Heavy/Scratch: Optimus Prime Pen on the moon base... Part5-1

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    CONCEPT: to make the attractive pen with pen stand plus lights and sounds.

    1. Disassemble metal pen, modify circuit of light & laser pointer.
    2. Clone Optimus prime head, modify ribs inside head.
    3. Clone Space man, add dowel to lock into the moon base.
    4. Make the moon base model include the correct hole to insert pen.
    5. Make the mold of moon base
    6. Make plastic resin of the moon base
    7. Remake laser & LED light module to optimum length, add SMD LED light module for satellite receiver.
    8. Set switches position for space man and the Pen to activate sounds.
    9. Decorate satellite receiver and set-up LED light onto it.
    10.Set switch function to activate LED light (attach to satellite receiver)
    11. Clone satellite receiver & button switch
    12. Assemble sound modules, battery socket.
    13. Make the bottom cover.
    14. Make model of the Optimus Prime's chin.
    15. Clone the Optimus Prime's chin & the cover of the moon.
    16. Assemble Optimus Prime's head, light module to the Pen.
    17. Paint the Pen
    18. Make the USA.flag and paint the moon.

    5-1 Make the mold of the moon base.

    mix the soft type silicone (slow drying) to make 1st layer.
    Put it into fonts carfully. to use small brush is recommended.

    always sweep the bottom silicone up to the fonts,
    to ensure that fonts are covered.

    Once 1st layer is dry. make 2nd layer.

    Now consider all undercut areas. try to cover all undercut areas.

    Look at top view to see any undercut area appears.
    From this picture you can find some.

    Cover undercuts remaining completely, cut the exceed silicone as circle profile.
    then we will make the thickness of silicone at bottom around 1cm.
    (this is to protect plaster touch togehter in next process)

    Make the circle wall (use PP board) by half cut 2cm each section,
    wrap it with tape.

    Ensure that the wall is higher than the top of silicone,
    otherwise you will cry for sure ^^

    just to check the gap around, 1mm is good enough. Then take it out.

    due to silicone may leak out at bottom as gravity force.
    then we will solve this easily by sealing around with plasticine.

    use any plate to press it, just to ensure all positions are pressed the same force.

    check if any air gap remain. if not go ahead on silicone to make bottom silicone.

    lay silicone (hard type) around, do not need to use brush
    beause it will flow down at bottom completely.

    it should be 1 cm heigh from bottom is enough. Wait it till completely dry.

    Pore plaster till 1.5-2 cm higher than the top of silicone work piece.
    (now you know why the wall needs to be higher than top of silicone ^^)

    Do not forget to mark the position. We will use this wall again at opposite side. Wait plaster to dry (1 day at minimum)

    unwrap the wall, cut the exceed silicone, exceed plaster.

    it looks ok.

    open it up to checck every details. For this photo looks good.
    Then get ready for next step.

    the more challenge is coming up on next part.
    hope you are enjoy it more or less.

    thanks for watching.

    bye for now.^^​

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