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    Ok... it's not every day that you happen to stumble across a series of books that has something to do with sentient robots.

    I was reading a magazine based on games that are coming out next year when I noticed this book called Blood and Iron and saw that its cover had robots on it. Now, I went on the Internet (as usual) and searched for anything about this new series and found out that its a sequel to a book called Twisted Metal and done by the writer Tony Ballantyne.

    I managed to borrow Twisted Metal from my local library and had requested Blood and Iron the next time it came back in.

    It's quite an interesting read really, even though I haven't finished it yet. I'm not even at the half way point!

    Tony has an interesting theory on how the robots have children, and I quite like how it also has many different POVs and so on.

    Tell me. Have any of you guys got, heard or even read the books?