Minor/Repaint: Overlord Sl-25 gun Storage

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by blastoff2334, Feb 6, 2020.

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    Probably something I wasn’t expecting to post today but let’s cut to the chase, I own a titans return overlord and I wanted it to be like the g1 but it’s difficult because there isn’t a gun that’s small like the g1 for overlord and I don’t want him with just the tank cannon, so I bought shockwave lab 25. I didn’t want the gun in robot mode to be the tank gun because that’s not accurate to the show and I just want his tank to stay a real life looking tank. And so I was looking at the shockwave lab gun and I was like wait I wonder if this will fit into the jet mode.
    And so I took the magazine shaved it a little got it to the perfect size to fit into the slot where the tank combines with the jet and you get this
    Not perfect but honestly this works exactly for what I want and idk why I didn’t think about this, probably shouldn’t be in this thread but hey just wanted to share
    Also waiting for a new overlord upgrade to get here by star scream studio.
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