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    This is just something I was thinking about, and was curious if anyone else had ever thought about it. Granted, its been a while since I've played either game, but I was thinking about the first movie game and the War for Cybertron games.

    Now, while I was disappointed with WFC, I do think it was better than the first movie game. But I do feel like the movie game had one thing over WFC. It made me really feel like I was really playing some evil villains.

    When I killed Jazz, I heard his dying words to Optimus. When I killed Optimus Prime, I saw Sam fall to his knees in horror and emotional agony. I felt like I was a monster as I saw the Decepticons destroy humanity at the end.

    I didn't get that sort of feeling from WFC. True, you could kill nameless prisoners, but what's the fun of that? To me, killing a known character like Jazz, Ironhide, or Bumblebee was a lot more satisfying than killing a nameless Red Shirt.

    I got to SEE a bunch of the Decepticons ganging up on Optimus, before Megatron brought down the killing blow.

    I just didn't get that same sort of "I'm playing a horrible monster" vibe from WFC. The Cons were evil there, no doubt, but killing named heroes just gives a lot more evil points than killing mooks and corrupting a planet (that you know is going to be healed in the next campaign).

    The evilest I ever felt in WFC was torturing poor Omega Supreme.

    Your thoughts?
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    Agreed. Now, I love the Cybertron games, but I really have to agree. Killing and slaughtering nameless and innocent Autobots is fun and all, but I love finishing the Decepticon campaign in the first film's game for that very reason. You get to see just how horrific and sadistic the Decepticons are.