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    First off I want to thank you for even looking, I have a smaller budget (10-15 bucks) and a couple years ago I tried to sell my 2007 COMPLETE tftm leader class optimus prime at a garage sale, throughout the day little brats screaming for their parents touched, dropped, and managed to steel parts from him (I was preoccupied with other customers). By the end of the day he was greasy, missing parts, and broken. between that time and now I have picked up a nightwatch optimus prime and swapped some parts but i am still missing a lot I would be very thankful for any help (original movie colors preferred)

    Parts list:
    tftm leader class optimus prime gun and shoulder pads.
    Kreon g1 optimus prime torso (can be custom kreon prime's)
    tfa bumble bee leg parts (car windshield and such)