2D Artwork: Pokeformers: 'Space Sheriff' Prowl

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    Prowl joined Optimus Prime on the expedition to recover the Lost Sparks after the destruction of Cybertron and the Allspark, in the hopes of recovering the Sparks of the fallen Cybertron Police Force. However, during the journey to Earth, the Autobots were attacked by the Decepticons, seeking to claim the Lost Sparks for themselves. In a feat of selfless heroism, Prowl created a diversion but was shot down, sending him hurtling towards Earth alone.

    It was then that he scanned an Arcanine and fell unconscious after transforming. He woke up finding himself under the care of a human police officer named Jenny. He did not reveal his true nature while waiting for his comrades, accompanying Jenny on her many patrols and missions. This peaceful existence was short lived when Jenny and Prowl were alerted to distress calls of "strange groups of Pokemon fighting each other," and it was then that Prowl revealed himself to Jenny, shocked that the Arcanine she rescued turned out to be another of these "robots in disguise". However, both remained loyal to each other, even protecting Jenny from a Decepticon attack and making her an ally of the Autobots.

    Prowl has always been a by-the-book, diligent, and even uptight bot to his fellow Autobots, even as far as citing the Pax Cybertronia by heart. But they respect him for his courage and dedication to the cause. When on Earth, he enjoys watching films and television shows about police officers, especially a certain science fiction television series about an armor-clad "Space Detective" fighting and apprehending alien criminals, modeling most of his fighting style and weaponry after said series.

    In robot mode, he is armed with twin rocket launchers on his shoulders, a Suppressor pistol hidden in his right thigh that can either stun or damage opponents, a laser baton, and stasis cuffs for restraining enemies. He also modified his human partner Officer Jenny's motorcycle with advanced weaponry and the capability to combine with him, his strength and armor increasing ten-fold. In this Assault Mode, he is able to use the vehicle's own weapons and gains the capability to fly, thanks to boosters fitted into the wheels.

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    Oh neat! Will we get to see some more?
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    Very cool!