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    Feb 13, 2011
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    I'm in the extensive planning stages of starting my first custom and I was wondering if anyone on here has seen or done a custom of predacon bruticus or any suggestion on colors. I plan to drastically improve articulation( hands on ball joints, build up shoulders a bit to add a ratchet for in and out movement, ball jointed ankles, ball jointed neck, thigh swivel made of styrene, some custom weapons and going to try and articulate the dragon head a bit so it can look left and right up and down more, and when in bot mode it will fold down more into the stomach so the gap is gone if not just made smaller, i may disable the gimmick, put those 2 small neck on better swivels and replace the little dragon heads with shoulder cannons for the dragon and bot modes, the heads from the little dragon necks will be used in 1 or 2 of the weapons, probably as the hilt for a giant sword, or part of the head of a huge axe.) I'm considering getting some aves fixit sculpt for filling in parts or building up(such as the shoulders). also i am considering a waist joint if i can figure a way to make it work. the legs will most likely be made a tad longer with th swivel i intend on putting for paint, im a little at a loss. i need some ideas, and if anyone wants the could do a quick digibash of some neat color ideas for this feels like alt for my first real custom but im confidant and im still doing just planning until christmas whn i get my dremel and money to buy supplies. thanks to anyone who actually takes the time to read this and give me some tips