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Parts for trade

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by callandor, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. callandor

    callandor Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2004
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    For Trade:

    Fast Lane – tan gun on hold
    Seacon – black stand base plate
    Seacon – black stand base plate
    Omega Supreme – Track piece K
    Omega Supreme – backpack inner piece, broken lower tab
    Computron – Foot
    Blades – small white gun
    Defensor – R. foot
    Defensor – R. foot
    Streetwise – rear cannon
    Menasor – R. fist
    Menasor – L. fist
    Menasor – R. foot
    Onslaught – Lg. double cannon (on his back / truck bed)
    Onslaught – ramp (gray version)
    Bruticus – Chest shield (gray version)
    Bruticus – Head (gray version)
    Brawl – Lg. double cannon
    Blast Off – R. wing
    Devastator – L. hand
    Devastator – R. hand
    Devastator – gun
    Hook – small gun ver. 1
    Scavenger / Bonecrusher – missle c5 (chrome wear)
    Scavenger / Bonecrusher – missle c7 (chrome wear)
    Mixmaster – missle on hold
    Shrapnel – gun c6 (chrome wear)
    Slag – missle c5 (chrome wear)
    Trailbreaker / Hoist – missle, tail end broken off
    Prowl / Bluestreak / Smokescreen – missle c5 (chrome wear)
    Hound – missle c7 (chrome wear)
    Divebomb – black gun
    Divebomb – black gun
    Birdbrain – backplate
    Birdbrain – backplate w/ gun peg broken off in hole (can be drilled out)
    Birdbrain – gun w/ broken peg
    Birdbrain – shell
    Monstructor - foot
    Bonzai-Tron – Razor sharp missing 1 set of legs
    Groove – side cannon
    Thrust - wings pair (moderate sticker wear)
    Thrust – launcher ver. 1
    Trypticon – helipads pair
    Trypticon – black tail ramp
    Wheelie – body, no canopy c7
    Landfill – flintlock targetmaster
    Quake – Heater targetmaster
    Sinnertwin Large Gun

    Supercon Prime – missing overrun and smokestacks
    Supercon Prime – right smokestack

    Ruination – Chest shield
    Ruination – R. foot

    Scavenger – drill missle c8 (chrome wear)
    Mixmaster –missle c6 (chrome wear)


    Vortex – entire figure
    Strafe – orange guns
    Menasor – chest
    Menasor – sword
    Trypticon – large purple ramp x2
    Trypticon – black “L” connectors (both left and right)
    Skydive – entire figure
    Metroplex – scamper’s arms, both of them
    Overbite – small guns
    Nautilator – gray gun
    Snapdragon – body with wings
    Apeface – any accessory
    Skullcruncher – headmaster
    Skullcruncher – tail
    Pointblank – peacemaker targetmaster
    Fortress Maximus – Big gun
    Fortress Maximus – Big double gun
    Fortress Maximus - Red forearm covers, both of them
    Micromaster Missle Master – missle
    Ripper Snapper Blue Double Gun
    Ripper Snapper Small White Gun
    Needlenose Zig Zag
    Needlenose Sunbeam
    Most G1 micromasters
  2. Octane

    Octane Soul Crusher

    Jun 19, 2004
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    I can specifically use these:

    Defensor – R. foot
    Brawl – Lg. double cannon
    Slag – missle c5 (chrome wear)
    Divebomb – black gun
    Birdbrain – backplate
    Birdbrain – shell
    Thrust – launcher ver. 1 <-- what does that mean?
    Ruination – R. foot

    I have:
    Skydive – a mint body, but no nosecone or tail, for now
    Snapdragon – body with wings
    Apeface – shield
    Needlenose Zig Zag
    Needlenose Sunbeam
    Most G1 micromasters (Bigshot, Flak, Oiler, Slide, Whisper)

    LMK, if you wanna work something out?

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