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    It was alright. A bit too depressing with Jazz trying to get some women's attention then suddenly she's a journalist and she traps him in this uncomfortable scenario but they're friends at the end? Never understood why Jazz left Cybertron after him killing a cop in the Costa run he should have stayed home.

    I feel like this comic really only had 3 plots, the first one with Junkions, then Onyx Prime, and then Unicron. Everything inbetween felt like it was an aftermath clean up or people just sitting down waiting for the next disaster. I never understood the Orion Pax and Decepticon Jetfire flashbacks I felt like they went nowhere.

    I do adore issue 9 however,
    Sideswipe's death was very well presented and threw me off guard and certainly one of the highlights of IDW.

    I like the concept of what they did with Onyx Prime it was a fun idea I'm in the minority with that, but I was only reading Lost Light and Optimus Prime and nothing else so I was completely confused as to who the hell this Centurion character was in the middle of it. If a comic series needs me to read a bunch of crossovers to understand it I lose interest.

    I thought the Unicron comics were alright but the Optimus Prime issues that took place during Unicron I couldn't get interested in with various artists who weren't Zama not having appealing art. I loved Zama's art but not the art from the people who basically filled in for them.

    I got annoyed quickly with what was her name, Slide? The one who lost her other half and was hating Optimus Prime throughout the series for it. I'm afraid I got tired of her very quickly it was too angsty.

    You know what I really hate, each issue of Optimus Prime and Unicron had that silly caption telling us which character was which that's fine for human characters I don't care for but I don't need that for Soundwave, Thundercracker, Windblade and so on. Someone confirm for me did they remove those stupid captions in the tradebacks?

    Issue 25 I thought was an appropriate ending for the continuity however, even if Windblade was unbelievably pretentious in that final issue, but it ended Prime's character okay.

    I'm rambling. It was fine.
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    I also could not stand the naming captions in every……single……issue.
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    Man, Barber was rough on Optimus. And in his own series too.
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    Oh God it was the worst. There was no consistency with the taglines either. It would always be:

    "Kup - Old Soldier" "Cosmos - Feeling Concerned" "Laserbeak - Cassette" "Galvatron - Has the Enigma" "Starscream - Ruler of Cybertron"

    Like pick one method of subtitle, but don't just type whatever you want about the character. It comes off as so half-assed, and having the characters named constantly always felt like I was being spoken down to when I read it. Like bruh we're at issue 40 I know these guys and my attention span isn't that bad.
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