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    Hey there all you awesomer basher guys. I gots a questrian fer ya's. So I'm still working on that stupid prime figure that I started like.. last year :) redface2:) .. Anyway, I am going to be getting some more parts from my chromer guy, and I asked superquad, but he wasn't sure and suggested I post this here, so here goes nuttin. I know the basics of painting over chrome parts is mask off what I don't want painted, scuff the rest, base coat it, top coat it, clear coat it. Awesome, I know that, but my problem is that the paint I use for the flames are enamel and my top coat is a lacquer. Enamel doesn't stick to lacquer so well.. SO, I was thinking enamel sticks to acrylics, but does acrylic paint stick to lacquer paint???? I figured that if I clear coated the top coat with an acrylic clear coat, and then apply the flames, would that work, or am I going to either have to use a different shade of red in lacquer, or scuff the top coat (which I'd much rather not do for some reason..) If anyone has a suggestion, that would be awesome, and very helpful. Thanks everyone!! OP83