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    Feb 11, 2005
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    I am looking to sell or trade the following figures for some of my wants.

    Items in red are pending receipt of package, items in orange are on hold, and items in blue are newly added.

    What I have for trade:

    - Xbox Game System - Mint v.1.6 - Comes will all cables/wires, 1 s-type controller, Word Series of Poker Game, its box, and all the paperwork - $80

    - MISB Alternators Grimlock x 2 - $25 Each
    - MISB Alternators Meister x 2 - $30 Each

    - Broadside - bot and both missles - C9 - $15

    - Energon Ironhide - MIB C9.5 Box - $10

    I am looking to buy or trade for the following items either MISB, MIB, or loose. They must be in C8 or better condition:

    - E-Hobby Anime Astrotrain
    - E-Hobby Black Starscream
    - E-Hobby Hauler
    - Takara Re-issue #01 Jazz
    - Matrix Glow Ultra Magnus

    - Skids
    - Broadblast

    - Overlord
    - Star Saber
    - Fortress Maximus
    - G1 Sky Lynx
    - G1 Ramjet
    - G1 Cassettes
    - G1 Black Zarak
    - G1 Grand Maximus
    - G1 Menasor - Just the bots and parts to make Menasor
    - G1 Piranacon - Just the bots and parts to make Piranacon
    - G1 Bruticus - Just the bots and parts to make Bruticus

    - BW Big Convoy
    - BW Big Black Convoy
    - BW Lio Convoy
    - BW Black Lio Convoy
    - BW Flash Lio Convoy
    - Armada Scourge
    - Universe Optimus Prime

    Robot Masters:
    - RM #10 Optimus Prime
    - RM Black Optimus Prime

    Please PM me with any offers or if you have any of my wants you are looking to sell. Thanks.