Plethora of TFs and other toys valid thru 3/5/06

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    Most auctions run thru this upcoming Saturday, 03/05/06

    Unknown transforming silver lion orb/sphere

    Jargua (D-332) loose near complete

    Jargua (D-332) breastplate accessory

    Micron Legend Air Military Microns (MM-11) loose complete

    Micron Legend Adventure & Destruction Micron teams

    Cheetor Playskool Big Adventures w/ Autobot symbol

    Gorilla-Bot Playskool Big Adventures w/ Autobot symbol

    Speed-Bot Playskool Big Adventures w/ Autobot symbol

    Strong-Bot Playskool Go-Bots w/ Autobot symbol

    Dino-Bot Playskool Go-Bots w/ Autobot symbol

    Flash-Bot Playskool Go-Bots (teal 1st version & black electronic redeco)

    Battle Beasts Shocking Shark transport/playset w/ duck

    Rock Lords lot of 3

    Mixed lot of G1, G2, BW and Brave

    Universe lot including Ultra Magnus, Blackarachnia & more

    Energon/Superlink Decepticon lot w/ MIB SL Irontread

    Energon Autobot lot w/ Bulkhead, Inferno & more

    Armada Autobot lot w/ Jetfire, Hot Shot & more

    Armada Decepticon lot w/ Predacon & more

    Armada McDonald's Happy Meal lot of 5

    Small Beast Wars Transmetal (TM) lot

    Wal-Mart Dinobots Slapper

    Beast Machines Battle Unicorn

    Bandai's Dinozone lot of Dino Soldier Dinoptera & Deatheater Dinoptera

    G1 Metroplex & assorted G1

    MOSC Universe Night Slash Cheetor & Longhorn

    MOSC vintage ARAH G.I.Joe Cobra Bio-Viper

    MOSC new G.I.Joe DTC Major Barrage

    MOSC Star Wars ROTS red Clone Commander

    MISB Star Wars OTC TIE Fighter

    Thundercats assorted lot w/ Panthro & more

    Assorted Action Figure lot - Titan A.E., X-Men, Swamp Thing, M.A.S.K., Exo-Squad

    MOSC modern MOTU Snake Men Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms

    Upper Deck Marvel TCG Spider-Man starter deck

    Upper Deck Marvel TCG booster pack lot w/ foil cards