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    This is my first fan fiction. I had started this pre 2007 movie and never really shared it. Some changes have been made due to ideas already being used by movies or TV shows in the franchise. I have spent some time rethinking some ideas to make the story line still work so hopefully it plays out well for your reading. It is set more in line with the G1 timeline with the intent of a continued story line. I do not know what happened after G1 ended in the states minus some minimal research so there will be some mismatch gray areas.
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    Chapter 1 - Waking Up

    "Hey Kids, breakfast is ready!!" mom yells from downstairs.
    Peregrin and Sabine, 8 year old twins both sprint down stairs ready to burn through the day as today is Friday, and they get to spend the weekend with their grandparents while mom and dad are out of town on business.
    "Sabine, tie your shoes please young lady and Peregrin, for the love of God, please use a napkin. I don't have a clean uniform for you to wear today. Do you kids have your bags packed for the weekend?"
    "yes ma'am!" we exclaimed.
    "Mom, how long are you and dad going to be gone for?" I asked.
    "We should be back in time to pick you up from School Monday Afternoon son." dad answered as he walked in to the room.

    Both mom and dad were dressed very professionally, dad in a black blazer with a deep almost metallic blue shirt, hair short, almost military and clean shaven. Mom in a flowing blue dress always had to match dad, or did he match her, I don't recall but they always looked great together. Her long red hair would glisten from the morning light through the kitchen window. So rarely did we get to see the sun anymore. The sky, dark with pollution and air that is heavy to breath, most homes now have an ozone filter to cleans the air as it is pumped in to our homes. The news on the tv spoke of a summit being held with scientific leaders from all countries participating. At the helm is Polonus and Gertrude, our parents, who have made it their life's work to to undo the damage done to our planet over the years. Most of our race have lost faith in our ability to save earth and have left our world for colonies already established in the stars.

    That would be the easy way out I guess, but our family has always lived here and according to Granpop, we will never leave the earth, it is our home and will always be, it is our responsibility to save it. Mom and Dad are cut from the same cloth, ever determined to figure out a way. They have some new findings they plan to present at the summit. As happy as they seem now, I can see concern in my father's eyes and I fear what they have is not good news. They aren't as chipper about the information as they normally are.

    "Alight kiddos, it is time for school.", says dad.

    RING RING RING! Thats last period, and the race is on. Sabine and I always see who can get to Granpops car first. We round the corner at the cafeteria and full on book it to the pick up lane. There waiting for us is probably the longest car we ever had seen. Granpop rode in a black stretch limo and we always felt like royalty when he picked us up. His driver holding the door open and greeting us made us feel ever important.

    "Madam Sabine, Master Peregrin" as he tipped his hat and closed the door behind us.
    "GRANPOP!!!" we yelled as we piled in. "Granpop, Granpop, can we turn on the radio loud and get a coke from the fridge?" Sabine asked, grinning ear to ear because I don't think he has ever told us no.
    "Of course my dear." he said smiling at us. As the car zooms off it was a good hour trip until we got to his house. He lived out in the middle of nowhere in a house built on top of a tall hill. Nothing around except open hills and the occasional tree. The house was huge and from the front you could not tell, but as you made your way up the circle drive you could see its length as it tapered down the back of a hill.

    Granpop was wheelchair bound. Had been since he was a kid from some accident is what I understand. But he still had a youthful sparkle in his eye. He would race us in his wheelchair. It was powered and pretty fast. When we were younger he would ride us around his house in it and the wind would woosh by. Now we are in our power wheels and while we win, the woosh isn't the same. I think he lets us win. Nana used to yell at us constantly to slow down, more afraid of us hurting ourselves than us breaking stuff. I can't count the number of things we have broken in their house. Granpop was just as bad, and would take the blame for us sometimes if he knew Nana was going to be upset about it. I miss Nana, Sabine still tears up when she looks at the pictures on the wall at his house. She was a kind and loving person. Never a harsh word and always some kind of goodies cooking. She died in her sleep a couple years ago. I don't know why and Granpop doesn't talk about it. He prefers to talk about the good times and he still tells her he loves her wen he goes by their wedding photo, gently touching it.

    Once we get through the foyer the house opens up. And I don't men, thats a nice vaulted ceiling, I mean it opens up like these things they used to call malls. Shit you not, the roof is glass and at least 5 stories high. At least thats how many stair cases I have to run up to get to the top floor. Each one seems like its forever. Corridors run forever and when I say we ride power wheels in here, we could probably pull off 4wheelers if mom and dad wouldn't loose their cool over it. Granpop spoils us proabably better than we least thats what dad says.

    There is a huge dining room with the cliché mile long dining table that we never eat at. Granpop prefers TV trays in the den with the TV on. He is always watching the news and while it is boring for us, he doesn't make us suffer for long. Usually we are allowed to change the channel or play video games after the first 15 minutes.

    "What do you kids want for dinner?" he asked, knowing the answer is always pizza or chicken nuggets.
    Sabine and I scream, "Pizza!!"

    Later that evening after the playing and the food and then more playing, I woke up to Granpop having a conversation with someone down the hall. The movie we fell asleep to still playing, I could hear his voice quivering as he talked. The other voice was stern and carried well. All I heard was, "If you need anything else, here is my card, please don't hesitate to call." I heard Granpop rolling back in to the room, tires squeaking on the hard wood floor. I close my eyes and pretend I am asleep. Granpop placed his hand on my head and I could feel him kiss my forehead and then he rolled over to Sabine and did the same. He turned off the tv and left the room.

    After I stopped hearing his wheels on the floor I quietly got up and started my way down the hall towards his room. In my socks it was easy to be quiet and fun to slide since the floor was polished to a magnificent reflection. I could see the light from the TV reflecting under his door on the floor. I could hear the tv talking about a plane crash in Kentucky as I sneak past his door. Now with a full on sprint I practice my sliding down the hall I swear a giant could fit through. If I yelled an echo would carry all the way down the hall. At the end of the hall is a huge double door like an elevator but no button to push and and about half way up is a soft red light on the right hand side. To the right is a single door that goes in to one of my favorite places in the whole house. When I opened it the lights all come on and in the room I could see that the back wall was glass over looking the property out back and there were books upon books on shelves that ran high up the side walls and row after row like our school library only larger. Its almost as if they converted another hallway in to a library. In front of the glass are some chairs and a table with a lamp. A glass door that slid on tracks would allow me to go outside where there is a nice patio with an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor closet where we kept our fishing gear. Granpop and I would sit for hours down here just watching the wildlife out back. Sometimes its deer and other times its just birds in the field. Down the hill you can see a pond with a short dock where in the summer months, if it is nice outside, Dad would take us fishing. Nana would read to me from the many books several stories of adventure to far off lands to back in history, and to now space travel, which seems to be kinda common place today. It is nothing for people to travel off world these days and I can't imagine a world where you couldn't. I think my parents would equate it to a world without cell phones. I miss them, I hope they are having fun.


    Waking up to my phone ringing, still half asleep, "What?"
    "Hey little brother, I am on my way. I should be there by this evening. Tell Granpop I love him and I will see him soon, and to take his damn medicine so I don't have to be mean when I get there."

    "What time do you think you will be here Sabine?"

    "Probably closer to 8. I have to stop once more for fuel and I have tons of snack so unless there is construction, I should be there by 8 or sooner."

    "OK, drive safe and see you soon. If anything comes up, let me know."

    "Will do little brother."

    "Oooh, by a whole 3 minutes, the joke is old Sabine, be safe and get here."

    "Fine, bye"

    "Oh my fucking god, she is way to perky in the morning."

    "I heard that little bro, and you look like hammer shit. I hope you clean up before you go see Granpop"

    "Oh My God! Why didn't you hang up? Goodbye Sabine"


    Fuck I am tired of that dream. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something and I wish it would just get on with it. Welp, time to get this day going "LIGHTS!" Damn, the floor is cold. I don't remember it being this cold when I was a kid. I remember it being shinier too. Years of childhood abuse had not done this floor well. A little deodorant and a dry shave should get me through the day, I will shower tomorrow.

    Looking at my nightstand I see my watch, I put it on and the same Good Morning with a way too happy jumping star lights up the face. I scroll thru the menu and find the garage. "I think I will take the truck today." I push the truck icon and I can hear a whirring noise from the direction of the garage. I throw on my crumpled up jeans from on the floor, change my shirt to one from the closet. Kill'em All from Metallica will do. I grab my back and head down this large ass hallway. I scroll through my watch menu again and activate my self propelled shoes. 3 little wheels slide our from under each shoe and make my time in the hallway brief. I now know why Granpop had a wheelchair that hauled ass. He would die before he got to the end of any one of these hallways if he used a normal one.

    "Aaaand here we are! Everybody off. Oh, yeah, just me." I turn off my shoes and walk through the door to the garage where an old blue Tacoma was waiting on me idling.
    "All warmed up and ready to go" a soft male metallic voice said over the intercom. The houses automated system is fairly intuitive but limited. Still not worthless though. It definitely takes care of the day to day runnings of the house. So much happens in the background that I don't even understand it. Ganpop built this house over years and knows it like the back of his hand. I only have access to a few areas so if something breaks, it better know what to do.

    "Plot my route to PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center"

    "Route established, 43 min is your fastest route without detours. Would you like me to drive?"

    "Hell no, and take away one of our last freedoms, I think not."