Panlos Brick Super Deformation Bumblebee

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    1033 pieces.
    10" long in car mode.
    Bricks are of excellent quality, except for some of the black pins that sometimes don't want to fully go in because of a slightly too thick middle ridge.
    Amazing engineering on paper, transformation is pretty complex.
    A very fun build, lots of different techniques used.
    A nightmare to transform in the real world, some sections sometimes want to detach and the car mode needs lots of massaging to get right. I ended up adding a few drops of super glue in some of the key spots to ease the transformation process.
    Hard to balance in robot mode, backpack is really heavy. While it has a lot of poseability and that the joints are individually pretty solid, because of the size and weight, it's mostly theoretical. You find THE key spot to balance it and you leave it there.

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