Pieces for PE Leonidas

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    Feb 1, 2017
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    I have a battered and bruised Leonidas I got on the cheap from ebay. I was told by the seller that he had some issues, but I was not aware of how bad they actually were...

    I've attached some pictures to show what I mean.

    I need the piece that attached to the top of the stand, the "pin" on the crossbow, the left foot armor piece was broken off and reglued (very badly), the tip of the tail looks like it had been chewed on, and there was this small black piece floating around the box (no idea where it goes).

    If anyone has these parts or knows where I can find them, I would be greatly appreciative. Willing to pay for them, not looking for a hand out. I've also got someone with a 3D printing trying to help me out with a few pieces that are comparable on his Xerxes, so I'm hopeful that will turn out good. Til then, I'm still searching.

    I've asked a few retailers to contact PE for me, since they didn't respond on FB, but they all came back with "they don't have extra parts" as a response from PE. :( 

    This may be my last ditch effort... if you can help, please do!

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