ralphi walks up*
    Arthur: Thank you for inviting us- *feels a gust of wind as Ralphi jumps at Leon*
    *Leon catches her, spins and hugs back, nearly knocking Sonia out of the table*
    Leon: There's my little girl!! I've missed you so much!!
    Ralphi: [I missed you too, dad!!]
    Sonia: *positions herself* Geez, Leon! I know you get excited, but did you really need to spin her like that?! Also, Hi, Ralphi...
    Ralphi: [Hello, Ms. Sonia.]
    *Arthur politely takes a seat*
    Arthur: Um. Thank you for inviting us, Sir.

    The group has a great time talking about various topics and enjoying the delicious seafood of all kinds. Rose does was originally just supposed to meet Sonia here, but Leon showed up after getting lost and after a talk of their own, learned that Ralphi was Leon's daughter and that Arthur was Adam's, whom he helped out a few times prior before his passing. Lunch goes on for almost an hour before Oleana gives a small 5 minute warning on their schedule. Around this time is when Ralphi brought up the weird glow around her neck that keeps happening.

    Ralphi: [-And then it disappears. Is there something wrong with me?]
    Leon: I..actually don't know.
    Rose: A glow on your neck? I believe I read something about that while going through my grandfather's journals. Hold on a moment... *He pulls out a phone and presses like crazy*
    I believe it could be one of those O-powers I heard about during my vacation in Kalos. Oleana, please make a note to find out exactly what my grandfather wrote on the matter.
    Oleana: *takes note* Noted, sir. However, we really need to get going.
    Rose: Darn. I was hoping to have sone more of the triple lava cake.. Don't worry, young lady. If I find anything out, I'll contact Leon over there to tell you the details.
    Ralphi: [Thank you, Sir. ]
    Rose: Alright, everyone. Wish you all the best, and keep at it, Gym Challengers. I'm hoping to see you give Leon the challenge of his life.
    Leon: I'm hoping for that as well!

    *Rose and Oleana head to and open the main door, a large crowd of people are trying to take his picture*
    Rose: Ehehe,,, (I knew i should've wore the sunglasses today. No one ever recognizes me with those. )
    *Leon heads out as well with a goodbye kiss to ralphi's forehead, dragging whatever remains of the crowd so they could leave peacefully*

    To be continued.
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    Galaraian story part 6 : wet and wild!

    Arthur watched Ralphi complete the challenge successfully. " Well done Ralphi! "

    Announcer: next is challenger number 330 Arthur Taurel. Please enter now!

    Arthur got up and entered the gym and as he had a knack for puzzle solving he quickly divined the order to use the valves to advance. He matched into the gym waving confidently to the crowd and he knew he could do this.

    Nigel: Well ladies and gents here is a challenger who has really caught fire with his triumph at Turffield! This line strong Beastial lad here is the son of the Late renowned Adam chief of the beastial tribes and first leader of the Beastial republic of Fauna. Adam was known to be a talented pokemon trainer and if Turffield is any indication arthur is a chip off the old block! Now here comes Nessa!

    Nessa: -waves to the crowd- Ah been looking forward to this since i saw your performance against Milo. You Raboot won't help you much here. so you ready?

    Arthur: I was born ready ! Go Granny smith!

    Nessa smiled and sent out Goldeen whom was quickly defeated then she sent out her swift Arrokuda and after a back and forth fight Granny Smith downed it.

    Arthur: Is that it then?

    Nessa: Nope got one more -throws out and dynmaxes her Drednaw-

    Arthur; In that case -recalls Granny smith and sends out Shock Rocker and Dynamaxes him- lets do this!

    It was a back and forth battle but in the end Arthur won.

    Nigel : there you have it Arthur claims victory and advances in his league challenge! A smashing win indeed!

    Arthur collected his badge and went to change and arrived out just in time to be invited to dinner.

    Rose: So you are Adam and Aya's son? I was there years back when your mother first moved to Galar, i was part of the welcoming committee that was set up to welcome her along with Shira and a few others. I wasn't the chairman just yet back then, just another promising challenger who came up a bit short .

    Arthur smiled as Ralphi interacted with her father and inwardly he could not help be a little jealous but he realized that in this was Ralphi was the inverse of him she had grown up with out her mother while he had no father growing up.

    Arthur: Yes sir , I had no idea my mum had met you she never really mentioned it but i suppose back then she was still deep in mourning my father. That i thank you for welcoming my mother to Galar , having grown up here it always have a piece of my heart as a second homeland.

    Rose: Good that is how it should be.

    Having informed the Chairman their time here is up Olena turned to Arthur.

    Olena: Your battle style is most interesting, reminds me of your father's i was privileged to see him in an exhibition match when i was a girl.

    With that they turned and left.

    As Ralphi and Arthur Made their way to a spot just outside of town to camp a blue haired beastial girl with tiny goat horns rushed up to them.

    Lapis : -panting heavily - finally caught up to you Arthur Taurel and your adorable friend Ralphi ...

    Ralphi almost instinctively slipped on her mask and shifted behind Arthur.

    Arthur: Well you know us, not a hard thing seeing as ourr named have been blasted all over TV and the internet as of late so you have us at a disadvantage, what is your name?

    Lapis: -finally caught her breath and straightens up revealing her self to be just a head shorter than Arthur- I am Lapis Lazuli but please call me Lapis. I have been looking for you to fulfil my grandmother's last request.

    Arthur: -well and truly puzzled- what is her last request and what has it to do with me?

    Ralphi: -also curious but also is feeling protective of her friend lest this be some kind of ploy to get him to lower his guard so she lets her self appear to relax a bit but stays vigilant-

    Lapis: Its a long story so maybe we can camp together, I got my own tent since Ralphi doesn't trust me which shows she has good instincts, not that i'd be fool enough to mess with the granddaughter of the infamous Shira.

    Arthur: what do you say Ralphi? -is prepared to say no if she is against it as he trusts Ralphi's instincts-

    Ralphi: -considers a long since and looks over Lapis carefully studying her and doesn't see any hostile intent in her so she nods and makes signs to Arthur-

    Arthur reads the signs and nods and says " Alright you can camp with us , while we set up our respective tents Ralphi will make some tea and a snack. then you can tell us your story.

    Lapis: I am agreeable to those terms , seeing as you barely know me.

    They walk together to the campsite where Arthur and Lapis set about setting up their tents and Ralphi makes tea after she set Puppers to keep watch on Lapis who she doesn't trust yet and is unsure if she ever will. She also wants to be sure she does not hurt her friend. a short time later the three sit by the fire Arthur and Ralphi together ( with Ralphi perched as usual on Softy ) and Lapis a little ways around the fire.

    Lapis: well my story.... well i guess it begins a long while ago with my grandfather and your dad . You see my Grandfather's name was .....Azure.

    Arthur leapt to his feet shocked by this news as he had been told about Azure by both his mother and his uncle Prang and nothing they told him ever indicated he had taken a lover or wife let alone had a child.

    Ralphi: -senses the confusion and worry in her friend even though she has no clue who is Azure is though she thinks maybe she heard her gran mention the na,me once years ago. she reached up and squeezes arthur's hand to calm him-

    Lapis: figured you would react like that ...sorry can't be helped...

    Arthur: -gets a hold of himself thanks to Ralphi and signs to her he will explain about Azure later then sits back down- okay yeah there was no way I am going to take it well so , how did your gran um..... get together with Azure?

    Lapis: Well from what Gran told me and wrote in her diary , it was kind of a one time thing, she had fallen for him but he had no interest , she was from a village in the north of Galar where i was raised after she came back and had me mum. anyways how it happened was like this, they had just stolen some submarine and gotten back to their base and they threw a huge party to celebrate and as my gran put it alcohol flowed like waterfall She came on to Azure and in his drunken state was receptive to her....charms? advances? well bottom line my mum was conceived. A few days later things went belly up and Azure got himself killed as i am betting you already knew.

    Arthur: -took this in and considered and while it seemed wildly unlikely he could not 100% rule it out and he knew a good way to prove her claim in time. He would take her to his uncle Prang who being Azure's nephew would know if he shared blood with her as beastial instincts could always tell - Well alright then i supposed your gran went back home after things fell apart for the pirates?

    Lapis: yes that's exactly and had mum in due time, gran never remarried and worked at a dock side tavern to support her daughter. mum had blue hair like me. Gran always wanted to go apologize to your dad for the troubles her lover caused him but never could, money was always tight and then news of his murder reached her. by then mum was grown and married a sea otter beastial named Reef and was pregnant with me. Mum always said gran was never quite the same after that.

    Arthur Nodded and looked at Ralphi who he saw was wide awake and looked as if she was taking all of this in as if you analyze it for the truth, he decided he would ask her thoughts on all of this later as he was straight up overwhelmed but he turned to Lapis none the less.

    Arthur: I can imagine why she felt she would never be able to apologize as she wished to.

    Lapis: that's it exactly. It haunted her she lost her chance. then when i was about five one of the sailors on a ship taking aboard a cargo of fish from the local fisherman mentioned a rumor that someplace Galar a son of Adam lived along with his mother. This perked up gran a bit but she soon passed on but not before making me the final request to seek you out and apologize from what a prat my grandfather had been. So I am very sorry Azure was a right pain inthe ass.

    Arthur: I accept your apology and i hold you and your blameless for the things he did. -still over whelmed by all of this and needs time to sort his feelings but cannot see any reason not to forgive in this case with Azure so long gone and the events in question happening so long ago-

    Lapis: Thank you I think Gran will rest easier now- wipes a tear from her eye as she cries a little as she fulfilled her gran's final wish. - I....I have one more request and i'll understand if you say no but i would like to travel with you and Ralphi for a while.

    Arthur: I... cannot answer that yet , i need to let what you told me sink in and sleep on it and discuss all of this with ralphi only then can we answer you.

    Lapis: fair enough , thanks for the tea . Night then -goes to her tent-

    Arthur: night -helps Ralphi clean up then they go to thie tent-

    Lapis: -laying in her sleeping bag- why did he have to turn out to be so bloody handsome! I barely know him and yet... i want to stay close to him but Ralphi i don't think think she likes me...... -rolls over and is soon to sleep-

    to be continued-
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    Galarian Howl part 8:

    Morning arrises after the night Lapis showed up, and Ralphi already cooked up breakfast for the three of them despite her distrust of the blue-haired beastial. Ralphi puts the meals into containers while Arthur and her have a talk about their situation.

    Arthur: I think we should let her come with us for the time being. She travelled so far just to apologize so I think it's the least we can do.
    Ralphi: [But what if she's a supervillain ditto in disguise trying to take your brain and stuff!]
    Arthur: ....Did you add too many pecha berries into your curry and have a nightmare again?
    Ralphi: *turns away embarrassed* [Maybe....]
    Arthur: I know those nightmares bother you, but you can't let them mess with you. They're just bad dreams.
    Ralphi: [I know.... but how did she know who my grandma is? I'm just scared.... ]
    Arthur: *Gives headpat* -there's nothing to be scared about.... How about this? If she DOES try anything sneaky and attempts to hurt us, you use your strong throw and toss her into a bush or something? Sounds like a deal?
    Ralphi: [....Deal. ]

    *Lapis is sitting at the table they set up as she waits for the news, she seems them come out of the tent*
    Lapis: (Okay, the moment of judgement has arrived) *clears throat* Good morning. So, um... what did you guys decide on?
    Arthur: *looks at Ralphi, whom has a bit of a pouty face on* We decided that you can come along with us.
    Lapis: Really? YES! Um, I mean, thank you so much. It's an honor to travel with you.
    *Ralphi puts the containers on the table so they can enjoy breakfast*

    After Breakfast, the three of them began to travel through Galar Mine 2, or Seashard cavern to the locals, as the fastest route back to Motostoke. As they travelled through, Both Ralphi and Arthur caught a few pokemon, with the former nabbing a scraggy, binacle, and a shellos. Once they got to a certain point however.

    Lapis: Ralphi, hold on! *She tugs at Ralphi's collar as she was stepping*
    *As Ralphi is tugged back, she sees a Galarian stunfisk chomp up from where she would've stepped*
    Arthur: *turns around as the stunfisk burries itself again* What happened?
    Lapis: Ralphi almost got bit by a stunfisk. They're a nasty pokemon that act like Bewear traps. I'm just glad I saw the warning in time. look.
    *She points at the small grey and red beak poking out of the ground*
    Arthur: Sneaky stunfisk.... Thank you, Lapis. We'll keep a better eye out.
    Lapis: Anytime. *Feels a tug on her shirt and turns*
    Ralphi: *turned away partially* [Thank you. Lapis...]
    Lapis: *smiles* You're welcome.
    *The three of them continue to walk*
    Lapis: So Ralphi. I see you use Drizzile on your team. *Sees that Ralphi is still a bit distrustful* Did you know that their evolution line focuses more on stealthy tactics like going invisible using water camouflage to get sneak attacks?
    Ralphi: *Remembers a few of the previous battles where Sips did that very thing, nods*
    Lapis: Well, a friend of my mom's actually had a few of those pokemon and came up with some cool ideas and tactics with their moves. Would you like to hear about them?
    *Ralphi glances over a bit and thinks a bit before focusing on finding the stunfisk beaks again*
    Lapis: Okay, maybe a bit later... (Man...I guess she really doesn't like me...)

    *A bit further down the cavern*
    *Mitchle is inquiring to the Team Yell grunts about what they do, but gets no results*
    Mitchle: -look, I'm not a gym challenger or anything. Just looking for some jobs, you know?
    Marl: Unlez ya lookin' ta cheerin' Marnie on, ya bettah get a steppin' ya hear??
    Mitchle: I'm going, i'm going... You don't have to be rude about it. *Begins to walk away*
    Deci: *Sees Arthur, Ralphi and Lapis coming up the other direction* Hey, boys! It's those blooks again!
    Terg: It is! That one owes Marl a vuvuzela!
    Deci: Heard he's a Tribe leader's kid or something.
    *Mitchie stops when he hears this and hides behind a wall to listen in*

    Ralphi: [That's Team Yell, isn't it?]
    Arthur: Huh? *looks* Oh great, it's these hooligans again.
    Lapis: Hooligans?
    Marl: Ey, yoy! Ya think sincya some Tribal kiddie or somethin' anothah means ya deserve the Champion's spot moar than Marnie??
    Arthur: I never even-
    Terg: And don't think since you have some emo goat girl this time means we won't whip your behinds! We got stronger since the hotel battles!
    Lapis: E..Emo??? I'm not emo!
    Deci: Emo, Goth, it doesn't matter. *Lapis is getting very flustered* All that matters is stopping you challengers and getting Marnie to the top!
    Marl: I call'da lil'one in dat pink dress! I ow'eh a beatdown.
    *Ralphi readies for the battle with Sips*

    *Ralphi and Lapis takes on Deci and Marl while Arthur takes on Terg*
    Deci and Marl: Go, Zigzagoon! *pops them out*
    Lapis: You got this, snowflake! *Snom pops out*
    Ralphi: (It's adorable!!!) *focuses back on the battle*
    *Both Zigzagoons target Sips with a tackle attack*
    *Sips uses pound and knocks one into a large puddle*
    Lapis: Use powder snow!
    *Snowflake's attack freezes the other Zigzagoon before it hits the tackle*
    *Both Sips and Ralphi look shocked at Lapis*
    Lapis: I wasn't expecting it to freeze like that either...
    *The first Zigzagoon jumps out of the puddle and breaks the second one out of the frozen prison*
    Lapis: Ralphi! Have Sips use water pulse on the ground between use and them! trust me!
    *The zigzagoon finish getting ready and begin charging again*
    *A bit reluctantly, Ralphi listens and sips splashes the ground*
    *Snowflake follows up with another powder snow, freezing the ground into slippery ice*
    *The zigzagoon almost instantly loses control and begin to spin around and slides directly into the wall*
    *Ralphi was expecting Sips to have trouble maneuvering but the membranes on his hands and feet prevent that from happening, Lapis gives a thumbs up*
    Ralphi: [Okay, sips! Time to finish it!]
    *Sips aims the water pulse and lands a critical hit, followed by snom using struggle bug to KO the other*
    Marl: I lost agahn!?!
    Deci: Ack! My poor zigzagoon!
    Terg: I lost as well!!!
    Deci: That's it! Next time we meet, we'll have more pokemon than just Zigzagoon! Until then, retreat!!!
    *The three members of TY quickly rush out*

    Arthur: They did get stronger, but we were a bit further than them still. How did you guys fair?
    Ralphi: [It went really well!] *to Lapis* [Was that one of the tactics you talked about earlier?]
    Lapis: Yeah, it was. Drizzile's hands and feet can't freeze into ice even after they're wet, making them very useful for icy terrain tricks! Do you want to hear more? *Ralphi nods* Sweet! So you know how Drizzile uses water attacks like they were water balloons, well it turns out they can-
    *The conversation fades as they walk away*
    *Mitchie pops his head around the corner*
    Mitchie: (I might not of gotten the info about Team Yell i wanted, but finding the Tribe leader's son is the next best thing..) *makes his way back to base*

    The three of them make their way through the exit of the Seashard caverns and Arthur is pretty happy that Ralphi warmed up to Lapis after their tag match. They continued to talk as they travelled through the Motostoke outskirts, where Ralphi unknowingly made another friend.

    Lapis: -So that could lead to...Um, when did you put on a hat?
    Ralphi: [What hat?] *Ralphi reaches up and surprising lifts something off her head*
    *She pulls it down, and it turns out to be a hattena, but with green instead of blue*
    Hattena: *happily* Hat! Hattena!
    *Ralphi smiles and put her down. Hattena instantly teleports back to her head*
    Hattena: Hatten!
    Lapis: That's so weird... Don't hattena usually avoid people like the plague?
    Arthur: Ralphi has a way with pokemon. They're just drawn to her.
    *Ralphi gets a little embarrassed as she remembers how she got Acorn and Sharps*
    *She then takes the Hattena off her head again*
    Ralphi: [Do you want to come with me?] *pulls out a heal ball*
    Hattena: *Happily nods, then boops its antenna top to the ball, allowing capture without struggle*
    Ralphi: [I'm going to name her Hatsy.]
    Lapis: Cute name.

    The three of them make it back to motostoke and into the gym, where they learn that they'll have to wait three days before challenging it themselves, due to how the gym works. Until then, they are able to stay at the budew inn again, paid by the league itself. Ralphi would donate her room to Lapis while she would take her camping gear into Arthur's room again. They decide to have dinner before heading there though.

    *They're enjoying another delicious meal, a Spicy/sweet Seafood curry mix, garlic bread and cheese biscuits*
    Ralphi: [Hey... How did you know Shira was my grandmother? I requested that the commentators didn't mention my family ties...]
    Lapis: *A nervous sweat peaks from her head as a biscuit falls from her mouth* Eehh?? Shira's really your grandmother???
    *Both Arthur and Ralphi look confused*
    Arthur: Hold on, you didn't know? Why did you say it, then?
    Lapis: I just thought that it was a coincidence that you had that infamous challenger number, so I said it to try and ease tension! I didn't actually think it was true! Now that I think of it, you do share the hair color of Shiba, but then that means Leon is a wolf beastial! O.O Dear Arceus!! If I ended up saying something wrong, then you could've shoved my head up a Garbodor, or blew me up with a snorlax or even crushed me! Feed me to a wailord- *Continues to panic*
    Arthur: ...I don't even think I heard half of those rumors....
    *Ralphi stands up and pats lapis' head*
    Lapis: ...Huh?
    Ralphi: [Arthur does that whenever I'm upset, so please calm down.]
    Arthur: It's true. There's nothing to worry about here.
    Lapis: *Sighs loudly* That's such a relief...
    Ralphi: [I do need to ask one more thing] *Lapis nods* [You're not a supervillain ditto, are you?]
    Lapis: *extreme confusion* Wha? No. Why would you ask that?
    Arthur: She had a nightmare last night about it.
    Lapis: But ditto can't turn into people, and even if they did, they'd have the same face.
    Ralphi: [Really?] *Sits backs down and relaxes*
    *Lapis and Arthur ends up laughing after that*

    Mitchle: -and that's everything I learned...
    Faraday: Hmm... So the child is indeed here...... Excellent. Return to your quarters, Mitchle. That'll be it for now.
    Mitchle: You got it, boss, *leaves room*
    Luana: You're thinking what I'm think, correct?
    Faraday: Indeed. A few of the artifacts we gathered require the Beastial leaders to tap into, and since there are no viable options for the Gomez sect, the Taurel bloodline is the next option.... We need to tackle this problem carefully though... We can't risk exposing ourselves yet... *looks over at a tablet with strange dot patterns on them* Have you managed to decipher the messages yet?
    Luana: Unfortunately no. Every time we get close to solving the first word, the patterns shift again...
    Faraday: Hmmm.... How about the Dynacore project?....
    Luana: We made a small ammount of progress. It seems those wishing stones located around Galar emit a suitable energy source for it.
    Faraday: Interesting, Prepare some scouts to try and locate more.
    Luana: Of course, sir. *Heads out*
    Faraday: *Sits down, looks at the relics as it shifts again* ..... How do I solve you....

    To be continued.....
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    Galarian story : part 7 an O Power awakens too soon!

    After a good night sleep the three meet up at a local cafe for a full Galarian breakfast and to discuss what to do during the wait to challenge the gym.

    Arthur: so whats the plan for out down time? I know i'd like to get out into the wild area and train my team and add a few new members.

    Ralphi: [I want to train too but first i want to go visit gran, I can tell you mum your okay too if you want Arthur. - a little disappointed arthur did not wish to go home with her -]

    Lapis: I'll hang with Arthur if he doesn't mind - is not keen to meet the infamous Shira and wishes to learn more about Arthur -

    Arthur: I am okay with that if you are Ralphi? - Knows Ralphi is as protective of him as he is of her , if not a bit more so. -

    Ralphi: [ - remains silent a long while as she can sense that Lapis is growing fond of her friend and does not wish to seem him hurt in anyway - only if you promise to be careful and stay away from the really powerful roaming pokemon and stay in your rooms here and check in with me often. ]

    Arthur: you got a deal Ralphi, once we finish breakfast we will walk you to the train station then hit the wild area

    Ralphi gave a thumbs up and soon after they finished and paid the bill they walked to the train station and waved to ralphi as she got on board for Wedgehurst. As she did Arthur felt a bit Guilty for not taking her to wedgehurst himself but doubted she would have any problems and from wedgehurst it was a straight short to Postwick and the wild pokemon would post no danger to Ralphi's team at all.

    Ralphi waved to Arthur and Lapis until they were out of sight and just as they did she had a bad feeling but shook it off , thinking it just nerves being on the train alone for the first time.

    Soon after Arthur and Lapis headed into the wild area.

    Meanwhile at TS HQ

    Gadgetz: Faraday we have a problem.

    Faraday: what is it? -notesa he assigned Gadgetz and his team to gather intel on Arthur Taurel and this Ralphi from the Pokemon league database-

    Gadgetz: I cannot be certain the reasoning behind it but there has been a complete seal been placed on the files on subjects A and R, It can only be removed by Chairman Rose himself. It also according to my man placed in the league Hq was requested by the champion , Leon.

    Faraday: I see... would it be possible to obtain the files and break the encryption here?

    Gadgetz: In theory yes it could but given the level of encryption it would take at least three months to as along as three years, the variance being finding a flaw in the encryption we could exploit to speed things up.

    Faraday: both are too long.....send some trackers to follow them and report back any details the gather , given them the special sound gathering gear you invented.

    Gadgetz: will do. one last thing the project remains on pace, but one of the test pokemon has escaped. a -checks his notes as he is not familiar with local species- the Hatenna. I have sent operatives to find and retrieve it.

    Faraday: well well carry on but there will be hell to pay if that hatenna is not caught soon.

    Gadgetz: yesir -heads to send orders and return to his lab -

    Faraday: what is Rose trying to hide.....

    -The Wild area-

    It is nearing evening and Arthur has trained hard and caught a Gollet he named Go-bot, a Drifloon he named Foon and gave to Lapis , a Joltik he named zappy, a Vanilitte he named Kid Cone and a Dwebble named buggly. They sat in the dappled grove under a tree eating a snack of fancy apples and some crisps Lapis had with her.

    Lapis: You know other than me mom and dad I am the only beastial inthe villiage i grew up in, sop its nice to meet other my age, you and ralphi, though i think Ralphi is a bit younger than you?

    Arthur: Yeah I am 15 and she is bit younger. -decides Ralphi can tell Lapis her exact age if she wishes too. I am kind of in the same boat as is Ralphi as we never interacted growing up. I never knew she was even there until we met the day we got our starters and she had only peeked at me through a window while i did work for her neighbor mending fences. Both of us were rather sheltered, her a bit more than me. Though until i became a trainer i had never gone further than Wedgehurst on my own and even with my mum Motostoke was as far as i got and that was to watch the gym challenges.

    Lapis: yeah , i can understand that, mum kept me sheltered too as my blue hair sticks out a bit, hers isn't as blue as mine. Did not see my da much growing up mas he was goner long stretches as he is chief engineer on a cargo ship. I suspect mum and da were none to happy when they learned i left to fulfill grans final wish.

    Arthur: well maybe after the league challenge, if i have time before I have leave to go the beastial lands to fulfil my obligations as the future chief, I can go there with you and meet your mum and da so they can see you fulfilled your gran's wishes. -almost said he's take her to meet his mum but drops it at the last moment for fear iuts too much too soon as he is becoming a bit fond of her but also has Ralphi's worries in his mind along with a great many other things-

    Lapis: I'd like that. -smiles as she tries sort out what it is about Arthur that attracts her so as she knows its something more than the fact he is a handsome beastial boy her own age.-

    Arthur: lets head back to Motostoke for a some supper and then we can call ralphi and check in with her.

    Lapis: - nods in agreement- Its a date then!

    -awkward silence-

    Lapis : err sorry poor choice of words.... - wants to bash her head against a tree and does so causing an oran berry to fall and bop a sleeping Pangoro on the head awakening it and ticking it off.

    Pangoro: -roars grumpily from having its sleep disturbed and charges at lapis who screams and tries to flee but trips over a tree root-

    Arthur feels a burning sensation on his chest and a mad energy fill him and he roars a challenge and charges the Pangoro and wrestles it away from Lapis and does not stop until it turns and flees then he drops covered with claw scratches and breathing very heavily .

    Arthur: Lapis... a..re you o..kay?

    Lapis: I am fine... that mad thing you did let you fight it off . some how.

    Arthur: du..nno how...got real mad and had to stop it ...glad your s.a ...-passes out -

    Lapis : ARTHUR! -shakes him but he won't wake but can tell he is breathing - okay calm your self girl... gotta call ralphi even though she will blame me and go all gomez and toss me in the river -calls Ralphi who races to the scene and with Softy's help hauls him back to his home in Postwick.

    Once Shira and Ava tend to Arthur and make sure he is okay they head to the room where Ralphi and Lapis were told to wait.

    Ralphi: [-Upset that Arthur got hurt and feeling guilty for not being there to help and for ignoring her feeling earlier. - HOW DID ARTHUR GET HURT? ]

    Lapis : I told you , he attacked a great angry Pangoro that i woke on accident, he was protecting me .... - angry at her self for her slip of the tongue and that her stupid reaction to it got Arthur hurt -

    Ava: Enough Lapis - has already divined Lapis' being connected to Azure but isn't sure how but is more concerned about her son - Tell me precisely what happened.

    Lapis: -does so- there was one other thing...his chest glowed, i could see it through his shirt and it was even doing so after though the glow quickly stopped right before he passed out.

    Shira: It activated dinnae it?

    Ava: I am afraid so, I was afraid this could happen. we are lucky it did not kill him.

    Shira: Aye with nae trainin the lad was nae readeh tae deal with it.

    Ralphi: [what are you talking about? ]

    Lapis: yeah what ?

    Ava: - sighs deciding some explanation has to be given under the circumstances so she looks at Shira who nods her agreement- Ralphi even if you were there it would have changed nothing. Do both of you know what an O power is?

    The two beastial girls nod as the subject had been discussed and debated multiple times on tv and the internet for years.

    Ava: well Arthur has one, inherited from his father and he from his father so on down the blood line of chieftains since the first one was chosen by Arceus. It is called the Shield of the beast. It as you saw Lapis fills the holder of the power with great strength at times when the life of a beastial is threatened in their presence. The power keeps them going until the threat is successfully dealt with, the downside is that is takes a tremendous amount of physical stamina, which is why the first born son of chieftains are put through special training to build their stamina from a young age, usually around 8 or 9 and this would continue until adulthood when other training would begin. Only when the chieftain both feels ready to step down and that his son is ready does he do so and the power transfers.

    Shira: Aye but that was nae possible with Arthur due to that bastid murderin his da before he was born, somehow the powa transfered to him whist he was in in his mum's womb.. ..never happen before .. totally unique situation ya ken?

    Ralphi: [ -thinks quietly then her eyes go wide- Arthur's not had any special training so he isn't ready to use the power? ]

    Lapis: -silent as she feels more guilty than ever-

    Ava: exactly Ralphi, it is possible if that Pangoro had been stronger or not packed it in soon enough the power could have over whelmed arthur and killed him, I got him lots of odd jobs using physical labor to toughen him up as much as I could but i could only do so much for him here. he will need to go top the beastial homeland right after his gym challenge even if he wins outright. He will be fine by the time he is to battle at the third gym, he is like his father quick to recover from being worn out.

    Lapis: I am sorry I caused this to happen... if you want me to go because of it i will.

    Ava: I won't make you. there was no way you could have know that Pangoro was snoozing where he was.

    Shira: jus be more aware of ye surroundins lass.

    Ralphi: [ you can stay but i am not letting either of you out of my sight from now on! ]

    Lapis: -nods- fair enough can we goi see Arthur?

    Ava: yes but he won't wake until morning and i best have a huge breakfast waiting he will be ravenous.

    -in the wild area -

    TS scout: Thanks mate -gives the guy a roll of bills for the tip- they had a spot of bother with a Pangoro and the big bull bloke fought it off and passed out, a blue haired girl called for help and the other target came and they loaded him on to a wooloo and headed for the train station , the secondary target said summat about Postwick.

    TS scout 2: thats a solid lead -checks the map in his tablet- not far lets go have a looksee what we can find -sends text to hq about the tip then they head off to catch a train -

    To be continued.....
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    Galarian Howl 9:
    Sorry if this one feels rushed. I'm not really in a good mindset at the moment, but I will still try my best as always.

    *Ralphi and Shira had just finished their lunch*
    Ralphi: [And then we beat Team Yell again, checked in at the gym, and now we're waiting for the Fire Gym challenge to activate]
    Shira: Ay. Honestly, hearin' Team Yell is back is quite a strange feelin.
    Ralphi: [Team Yell was a thing before?]
    Shira: Dat thae did. Followed around an ole friend back in the dae. won't go inta details, thou. Not'till ya older. By te way, Ya should look intah gettin' a Lyft. Ya know, thos' Corveknight Taxi services. Learned dat Gym Challengahs get tah us'im for free. Wish we had dat when I was a wee lass.
    Ralphi: [Okay, Grandma. I will. ]

    They talk a bit more before Ralphi to say goodbye again and departs from her visit to make it back to Arthur's side before Dinner time. Ralphi was on her way when a certain Rival showed up

    Bede: Hey!! *Ralphi stops and turns to face him* I don't know how you've been weaselling through the gyms, but however it happened, it ends now! *Readies for battle*
    Ralphi: [Bede, I don't want to battle you.]
    Bede: And that's why I can't stand you anymore. Go, Hattrem! *Throws out his Hattrem* We have no reason to finish our battle from before, so fight me!
    Ralphi: ... [Fine] *tosses out Ru*
    *Ru and Hattrem have a tough battle, but the former takes the win. Bede's Duosion landed a critical hit, hurting Ru, forcing ralphi to recall her.
    *As she reaches for Sharps' ball, she recieves the text from Lapis*
    Ralphi: [Bede, I have to go! It's an emergency!! Bye!]
    Bede: What?! You can't leave in the middle of a battle- *She's already several yards away* YOU GET BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!!! FIGHT ME!!!

    Ralphi dashed as fast as she could to the station, scared about what has happened. She brought Arthur and Lapus back home, where @grimlock1972 touch upon. After that has transpired, Ralphi asks something that took Shira by surprise.

    Ralphi: [Grandma? Can you train me?]
    Shira: Train? Whadya need me to train for?
    Ralphi: [I... don't like seeing others hurt, and...if I can be stronger, then Arthur won't need to use that O-power..and I can protect him...]
    Shira: ...Ay. I can do that. Ain't a bettah reason to get strongeh. Com'n out.

    *The two of them head outside, Ralphi can't help but look at the new steel fence preventing Betsy from breaking free*
    Shira: Relaxo! Time ta take sum hits! *Tosses out a huge bellied Snorlax, Standing upright and strong* Ight, Ralphi. I wanna see howya pokemon strike.
    Ralphi: [but wouldn't it hurt Relaxo?]
    Shira: Nae. Relaxo 'ere been builta be da best tank evah' Not even most of ma Sisteh's friends couldn't make ole' Relaxo feel a 'ting. Trust meh!
    *Listening, she decides to have Sharps test his might, and with as much strength it could muster, attacks Relaxo, whom doesn't react at all*
    Shira: See? Now then. Lets begin.

    Ralphi proceeded to train under Shira for the next day, This helped a lot of her pokemon get stronger and even evolve. Sharps is now a Doublade, Ru is now a corveknight, and Acorn is now a Shiftry, but only because there was a leaf stone on the ground, but still. Just before nightime hits, Ralphi thinks about asking if she knew about the O-power on her neck, but isn't comfortable bringing it up just yet. In the morning, Arthur finally awakens...

    To be continued....
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    Galarian story evening of the 7th and day 8 : Awakening to breakfast and training Gomez style.

    The day past into evening as Ralphi, Lapis, Ava and even Shira took turns waiting by Arthur's bedside as he slept ands recovered.

    Ava walked into Relive Shira who had taken over after training with Ralphi and took a deep breath and steeled her self to ask a favor of Shira.

    Shira: His breathin is bettah and his aura is strongah, Arthur will wake come morning for sure, IU hope your laid in supplies for a massive breakfast, seen his da eat like a Gomez once back wen we trained together with ...him

    Ava: That good to here , No worries i have plenty of food ready and waiting to be cooked. -nods knowing of whom Shira speaks as he visited her not long she arrived Galar to offer his condolences. - Shira, I wish to ask a favor of you , can you spend tomorrow helping Arthur so he will not be in as much risk if his power activates again?

    Shira: Ye I can do it, was plannin to do so even if you had no ask me, I cannae do as much as ye would like in a day but i wi' do what I can . Might have ralphi help out as it may make Arthur more willin, see as he has heard all ta stories of me exploits ion me younger days.

    Ava: Thank you Shira, dinner is waiting for you i will take over now.

    Shira nodded and left to eat and to talk with her granddaughter who readily agreed to help train Arthur as did Lapis but she had to be turned down due to the strenuous nature of the training but as Shira's suggestion she agreed to help Ava with the cooking. Evening passed into night and the two T.S. Agents arrived in Postwick aty the same time Shira preparing for Arthur's training.

    T.S. Agent 1: hmm no sign of them...quaint little village, rather idyllic.

    Agent 2: yeah it is -grabs his partner and pulls him into a bush- Crap if that's who i think it is we gotta get out of here on the quick.

    Agent 1: -whispers- Bloody hell man! -looks and his mouth drops open as she lifts a boulder as if its a child's plaything- who do you think she i..s... did that dear sweet old pensioner just lift that bolder like it was a kid's ball?

    Agent 2: -whispers- yeah she did .. if i am right that's the terror of Galar, Shira Gomez... I had heard rumors she passed away but i guess not.

    Agent 1: that would explain her strength.. lets get verification though -secretly snaps a pic and sends it to hq with a request to verify Identity-

    Shira: -has heard everything the two men have said and begins walking over to deal with the snoopers-


    The two agents gulp and run like they have an enraged Tyranitar after them just as Shira reaches there hiding place, she considers chasing them for a moment but lets them go.

    Shira: Ye better run ya Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Scooners, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Soy-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tatties. ye come back here again an I'll shank ye good and proper.

    The village used to occasional outbursts from Shira by in large paid the incident no mind, the two agents however set a new record for fastest crossing of the wild area.

    The next morning Arthur awoke to find Ralphi asleep on the chair next to his bed.

    Arthur: How did I get here.... The Pangoro... Lapis..... -suddenly his stomach rumbles like a 7.0 earthquake- why am I so damned Hungry?

    Ralphi: -awakens with a start- [you passed out in the wild area after saving Lapis , me and Softy got you here. Stay there i'll get your mum and my gran] -jumps up and dashes into the next room then returns with the others.

    Ava: Right on schedule. well Arthur you scared me badly this time. But its time to tell you more about your Chieftain's mark.

    Arthur: what about it mum? It burned like wildfire when i fought that Pangoro.

    Shira: aye i'd expect it did, certainly fits all the stories i have heard bout it.

    Ava: its supposed to do that, its an O power mark. -explains to arthur about it-

    Arthur: That explains a lot...except one thing ... I heard a voice tell me to not let the power take over... not sure but it sounded like dad. only ever heard recordings of voice so ..maybe not?

    Ava: that's not necessarily impossible given the link to the power and your bloodline..Shira?

    Shira: I agree, many odd tales regardin what happens after it passes from father to son. also knowing that ol bull i could see him protectin his boy from beyond da grave.

    Ralphi: -its in rapt silencing taking all of this in and trying to make sense of it while readying herself to help train Arthur.

    Arthur: -nods as he believes somehow his father is watching over him- Well there is a pressing question i got to ask.. when's breakfast?

    Everyone laughed.

    Ava: soon , go shower and change and it should be ready. -leaves to help Lap[is put the final touches on it-

    Shira: Arthur, afta breaky , you are going to train wit me and Ralphi so we can build yer stamina to make it safer for you if your powa activates agin. Imma na takin no for an answa, ye ken?

    Ralphi: [me either]

    Arthur: I'll do the training i must have worried you badly Ralphi -head pats- I want to get stronger so you do not need to worry and we can concentrate on our gym challenge.

    Ralphi: [ blushes a touch from the headpats but is happy Arthur agreed to the training ]

    Shira: dats settled then, lets go eat then imma work you hard, like ya neva been before! Gomez training is serious business ye know!

    Arthur suddenly wonders what he got himself into.

    After a long shower and changing into clean clothes suitable for training Arthur eats a massive breakfast several times larger than he has ever eaten before then as he gets ready to head out to Shira's place to train Lapis stops him.

    Lapis: I am sorry for waking up that Pangoro... my big mouth often gets a ahead of my mind.

    Arthur: its okay Lapis, your safe and that's all that matters -hugs her then heads out to train -

    Lapis: -hugs back and is left stunned yet pleased by this simple act of affection-

    Ava: -walks over and puts a hand on the girl's shoulder as they watch Shira have Arthur move boulders around test his limits- Your quite fond of my son aren't you?

    Lapis: yes i am.... I haven't said anything to him though, do not want to distract him from his gym challenge. Also i don't know that you will want me around once you know my past.

    Ava: -nods and smiles as its not a bad thing for a lad her son's age to be attracted to a pretty girl his own age. - I can tell your somehow connected to Azure, but I am not sure how. that doesn't matter much as his ill deeds were his own and i will not hold you accountable for them.

    Lapis: he is or was my grandfather -explains - Arthur knows as does Ralphi, not sure if she told Shira. Anyways i would never hurt Arthur. I admit i am falling for your son , but i cannot tell if he has similar feelings for me.

    Ava: -nods- Well Arthur is like his father, he has a very single minded nature when it comes to working on a goal. Took Adam years to admit his feelings for me, give Arthur time. Be there for him. Also show Ralphi how much you care for him as she views him like a big brother of sorts and is very protective of him.

    Lapis: I will and i know that, I thought she would pitch me in the river after she learned Arthur got hurt saving me.

    Ava: -chuckles as she watches Arthur and Ralphi test their strength against one another under Shira's super vision. - Well if you had done something on purpose to hurt him she likely would have done worse to you. . Well come on we need to get lunch ready they are going to need it.

    While Ava and Lapis washed dishes then began making lunch as they chatted , Shira put Arthur through his paces doing a set of various exercises to push him to his limits and beyond and while she could see it was working she knew he needed much more time at it for true progress but still a little was better than none. They had a special lunch that shira had ordered up and resumed training until dusk when they came into shower then have supper Arthur turned in early as did Ralphi and Lapis who shared Ralphi's room at Shira's house.

    Ava and Shira sat up chatting and drinking together, Ava sipped wion while Shira had something a bit stronger.

    Shira: I did the best i could in a day, he should be safer now if the powa fires up agin. We both know he needs much more trainin though. I'll be writin Rowan and telling her what has happened but i bet da old girl sensed it alreadeh.

    Ava: She likely did, Yes I know he does. I just wish i had consulted you years ago on how to train Arthur. I knew you were here but i thought....

    Shira: I would nae do it ? and my bad reputation an all? well i can nae blame ye, i am not sure if i would have or no, i am sure i'd have given ye some advice though, same as i given ye now. He needs teh go to the homelands to properly train. I'd send him now but i know Ralphi would probably abandon her challenge to go wit em and it would be unfair to deprive them anyway. So its my advice you get him on a plane the day after he finishes his challenge. Ralphi will be done by then too and can decide for self what she wishes tae do. That Lapis girl.... i think she will be good for him. provided she stays far away from pangoros -sips whiskey-

    Ava: Aye, thats what i have been planning as well I already spoke with his Uncle Prang about what happened and he agrees about the training and he promised to get things set up and waiting. She might be. I just hope Arthur is faster than his dad at understanding his feelings.-sips wine-

    Shira: Give the lad time he has no experience in mattahs o the heart. heck things could change quick and we could have problems like those i heard you had with your sister and Prang when they was young. -chuckles-

    Ava: -groans- I hope not, it was all they could do to restrain themselves from ....yeah that was quite an experience. -remembering catching them on a beach getting rather heated- Maybe we ought to instruct Ralphi to play chaperone , just in case.

    Shira: maybeh wise... I'll have a word with her in the morning..... cannae be too careful with teenage beastials, animal instincts and hormones and all.

    Ava nodded in agreement as it was not uncommon for teenage beastial couples to give into their animalistic sides in such matters. As the moon rose the two parted ways and went to bed.

    ---at the HQ of team Stellar--

    Faraday: Shira Gomez..... what connection does she have with the two subjects.... -ponders but will not send more agents to Postwick knowing the two who went there were lucky she did not lay hands on them. - Maybe some data collection on her will prove less problematic then on Subjects A and R.

    To be continued.
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