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Part 1 - Henkei Octane vs Hasbro Classics 2.0

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Autobreadticon, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Autobreadticon

    Autobreadticon Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2008
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    I wanted to do this thread as a comparison of the upcoming Takara Henkei and Hasbro classics 2.0 releases of upcoming figures.

    The only different between Takara's and Hasbro's version are cosmetic ones. Each are in their own right superior toys mainly because they are a tribute to G1, even through Hasbro's initial colour scheme suggest otherwise.

    However upon closely examining both versions individually I discovered significant differences. Henkei main objective is to redo the classics toy in order to make it appear more G1 accurate from the cartoon. But I discovered by doing a redo of the original 2.0 toys, Henkei might in fact be doing it an injustice. While surprising classics 2.0 providing some good for the figure. I wanted to look deeper and there is more than meets the eye with these figures.

    The information purely based on assumptions gathered from images online. I will add information missing!!!

    Amazon.co.jp: トランスフォーマー 変形! ヘンケイ! トランスフォーマー D-05 オクト&#

    The main different in the Henkei version is the chrome application on the two side weapons (used as main weapon) and the peg on his melee weapon (metallic paint on Hasbro version)
    A lighter shade of purple in Takara version and different paint apps here and there.

    Plane mode
    #Takara has two insignia signs on each wing (none on Hasbro)
    #In plane mode Hasbro has a continual black paint application across the diameter of the wing, while Takara version the middle section (inconsistent paint app but adds blue to the torso of figure)
    #Takara version cockpit windows are coloured black, Hasbro are coloured blue which is more G1 toy accurate

    Vehicle mode
    #Takara version has wheels painted entirely grey; Hasbro wheels are coloured black with a metallic bolt in the centre of the wheel.
    #the section connecting the truck to the trailer is coloured black in the Hasbro version which makes it more consistent with the black tires but contrast with the blue piece next to it, while in Takara’s version it is coloured blue making it consistent with the blue front area.
    Takara version ultimately provides dark blue to the chest area
    #Hard to tell but takara version may have a darker blue paint app and may have a lighter coloured white plastic for the tank (melee weapon) ,also Takara version the rear end may be chromed, Hasbro version has a metallic paint

    Robot mode
    #Takara version grey added on both sides of the torso so it doesn’t make the legs appear long . Also grey highlights on the piecees on the top thigh area

    How to ultimately benefit each figure.
    Hasbro version (simply swap from henkei version if both version toy plastic is exactly the same!!)
    #unscrew the torso area and grey thigh from Henkei and switch.
    #unscrew ‘trailer connector’ on henkei and swap
    #simply use the chrome accessories from the henkei

    Pimp my Henkei (how to make it G1 toy + box art accurate)
    I prefer the henkei version simply because I find it better for display purposes simply because I do not want to display two of the same figures on my shelves.

    Easy upgrades (sticker upgrades , looking at you reprolabels)
    -On the two tailfins you can use G1 stickers or reprolabel could make custom sized stick
    -Little blue windows across the plane,  across the legs
    -Stickers front side of airplane
    -purple stickers for triangle pieces (under the 4 rectangular pieces)
    -Use this design on the flat area of toy

    Professional upgrades
    - Paint the wheels purple (toy accurate), or paint the wheel dark gray and
    leave the rim area light gray (this is more G1 cartoon accurate)
    - paint the bolts on the propellers,the centre bolt and bolt circles on wheel rim with metallic paint
    -paint four rectangular shapes silver similar to existing paint application
    -Paint two grey stripes across the shoulders of figure
    -There is a space where you can colour that area white and Paint the fists purple (different shade to distinguish)
    -(=_= don’t know what they are really called, make vertical exhaust pipes and somehow attach them on. In vehicle mode you can swing it vertically in place

    Take the classic and unscrew the screw on the bicep, take the hand which is the cockpit window coloured blue and switch that with the henkei.
    The blue cockpit windows are more G1 toy and comic accurate
    (White coloured windows in cartoon)

    Switch the Black wheels from the classics toy , although the cartoon had a dark gray wheel with light gray rims, the black wheel looks far better

    Personally i would put the fists (cockpit windows) and black wheels on the henkei just to make it look more better (i have no mod skillz)
  2. Trailbreaker77

    Trailbreaker77 Veteran TFW2005 Supporter

    Sep 15, 2004
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    Awesome thread man! You have to do the rest now. Again Great JOB.
  3. knook

    knook Let the Virus Consume You

    May 13, 2006
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    Awesome thread, I'm going for the Henkei version :) 
  4. Caine

    Caine Rise up to the glory!!

    Mar 16, 2008
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    So yeah, I'm waiting for Henkei Octane.
    But just wondering how could Hasbro lost the trademark, while Takara still manage to retain it?

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